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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 175: Somebody's Watching Me

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

We're having another class trial...

But, this will be the final one... Right?

Yes, that's right. This will be the final trial.

I'm sure they won't. If anything happened to Keebo right wouldn't be a fair trial that Monokuma insists on.

Oh, I see. Then it's okay. The four of us, and Keebo...

...No, that can't be the reason.

Even Keebo said it himself. He'd only be able to withstand the Exisals' attacks until dawn.

Then, why did Monokuma agree to this so easily...?

...That's true. No matter what he's plotting...

We're ready to end this killing game, right?

We're ready to end this killing game... Let's go, Shuichi.

W-We can win, right...?

O—Of course...

It'll be okay... This class trial should be much easier than the others.

Huh? Why?

That's why we couldn't work together even if we wanted to. But...this time, it's different.

Ah, since there isn't a culprit among us, we can work together without any doubts.

We're all going to be working together this time... I already feel more at ease!


But now there's only 4 of us standing here, plus Keebo who's coming later.

...We're about to head to the last battle. Why are you so depressed?

Oh, sorry... You're right.

That was fast, Keebo.


His weapons have been removed. I suppose we don't have to worry about him attacking...


No, it's not that...

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

Keebo bowed at the waist to us.

I acted recklessly and put you all in serious danger...

Huh? What's wrong? You're totally different from before when you were in battle mode...

...Shuichi, you told me earlier not to give up hope.

Th-That's right...

I finally realized that you were right...

Your inner voice? I thought you said you couldn't hear it anymore...

Well, I had the Monokubs repair me in addition to removing my battle gear...

So he can hear it again after the repairs...

Does that mean it wasn't just decoration? And now that I think about it, what is his "inner voice" exactly? What does he hear?

Even if I had followed though, there would've been no hope or future left afterward. In which case, my actions would have merely resulted in a different despair altogether. ...I do not expect you to forgive me. What I did was foolish.


If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have been able to do this.'ll allow me?


Oh... You seem angry, Tsumugi. Would you prefer I not help...?

When someone says "please" that strongly, I always want to respond with, "But I refuse." But I can read the mood here... So I'm holding back.

Well of course.

There's a big wall between living things and objects, but you're our friend, Keebo.

Can y'all just fucking treat him like a person already?

Th-Thank you...

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

What is that...vacuum cleaner you're carrying?

Ah yes, Gonta had mentioned something about tiny bugs before...

Yes, I thought it could be a clue to something. But we can't seem to catch any bugs with it. It doesn't seem like there are any.

So it really was just Gonta's imagination, after all.

Can we...wait until I've examined it with my eyes, at least?

Your eyes?

Keebo...seems completely different from earlier. Maybe it's like...equipping all those weapons enhanced his feelings too.

It happens with cosplay too. When you wear a cosplay, you start acting like that character.

Maki, you brought that thing with you, huh? You act like you're cold and distant, but you're suprisingly warm and serious...

I finally feel like I've figured out how close we are now.

With Keebo's eyes, huh...? If Gonta couldn't even see it, I doubt Keebo would be able to see it either.

What good can your eyes do? It's not like you've got good eyesight, right?

...Your zoom function?

It was in my lab, next to the jet pack and rocket launcher... Thanks to that zoom function, my vision has increased a hundredfold.

A hundredfold!?

This is the true talent of the Ultimate Robot... Because I'm a robot, I can evolve in ways that are simply not possible for a human. I've...finally accepted that. There are notable differences between us, but they're nothing for me to be ashamed of.

It's worth a shot. At maximum zoom, my vision is on par with that of a microscope. ...Maki, I'll borrow this Bugvac for a moment.

He stared at it intensely.

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

AUDIO: Keebo's Eyes for Magnifying

He took it from his lips and handed it to me.

Are these the small bugs Gonta was talking about?

A human's eyes would not be able to see things that exist at a nanoscopic level.

For Gonta to have noticed them...his vision really was superhuman.

Hey, what are these things holding? Are they holding cameras?

We can *talk* to this?

Yes, I have already installed an augmented hearing function.

I-I guess anything is possible...

AUDIO: Keebo's Sharp Ears!

Whatever function you serve, you'll be unable to carry it out... Do you accept these terms?

Keebo asked in a way that made it clear it was not up for negotiation.

They call themselves...Nanokumas. Apparently they're members of the Monokubs.

SHUICHI: What? This little thing...?

TSUMUGI: Then there were actually six Monokubs?

Not quite. These don't exist as individuals, but rather as a hivemind. They travel through the air in a swarm, covering every square inch of this campus.

So it's not just's a whole swarm of Monokubs.

HIMIKO: If they're that small, they coulda been in my nose or mouth and I'd never know.

TSUMUGI: I don't like the thought of that...

And their to record footage of the events that are unfolding here, and transmit it to Monokuma.

SHUICHI: ...What?

Using their tiny cameras, they record footage and transmit it wirelessly... Motherkuma receives the footage and parses it before sending it off to Monokuma.

SHUICHI: You a security camera!?

They're so small that they can't be seen with the naked eye... They must be the security cameras!

And they'd been recording the footage wirelessly...

When he used it, the Nanokumas were unable to send any footage back to Monokuma.

Yes, in that case, I doubt Monokuma knew the real culprit.

Umm...the more I learn, the more I wish that Kokichi had just worked with us normally.

That's impossible. No matter how many times he reincarnates, he's a liar down to his soul.

That's how Monokuma was able to keep watch of this entire academy.

He's not just confident. He's *sure" he's going to win. I know that must be what he's thinking...

...At least we know that important detail now. I'm glad you told us before the class trial.

Yeah! Thanks Keebo!

...Yeah, we don't know what Monokuma will do if we show up late.

Y-You're right... Then let's start heading to the trial grounds.


MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Gonta discovered it, Kokichi made a design, Miu built the device... It was because of all of them that Keebo was able to find the final clue. It's almost like...everyone's cheering us on.

In the end, we couldn't find the mastermind. They must be really good at hide and seek. But...they can't escape my magic.

I'II hit them with my "All Your Relationships Will End Up Being Love Triangles" curse!

Th-That would be...very helpful, Himiko.

Relax. If we end up failing, and it comes time for me to kill you...

I'll make sure to end your life swiftly, so you won't have to suffer.

...Th-Thank you?

I'm glad I was able to help. I wouldn't want you to think my sci—fi weaponry is the only growth I've displayed thus far. ...Well then, let's go. Monokuma is expecting us.


VIDEO: Shrine of Judgment Elevator Ch. 6

There's no point in worrying anymore. Right now...we only need to think about getting out of here alive.

and headed to the final trial grounds.

What could be waiting for the five of us? I'm sure...this is the end of despair. And the beginning of hope. Everything ends here. Everything.

And the killing game of this Ultimate Academy. How much more until they're satisfied? This is the end of it. I'm...tired of this. We're going to end it. We're going to end this cruel game.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

More importantly, since you guys requested that we hold this class trial... I'm sure you won't mind allowing me to participate, too, right?

It'll be easier to argue if I do.

...You seem confident.

Y-You're confident now, but I'm gonna turn your body into an omnibus with my magic!

A-An omnibus...? Do you mean the vehicle or, like, a compilation book, or...?

...He seems really provoked.

If Pops is gonna participate, things are gonna get pretty damn interestin'.

You can do it, Father!


...Hm? Cheer me on? You guys are totally participating, too.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

You kids have a pivotal role to play. What kinda dad would I be if I hogged the spotlight? And if you kids don't play a pivotal role, then what use are any of you?

P-Pivotal role? Can we really do it?

I dunno...

What's...that button for?

It's a Monokub detonator that I prepared to ensure my adorable kids do their very best.


So make sure you try really hard, or I'll start pressing this button. Got it?

You know what they say... If your kids are cute, put a bomb inside of them!

Th-That's not a real saying!

I know you cute kids can do this. You just need the proper motivation... So no need to worry! Just make sure you all play pivotal roles! That's all!

...How absurd.

...You really are the worst.

I'm the best at being the worst, don'tcha think so!?

Puhuhu... I tell ya, people can't get enough of my crude antics!

That's all the preamble we're getting. Next time, we see Shuichi's plan start to unfold.