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Part 169: N.E.R.D.

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

*sigh* How troubling... I never thought I'd get caught up in something like this. If I could delete those pictures...

What!? I can have this!? Really!? I one else here can even appreciate this like I can!

but it's basically like bringing a fictional character to life, right?

Yeah, well...that's correct.


Wh-What? Why do you look so bothered?

Well, I guess I always wanted to be a cool hero or princess. I can see why you'd wanna wear their clothes. As a kid, I wanted to dress like a princess.

Yeah, that's right! That's why people want to try cosplaying!

Sorry, I don't.

H-How mean... You betrayed my feelings!?


You don't...understand cosplay after all. Geez, I thought it was just plain obvious.

What do you mean, I don't understand?

Umm...why do I want to become fictional characters? If I had to give a reason...umm...because they're there?

Why are you treating it as if it's like climbing a mountain...?

It's the same feeling. It's not a rational reason. You'd feel the same way if someone asked you why you like piano, right Kaede?

Of course, it's fun to play the piano. But the real reason I play is to see people smile.

Wh-What a pure answer! Those are, without a doubt, the words of a main character...! A plain background character like me can't endure your heroine aura, Kaede.

Heroine aura!?


The reason why you aren't interested in becoming fictional characters... It's... Because being the Ultimate Pianist is already pretty fiction-like to begin with!

...I wanted you to say, "Wh-What did you say!?" right there. Like you promised.

What promise!?

Aaah! You really are pure!

Shouldn't cosplayers be way flashier than that!?

Kaede, we're pretty in tune. I didn't think we'd hang out for so long.

You're pretty in tune yourself, Tsumugi...

Hmm, I guess that is true for cosplayers...

Well, I guess that wouldn't happen.

I'll stop fantasizing now. I need to think of ways to survive the time limit instead. But...I don't think I can come up with anything, though...

Oh, this is nice. You've got good taste, Kaede. If you're offering it to me, I'll gladly accept it. I'm really happy now!

Are you okay, Tsumugi? You look down...

It's because there's no internet...or TV...or manga here... Cut off from all my sources of moe energy, I'm starting to waste away... There are some anime in the A/V Room, but... I need fresh moe energy... *sigh*

H-Hey, Tsumugi. Do you have any other hobbies?

I saw a lot of stuff in the warehouse, so maybe you can find some other things to do in there.

Other things...?




What? Like...nothing?

I just realized! Without cosplay and my otaku hobbies...I've got nothing left!

Without the piano, I'd have nothing left either!




Yeah, I agree! We both need to have interests outside of our talents!

How about baking?

I dunno... That seems like something that needs more girl power than I've got...

You can start casually and improve. It might even be a little fun making mistakes.

Hmm, you're right. If it's just us, indoors, then there's less pressure... I might be able to make some sweets.

How about reading?

Reading, huh? I normally read light novels, so that doesn't really seem like a new hobby.

Wait!? Could it be!? Are you the type that doesn't consider light novels real books!? If so, then that means war!

No, I don't think that. But maybe you should try reading a different kind of book.

Oh, how about a cookbook? That's pretty standard.

Cooking... Yeah, that might be a good. It'll be useful in the future.

How about going out to cafes?

Going to cafes!? Isn't that too high of a hurdle to jump!?

Huh? Is it too expensive for you? I thought it'd be good since we could walk there, too.

I'm usually indoors all the time, so being outdoors is just plain difficult...

Then, even more reason to go! You gotta try something new!'re right. I won't be alone, so it might be a good opportunity!


Huh, what's the matter? You don't sound too excited.

No, that's not it. I was just thinking it's strange... You're a pianist and I'm a cosplayer, right?

AUDIO: Tsumugi Free Time #1

But that's not a bad thing. This'll be the start of a new story.

She's right... Of course, I'm not happy with realizing I'd be nothing without the piano... But now I know there will be new stories I can experience from this encounter!

Fictional student councils usually have a huge amount of authority.

Some open host clubs, some have crazy powers, some cook, some always say "good day to you"... Well, our student council members are all Ultimates, so we can definitely compete.

We might even surpass those fictional student councils!

Huh, there was something like this here? Are you sure I can have it?

Thanks, it was plain to see I was stressed, but this helped me calm down.

Ah, if you'd rather not say, you don't have to...

It's not that I don't want to say... It's just...a little embarrassing...

Tsumugi blushed and brought her fist to her chin, thinking.

From a young age, I loved clothes that were cool or cute. Anime was full of clothes like that, so every weekend, I'd be glued to the TV.

One day, I eventually learned of a thing called cosplay... As soon as I did, I went and secretly made my favorite character's outfit.

No, it was too hard to make from scratch, so I modified an existing outfit. But even though I made it, I didn't have the courage to wear it to a con.

But even so, I wanted someone to see it! Do you understand that feeling?

And so, I dared to put it up on the internet.

Tsumugi is squirming. I understand how she feels...

That fandom was full of nice people, so they didn't make fun of me... Actually, a certain cosplayer said it was good for my first time. That compliment was enough for me, but...

To my surprise, they were a really famous cosplayer in that fandom!

Is that right? Well, did you go?

Of course! It was more fun then I even imagined! I couldn't believe it!

Tsumugi's eyes are sparkling. It must have been a lot of fun.

And I was dragged in quite easily. But still, I'm thankful.

And that was the start of your Ultimate talent, right?

Yeah, if I hadn't been invited to thatcon, I wouldn't be the person I am now. I'm still friends with that cosplayer. I want to make more outfits for them...

I'd love to hear more about it. These stories are fascinating.


Wh-What!? Did I say something wrong?

I've never heard that line outside of girls' manga or dating sims!

Her eyes are getting sparkly again!

If you were in a dating sim, you wouldn't be the most popular, but you'd have fans.

...Is that a compliment? I have no idea.

That's a good story!

Yeah...I don't really tell many people this story. Because it's embarrassing, of course, but also because it's important to me... But I thought it'd be okay if! told it to you, Shuichi.


Because you're interested in cosplay, right? It's my turn to drag someone in.


That didn't seem like you'd make fun of people's memories.

It's okay, I asked...

Yeah,'re not disappointed by how plain and boring it was, right?

Not at all! I'm happy to hear stories like that.

R-Really? Well, if you enjoyed it, then it's fine.

He seemed like he'd try to fight an Exisal by himself if we left him alone...

I wonder why Gonta's so worried about being useful to everyone. Now that I think about it, I'm way less useful than he is...

Oh... I shouldn't have said that out loud... Now I'm depressed...

Huh, there was something like this here? Are you sure I can have it?

Thanks, it was plain to see I was stressed, but this helped me calm down.


You seem to enjoy hearing about cosplay, so I figured you might want to try it.

W-Well, I *am* interested...


Hey, if you were to cosplay, what would you want to be?

Ah, I-I haven't agreed to anything yet...

Maybe...a realistic school uniform?

Well, a lot of people think that'd be easy to start with...

But don't fall into that trap! Uniforms seem easy, but they're actually hard. You can't make any alterations and you have to be really creative with materials.

Maybe...a medieval knight?

A you could protect a princess, right? I that's what you're into.

D-Don't laugh...

Oh, no. Don't misunderstand. I'm not making fun of you. I also started cosplaying because I looked up to cute princesses. I'm kinda...happy that you're the same, Shuichi.

Maybe...a girl?

Right off the bat!? Wow, you've got guts, Shuichi!

But I understand wanting to be a different you when dressing up.

You could make a pretty good Shizuo. Well, except your voice anyway. Your eyes are a good match for Genos... Oh! Or Mikazuki might be good, too!

These characters are from Durarara!, One-Punch Man, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, respectively. I had to look the latter two up.

She really is sizing me up!

Kanata the White? From that show they used to play in the mornings?

I couldn't find anything about this character on Google. Can anyone help me out here?

Yeah, I really liked it.

Whaaaaat!? Seriously!? What a super coincidence!

A coincidence?

And let's go to a con together!


The truth is, that first outfit I made was a cosplay of Kanata.

Hm? So that cosplayer that wanted to wear it was a boy?

But that aside, I didn't think our tastes would be this similar!

Before I could react, Tsumugi grabbed my hand and swung it back and forth.

To think I'd meet someone I could talk with here! I'm really happy!


...But she didn't let go.

Sorry...I got too excited since I found someone like me...

AUDIO: Tsumugi Free Time #2

Um...I'm just a cosplay fangirl, but I'll do my best for you, Shuichi...

The sparkle in her eyes was back. Tsumugi is inviting me into the world of cosplay, the world she loves so dearly. So I simply nodded.

Okay, Tsumugi.

Tsumugi resumed swinging my hand back and forth, giggling. A promise... A promise that we'd make it out of here. Tsumugi and I will keep that promise. We have that bond now. But...cosplay, huh? I suppose it doesn't hurt to try.

You've learned a new skill, 2D Love.

Maybe if it was as hard to tell what was happening in panels as it was in DR1, I'd use this, but as it stands the Closing Argument is one of my favorite parts of the game. Why would I make it shorter?

Tsumugi's Undergarments posted:

Tsumugi's favorite panties. She usually wears plain panties, but these are for special occasions. They're not for show, so no panty shots allowed!