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Part 168: How Do You Sleep?

MUSIC: Hope Searching

I need to inspect every inch...get as many clues as I can.

I should go there next. If Keebo destroys the door like last time, I should be able to get in there...

Tsumugi? What's wrong...?

Umm, I was checking Kaito's research lab up on the 6th floor, but...

Keebo's attack demolished a wall of the school and caused a new room to appear!'s a really weird room, too. Anyway, come with me.

A weird room, huh...? I can't ignore that.

I suppose I have no choice. I'll go there later and head to the 6th floor right now.

"Oh," I thought to myself the first time I played. "That's just one floor up. This shouldn't take too long."

I forgot that the only entrance to the 6th floor is at the back of the 1st floor. It's literally as far away as possible from Rantaro's lab. Also, pieces of debris marked "2" require two slaps each to move, and this pattern will continue as the number rises.

This one's pretty easy to miss. You have to check these stairs thoroughly.

Right? This room's really weird, isn't it? I can't figure it out.

I'll try looking around...

There's a document about the Gofer Project Maki found.

The Ultimate Academy itself is the ark headed to a new world.

I...suppose it's possible that—

Aaugh! A-Another! What is it...this time—

VIDEO: Remember

MUSIC: Cool Morning

H-Hold on! I'm not mentally ready yet!

Well, robots probably don't need to mentally prep themselves the way humans do... Actually, do robots even need to be put in cold sleep?

I'm still a teenager, just like you all. I would feel lonely if I were the only one still awake.

Hmph, it's the same for all of us.

But y'know, it's a man's dream to leave Earth behind and travel across the stars!

...What a careless guy.

Hah! A fuckin' idiot is more like it!

Hm...? Friends, you say?

That's right. We're friends from here on out.

Hmmm... Even though you just met us and you don't even know what we're like?

It might be hard, but let's try to take it one step at a time. We might fight at first, but we shouldn't forget about believing in each other.

We all went through such a difficult time, so I think we can all become good friends! Right? What do you say?

After we wake up from cold sleep, we'll have no choice but to live together...

So we all better get along.

Nyeeh... That sounds like a pain. But okay, I guess.

Hey, what about you?

Ah, yeah...of course...

I see, I'm glad...

No matter how many times we fight, we smile in the end... That's what true friendship is.

Yes, I agree! As long as we leave the degenerate males out!

Ha, um... I think us guys should be included, too.

Then, let's do it. It'll probably be a couple of years before we all see each other again... But let's all work together and do our best...

Alright, then let's all get some shuteye! I'll see you guys later!

MUSIC: Wonderful Story remember, too?

It's where the 16 of us first met.

And now we're killing each other... Why...did it have to end up like this...?

...This is Monokuma's fault. Monokuma and the true mastermind controlling him.

That real mastermind hiding in this academy is making us do all this, right?

And then...let's finally fulfill that promise we all made. There's a lot of us missing now, but it's not too late.'re right.

MUSIC: Hope Searching

Both times...Kaede told us we should all become friends.

You're right... It really is like Kaede...



We can knock the panels off the main machine and open Shuichi and Kaede's pods.

Oh, yeah. I wanted you to take a look at this. I found it when I was here earlier...

Anything of particular note?

All our profiles are written here... Most of it is stuff we already know, but that's not the important part...

What? What about Kaede?

...A twin?

Yeah, it seems like she has a younger twin sister.

It said her sister was adopted by a relative and they barely had any contact, but...

Ah, true, but...

On top of that, Junko used her twin sister to run her killing game from behind the scenes.

Y-Yes... Thank you.


But is that...relevant? It doesn't really matter, does it?

The room rumbles, and dust falls from the ceiling.

I wonder if we're gonna be okay... It seems like the building is going to break soon...

Keebo said he'd give us until dawn, but...

But there's a chance that Monokuma will defeat Keebo before that, right?

What are you gonna do now?

There's a place we should investigate.

You mean...

With Keebo's help, I'm positive I can get inside.

Oh, you're right! I'll go with you!

I was looking for them to tell them about this place, but I couldn't find them...

Maki is in Kokichi's room at the dorms.

Kokichi's dorm room? Why's she there?

And then Himiko is headed toward Rantaro's room... She's trying to find any clues that Rantaro might have left behind.

Tsumugi must have just missed Himiko on the way here...

Oh, so you were both at the dorms.

I was just plain worried Himiko and Maki would get caught up in the destruction.

Next time, will we finally get to the hidden room factory?