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Part 172: The ArchAndroid

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Yes, I'm a robot. But I'm also a high school student like everyone else, you know!?

I never imagined the world could be so robophobic...

This is nice. It aligns with my preferences. You understand me... I feel...happy.

I certainly do not mind. After all, I am the Ultimate Robot. Naturally, I will attract interest.

Yeah, I've never talked to such a human-like robot before... Well, any robot, really. Hey, if you don't mind... Can I ask you a question?

Oh, but I cannot answer any questions about the technology used to create me.

Don't worry, I won't ask anything too difficult! Okay, first you sleep at night?

I have no need for sleep. However, it is necessary to recharge my power cells.

Yes, but I am still conscious while I recharge, so it's not quite the same as human sleep... A single charge generates a week's worth of power, so I don't need to do it very often.

Ooh, for one week, I see... I always assumed robots needed a lot of electricity.


...That's it?

Huh? Was he expecting me to be more excited? To be honest, it's not *that* amazing...

May I ask you another question, then?

Do you eat?


Huh? He looks pretty down...

Sorry, did I say something wrong?

No, I'm sorry too... Though I cannot eat, food still looks delicious to me. The unfairness of it all pains me...

Yeah, that seems pretty rough.

Do you like girls?


Are you attracted to human girls? Or do you prefer female robots?

Are you suggesting...that robots should stick with their own kind?

I didn't mean it like that! I was just curious! Honest!

Then...are you saying...that you...and me...?

Th-That's not it, either!

...Of course. I apologize for being overly self-conscious. I have never felt romantic attraction, so I cannot answer questions on that subject.

How do you feel about the Roomba?

You mean...the disc-shaped cleaning robot that scoots along the floor?

Yeah, that! Do you see them as, like, younger siblings or something?

...Kaede, it's very robophobic to suggest that robots are only good for cleaning. You should know that I am completely different from that simple machine.

But you guys are basically the same, more or l was just wondering.

That does not matter. If I am comparable to a human, that thing is comparable to a microbe.

But compared to Roombas, you're losing in the popularity department.

Why, that's—!

I'm kidding! Really!

Krgh...! Human jokes are rather vexing...!

Yes, of course... You're the first person to ask me so many questions, one after the other.

No, that's not what I meant. I just thought...being treated like that isn't so bad. It's actually...kind of fun.

Why does everyone automatically assume that robots have a rocket punch function!? I don't have a violent function like that!

I have lots of functions! Useful functions! I'll show them to you!

The functions seemed a bit...unnecessary, but I kept quiet.

This is...quite a practical gift. Thank you.

Please don't get the wrong impression... I'm happy because this gift is so practical. Under different circumstances, this gift could be considered an act of robophobia.

...Kaede, is something troubling you?

N-No! It's nothing.

To be honest, something's been bothering me, and I can't really focus on our conversation. There's a button on Keebo's neck... What does it do?


Whatever that sound was, it occurred at the exact right time... Because when Keebo turned around, his neck was completely defenseless... Oh, god! The button is like screaming, "Don't push me! Don't push me!"







I called his name and circled around him...


Keebo was completely frozen! Like a toy out of batteries... M-Maybe that was the emergency stop buttonl?

Wh-What should I do!? Maybe if I push it again, it'll fix him...?




Kaede, why are you in front of me? Weren't you behind me earlier? A-And why are you so close to me?

I-I'm so glad... You're back to normal...

Huh? What do you mean?

I-I'm so sorry! It was tempting me! Was that the emergency stop button?

...Yes. It's there just in case my Al or essential functions encounter problems.

I didn't know you had such a function...

I-If it's a secret, then you should've hid it better!

But what good is an emergency button that cannot be easily found in an emergency?

But there are people who might push it for me...

Yeah, good idea.

But...Kaede, that means you will have influenced my design. Which means you will have played a role in my creation.

Huh? You're exaggerating.

Then you, Kaede, will be my "mother." So I shall call you mom.

...That was a joke.


AUDIO: Keebo Free Time #1

It's payback for messing with my body. You deserve at least that much.

Ha...hahaha... I'm so sorry, Keebo.

The title of Ultimate Robot really suits him.

Um, Kaede... Do you think you can keep that button a secret from everyone?

Yeah, don't worry.

Kokichi definitely can't find out about this button. That would be a huge problem...

There's something I want to ask you.

Thank you! Actually, I was hoping you could describe what it is like to be a teenager. I require many samples so that I can better understand the human teenage experience.

Nothing makes sense and you have no impulse control. That's basically it.

Shuichi... Thank you very much. I am humbled by your generosity.

Did you give me this simply because I am a robot? I will report your robophobic actions.

I can only assume that you've taken some sort of interest in me.

Ah, are a robot, after all.

Indeed. Curiosity is a very useful human quality... Very well, I shall humor you.

So first, I will explain my functions. As a robot, I'm somewhat extraordinary compared to you.

But...I remember you saying something about having the strength of an old person...

T-True, but... Considering the tragedy that occurred during trial production, it was a logical design choice.

...You think so? I believe that's pretty normal...

What are you talking about!? Over 50% of high school students have less than 20/20 vision! But no matter what, my visual acuity will always be 20/13.

If it got any worse, I suppose that would count as a malfunction...

Huh? My what?

I want you to put your hand in front of my mouth.

...Like this?

AUDIO: Haaaaaaaaaaa...

...What the hell is this?

Lukewarm breath grazed across my hand. Well, Keebo is a robot, so maybe not "breath"...

How about that? In addition, my warm breath also functions as a dryer.

Ah...I see...

Case in point, my hand can turn into a multi-tool! With both hands, I have 20 tools at my disposal! My finger can detect wafting aromas, and even distinguish between different scents! I also have a music player for when I'm bored. I can even play tapes and records. Neat, huh?

I'm still thinking about how weird your breath felt, I dunno about your other functions...


Right? I am Professor Idabashi's masterpiece, after all. The professor's technology has given me the functions to support a life of comfort.

A life of comfort... I see. That makes sense.


That's actually pretty normal.

Gh—! Wh-What do you mean, "normal"!? What do you know about robots!? The meaning of "normal" is purely subjective anyway! Don't assume your definition of normal is the same as mine!

Oh no, he's really mad!

F-Furthermore...! that it?

Is that it...? You mean, you're not impressed?

Well, I assumed you would have more..special...functions.

...W—Well, you know...I *might* have a special function of sorts...


But Professor Idabashi told me to keep it a secret. I hope you get the chance to see it someday. And besides...

It isn't?

You can't tell what it is?

This is what truly drives Professor Idabashi's technological revolution! Well? Now do you understand just how amazing I am?

I don't know how to respond to his boasting... Maybe someone like Miu would really appreciate his mechanics.

It's fine. You do not need to worry about me. *sigh*...

Really, I'm fine. Even if I can't eat, spending time together during meals will strengthen our relationship.

Shuichi... Thank you very much. I am humbled by your generosity.

Did you give me this simply because I am a robot? I will report your robophobic actions.

You must be very fascinated by me, Shuichi. That is understandable. In all the world, there is no other robot as impressive as I am.

Why does he talk to me like that...? Although, I suppose it is true that his technology is pretty amazing. Very human-like.

The professor told me that I am the sum total of his research. The entirety of his knowledge, technology, and expertise in the field of robotic engineering...

All applied to create a robot more human than any that has come before. That is what I am. He said...I am the culmination of his life's work.

An incident...?

My strong Al was programmed such that my mental age would reflect my appearance. But, unlike now... My AI was only capable of displaying a very narrow spectrum of human emotion.

But things did not improve.

One day, a few years later, an accident occurred during a routine experiment... My programming went rogue...and I ended up seriously injuring the professor.

Fortunately, the professor survived his injury... But I died that day.


The First Law of Robotics states, "A robot must not harm a human being." Though I wasn't punished for violating that rule, I nevertheless felt "sadness"... I blamed myself for hurting my father. In doing so, I was overcome with "guilt"...

I that's what he means by "died."

Perhaps I simply wanted to be "reborn" as the professor's son again. That's what the professor concluded, and he raised me as his own child...


So I learned all this second-hand from the professor himself.

I had no idea he had experienced something so incredible.

Shuichi? Is something wrong?

Ah, well... How do I put this?

To Professor Idabashi, Keebo is more than just a robot. And I'm sure that for Keebo, the professor is...

How rude! Please reconsider your attitude toward me in the future.

Haha... Yeah. Got it, Keebo.

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

I see... You're interested in me because I'm in top form today! Very well, then! I will show you my true personality!

I couldn't tell if they were any different...but I'll keep that to myself.

This is nice. It aligns with my preferences. You understand me... I feel...happy.

Advice? Are you sure want to

Yes. In fact, you are the only one I can talk to about this matter.

The only one?

This question has been on my mind for a while now...

...No, you don't need to answer. Compared to everyone else, I feel rather ordinary.

...Then why ask?

So I've been thinking that I need to address this somehow by taking action.

A robot business?

Yes, I'm going to launch a business that takes full advantage of my robot capabilities. That's why...I'm going to work to become a pop star robot!

A pop star? Why that?

The main that robots have yet to advance in the pop music genre.

I don't think they've advanced in *any* music genre...

That depends pretty heavily on your definition of "robot".

Yes, it's the singing.

As a robot, I should be able to sing once I upload the proper music and lyrics. In that regard, I believe I am well suited to the role of pop star.

I see. You've put a lot of thought into this.

Of course! Furthermore, pop stars fill the opposite sex with admiration, joy, and a reason to live. It's the perfect way for me to gain a deeper understanding of the emotion, "happiness."

It's their looks.

Looks, huh...? I suppose I could alter my appearance to a certain extent...

But I don't want to change how the professor designed me. Singing is how I will stand out!

It's the dancing.

Dancing, huh?

Ah, are you...bad at dancing?

I wouldn't say I'm bad at dancing. It's just...for some reason, my dancing always seems to turn into the robot dance...

I see... Perhaps being an idol is not for you...

That's why singing is how I'll stand out!

Alright, sure.

I would soon regret those words.

AUDIO: Haaaaaaaaaaa...

Keebo's expression while singing was so peaceful, so joyous...

But my brain was being fried! I felt like my insides were scramblingl

I can't block it out! I'm gonna throw up!

Augh! Urgh... Blarghhh!

I'm sorry, Keebo... I don't think I can...follow your music career...

Huh? What do you mean?

Keebo...your singing...was terrible... I couldn't take it...

Yes... I ah...don't think you should sing for people anymore...

Oh no... Does that mean I can't become a pop star?

...Ah! Wait, Keebo, that's it!

If you just pretended to sing and played the song through your mouth...


That is an illogical compromise, Shuichi! Please understand, my AI is a reflection of the human desire for greater understanding.

Even if one possesses an Ultimate-level talent... That talent should not be a crutch, but a stepping stone to reach even greater heights!

Ew. Nagito has ruined the concept of stepping stones for me.

I never thought the day would come when a robot would preach to a human. Ah, come to think of it...we didn't come to a conclusion about his robot business.

He allowed me, a robot, to join the student council...

No one else cared that I was being treated like junk...

This is...quite a fascinating item! Are you sure I can have it?

I wish I could give you something in return, but I have nothing to give... I'm sorry.

Our previous discussion? Ah, I remember. When I suggested he fake the singing...

If you want to play this game yourself after I've spoiled the whole thing for you, remember to never give any student council members gifts while the council is in operation. They will take those gifts but not hang out with you in the middle free time period of Chapter 3.

Yes, I have, Keebo. I apologize for saying what I did.

I accept your apology. After all, humans and robots alike seek greater understanding.

But I can't seem to think of anything... Do you have any ideas?

Something else Keebo could get into...

What about stuntwork? Like a stuntman?


Yeah, because you're a robot, you can stand in for a lot of things.

That may be, but...I'm not exactly the most physically sturdy robot, so...

Ah, that's right...

What about high-risk work? Like in hazardous areas?

Are you implying...that I can't die because I'm a robot!? That's the most robophobic thing that I've ever heard!

N-No, that's not what I was trying to say!

What about...a robo-maid?

...I think you've been partaking in too much science fiction.

Besides...I couldn't possibly be a better maid than Kirumi...

Ah, that's true...

Perhaps a caregiver robot? With life expectancy rising, I am sure there is demand.

Hmm, a caregiver robot... I hadn't considered that.

Alright, I will begin practicing at once. I'm counting on you to help me, Shuichi.

What? How could I possibly help you, Keebo?

Ah, I see. Alright, sure.

First, I will attempt to assist you in getting ready for bed.

Ready for bed, alright... Can you help me change into pajamas?

It's care work, Keebo. You don't have to be embarrassed...

What's embarrassing is embarrassing and that's that! No clothes-changing!

Alright, alright...

There's no bed here, so I suppose we'll just have to make do...

I got in the fetal position so that Keebo could carry me more easily. This is kind of embarrassing... This could easily lead to a misunderstanding...

Keebo announced with determination, then began to lift me up...


...Hm? He's not picking me up...

Keebo? What's wrong?

Your back!? I thought you were a robot!

Y-You're too heavy...!

I-I am not! I'm normal for my age!

I guess that makes caregiving out of the question...

So how come my lab has a sci-fi theme!? This is probably more robophobia...

Krgh... You seem rather unperturbed by this... Shuichi, you can be very insensitive at times...

...I am?

This is nice. It aligns with my preferences. You understand me... I feel...happy.

Yes, it feels better after I've rested.

So he just has to rest? He doesn't have to get repairs done?

Shuichi, about my robot business plan... I've realized that there's an issue that must be addressed before I can implement it...

Your backstory?

If my backstory was more interesting...maybe I could be more than just an ordinary robot.

Hm, I'm not so sure about that...

Or if I sought revenge against someone... You know, like a tragic hero? This way, I'd gain more exposure to the emotions of "sadness" and "vengeance."

That does sound pretty cool...

I'm not that fond of robotic weaponry...but I suppose it's unavoidable.

Are you sure? I know you don't like weapons...

...But if I stay the way I am...

You shouldn't think of yourself as merely "ordinary."


However...I still don't fully comprehend what it means to feel that emotion. And though I detect that this causes me to feel "sad," I cannot comprehend that, either.


To be able to say with pride...that I'm friends with you and everyone else here.


Could that be why he's so concerned? He wants everyone to accept him...

Let's just keep thinking about the robot business together.

That I "really am" the Ultimate Robot.

Yes, that's true, but if you keep getting more business experience... I think it will help you learn new emotions as well. That's why I want to help you, Keebo. As your friend.

Thank you so much! I'm truly grateful... To think I'd feel such gratitude toward you... What a serendipitous miscalculation.

Hardly, Keebo. You were the one who told me that only I could help you.

Oh, that was a logical decision on my part. Because...

...So that's why he was always talking down to me!

But our relationship is different now. I feel that you and I are equals... No, I have decided that we are equals, due to our special relationship.


Based on our interactions thus far...I believe I've felt something inside you. This judgment is not rooted in logic, but rather something akin to human intuition.

AUDIO: Keebo Free Time #2

That intuition is telling me that I can build a friendship with you, Shuichi.

Please look out for me, Shuichi.

And you for me, Keebo.

But that's not what's important.There's a real connection here. A true bond between me and Keebo!

You have learned a new skill, Digital Love.

This skill's pretty relevant to my interests, but it's also very expensive and I don't really feel like rearranging my layout to make room for it.

K1-B0's Built-In Parts posted:

Parts built in to Keebo's waist. They protect the delicate parts of his body from temperature and humidity. They need to be changed daily, but can be reused after being washed.