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by Solitair

Part 173: (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

MUSIC: Hope Searching

As always, Kaede-related weights are the hardest to move past.

I should be able to see the entire courtyard from here.

This must be what he was talking about...

Alright, let's see if I can find something...

Doesn't seem like we have much to go on in here.

but I don't think this is what Keebo was talking about.

Time to take out our frustrations on this suspicious pile of chairs.

Wait, what's this?

Is this connected to a computer?

When I touched the keyboard...

These projector things unfold from behind the blackboard and...


Seeking answers, I pressed the Enter key.

Do these settings create new Flashback Lights?

To test my deduction, I selected one of the categories.

It has to be the last one, about a new memory.

So there are still some memories we haven't remembered yet?

If we can remember something new... that would definitely be a clue. ...Alright, let's try it.

I wonder what kind of memory it is. I'll start with "The Survivors."

What does it mean by "select"? These are all memories we forgot... *All* of these should be true events. So why...would you be able to select one? And these categories...there are several inconsistencies about the survivors. Do I...have to select the correct one?

I suppose I'll choose, "The survivors on a different planet." If that's true...there's more hope for us.

Alright... I'll press it.

That sound...


I'll open it...

This is new... It just got here.

Just as I suspected... You can make Flashback Lights with that desk.

I don't know why it was hidden in a normal-looking classroom... but there must be a switch hidden somewhere. Flipping that switch will cause this desk to activate.

But this clearly allows you to choose. Why? And there's no indication of which are real.


What is the truth...and what are the lies?


I can assume that was done in order to obfuscate the room's purpose.

And if they're that cautious of us...



How did Himiko escape when the entrance was blocked by rubble?

MUSIC: Hope Searching

Technically that *is* something I have time for, you dumb bear.


Hmhmhm, I don't get it... You don't know how I escaped...

...Himiko. Now is not the time for—

Yet another shaking ceiling.

Himiko! Are you okay?

Th-That was a close one! I almost died!

I told's not the time...

G-Got it. I'll tell you...

The bathroom?

Do you wanna go there with me?


Ah, no, I know that...

The girls bathroom on the 1st floor? What does that have to do with the hidden room? There doesn't appear to be any new clues, other than the Flashback Light.

The reason I was able to escape that room was because of the bathroom on the 1st floor. Come with the bathroom...

But if you do anything stupid, I'll change you into a girl with my magic! don't have to worry about that.

Y-Yes, but we shouldn't use it...

Wh-Why!? We might still be forgetting something important! All these little things we keep remembering... We might be able to get everything back at once!

I know how you feel, Himiko...

But I'm concerned about the settings on these Flashback Lights. There should only be *one* truth, but these settings allow you to choose. Why? And there's no indication of which are real.

I guess it's up to me to save your honor.

It's the least I could do for the Ultimate Detective for saving me so much.

Y-Yeah... Thank you.

There must be some kind of switch that activates it...but I can't find anything like that.

Next time, the secret to Himiko's new trick.