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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 170: Running on Empty

MUSIC: Hope Searching

That room...was where we were in cold sleep together...

But now's not the time to be sad! In order to fulfill the promise we made, let's go to the hidden room in the library!

Go away, Monokid. Nobody likes you.

...I knew you would come here. If you're reinvestigating old areas, you'd have to come here eventually.

Is this about the blueprints? Have you looked through all of them?

Yeah I have, but something caught my eye that worried me.

Although, I'm not sure how significant it is.

But before we can ask her what she found...

Only investigate what you need to!

Fuck you. I do what I want.

Cleaning up the library one last time is thankfully a free action.

It's underground, so it won't be destroyed that easily...right? But I'm worried that if the building collapses, it's going to cause an avalanche of books. Dying from being buried in books... That wouldn't be a bad way to die. Though, I don't want it to happen now.

I found a design that worried me a little. It was drawn with *too* much detail...

A "Bugvac"?

Kokichi came up with the design? But, I thought there weren't any bugs outside of Gonta's lab.

Now that you mention it...

Bugs...? I thought vermin were nowhere to be seen in this academy.

Yeah, Gonta think that before, but...

When out walking in courtyard, Gonta think he see tiny bug.

But...bug so tiny, even Gonta no could see it. And Gonta have 20/.0625 eyesight.

So maybe Gonta just make mistake. But Gonta think...

No, maybe Gonta just see things...

But Gonta said he was just seeing things...

So Miu actually made this?

After I found this design, I went to Miu's research lab...

The suction function is already finished.

As she said that, Maki flipped the switch on the machine, and...

It has pretty strong suction...

With this, you can vacuum up all the bugs around you at once.

Yeah. It looks like it was used several times, but it doesn't seem like they caught any.

Then does that mean there are no bugs? It was just Gonta's imagination after all?

That's probably the case...

Well, even if there were bugs, I don't know how that would be a clue...

Right, thank you...

Were those bugs really just Gonta's imagination? There must be more to it than that...

I couldn't find anyone, so I was starting to get worried!

Ah, sorry...

...And where were you up until now?

You went to Rantaro's room, right? Did you find anything interesting?

What is *this* expression...?

Judging by what's happened, that could be the case...

So it's possible...



Ah, you're right! Yeah, it's okay!

Ah, what a relief...

There wasn't anything else besides the Bugvac machine. It was just...a bunch ofjunk.

They were drawings of weapons and huge robots that kids would fantasize about. Some of the other drawing designs were machines for pulling pranks on people.

Huh? Why?

If I say I didn't find anything, you're gonna decide I'm useless, aren't you...? I-I won't let that happen...

So...I guess she didn't find anything.

If it isn't in Rantaro's room, then where is his Survivor Perk? We didn't find anything on his body. Did he hide it somewhere before he died? But...hiding it in your room would be the safest place for it... Did someone...take it?

Hey, we're going to check what's behind the hidden door, right? Let's hurry and do it.

Y—Yeah, you're right.

There might be something in there that would be a valuable clue. First, I should inspect the hidden door.

Let's hurry and check out the hidden door. There isn't much time until dawn.

I wish you'd use your magic to be useful.

Stop it, Maki! We already know Himiko has no use!

What? That's not what I said at all. It's plain to see you're bothered by your chest...

I-I'm not bothered at all!

Her sprite vibrates again.

What? Why is it *my* fault?

This door has been locked this entire time.

The door that can only be opened with a card key... There must be something here.

Maybe...the mastermind is hiding behind this hidden door?

Then, if we kill them...we can end this killing game...

No, I told you, we can't kill them. If you do that, we'd be the same—



AUDIO: What's Up!? The Exisals!

You guys have been doin' whatever you feel like, huh? You can't just go anywhere you want without permission! Father'll get mad! I don't like it when Father gets mad! So before he finds out about this... I'm gonna destroy you all!

Dammit! Everyone, run!

Just stay put...for now.


Y-Yes please...


The hidden completely destroyed! it okay to just go in there? What if we get attacked or something?

I would join you, but I need to hold off the Exisals here...

Shuichi, it's all up to you. Please catch the mastermind, no matter what. it.

That certainly is possible. We should be careful.

L-Let's go! I'll repel the mastermind with my magic!

With Keebo's attack just now, the mastermind was defeated! We win! Part 3 is over!

We shouldn't count on things ending that easily...

...You don't have to tell me. I'm not going to kill... I'm just going to get revenge.

It's weird... Sometimes, you're just like him, you know?

Alright...let's go.

Oh, yeah... Please.

Next time, yet another shocking twist!