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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 176: Secret Agent Man

Keebo and the Exisals have turned the academy into a war zone, and Shuichi challenges Monokuma to a final class trial. Can they put an end to the killing game!?

Aside from adding Killer Smash, I'm keeping my layout unchanged from last time. Here's the rest of the skills in the menu:

Delusion (Debate Type, 16 slots)
Slowly recovers the Influence Gauge while Concentrating and during Fever Time. Effective during all parts of the class trial.

Saint Miko's Ability (Panic Type, 4 slots)
Silences all conversations except those the reticle is on. Effective during Mass Panic Debates.

First Strike (Scrum type, 4 slots)
The key word in the first speaker's argument will be shown from the start. Effective during Debate Scrums.

Just a Peek (Hangman's Gambit type, 4 slots)
The entire screen will light up more frequently. Effective during Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0.

Power of Life and Death (Refute type, 4 slots)
Makes it easier to push the opponent back during Blade Lock. Effective during Rebuttal Showdowns.

High Tension (Armament Argument type, 4 slots)
The Tension Gauge will increase at a faster rate. Effective during Argument Armament.

I'm ten fragments short of being able to buy everything. Nothing I can do about that right now. Now for the clues:

History of Hope's Peak posted:

Found in the Ultimate Supreme Leader's research lab, this book details the history of the battle between hope and despair.

The afterword claims it was compiled by several esteemed researchers and it is the most thorough and accurate book written on the subject. However, it contradicts the memory Shuichi and Maki received from the Flashback Light.

The key passages of the documents are as follows:

The cause of the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human history was the Ultimate Despair.

The term "Ultimate Despair" can refer to both the group and the events caused by Junko Enoshima.

In order to plunge the world into despair, the Ultimate Despair plotted the killing game of Hope's Peak's 78th class.

To protect themselves from the Tragedy, the 78th class sealed themselves inside Hope's Peak Academy as part of the Hope's Peak Academy Shelter Project.

Hope's Peak Academy did not admit students by application. The only way to be admitted was by being scouted.

Kokichi's Motive Video posted:

One of the videos distributed as the motive in Kirumi's case.

Though most of the videos ended up with the wrong person, Kokichi got his own.

According to the video, Kokichi was the leader of a secret society named D.I.C.E. Together with his ten underlings, he committed nonviolent crimes and harmless pranks around the world.

Killing Game posted:

Monokuma is particular about the killing game's rules and making sure it's exciting. Almost like the killing game is meant to be shown.

In addition, it's very similar to the killing games held by Junko Enoshima in the past.

Kokichi claimed that this killing game was being watched by someone.

Two Mysterious Messages posted:

Two different messages found in the courtyard.

The first message said, "This world is mine. Kokichi Oma." However, when first discovered by Gonta, it said "horse a."

The second message said, "twins b." It was found on the wall next to the boiler.

Rantaro's Video Message posted:

A video file found on the USB stored in the vault in the Ultimate ???'s research lab.

It is a message from Rantaro before he lost his memories to himself after he lost his memories.

According to the message, Rantaro was the Ultimate Survivor and had participated in a previous killing game.

Bugvac posted:

A vacuum device for capturing bugs. It was found in the Ultimate Inventor's Research Lab.

Thought to have been designed by Kokichi to check whether or not the "tiny bugs" Gonta sometimes saw were real.

Although it's still a prototype, it is functional and shows signs of use. However, it doesn't seem to have captured any bugs.

Survivor's Perk Monopad posted:

A Monopad given to Rantaro for iibeing the Ultimate Survivor.

"Clue to end the killings.

The mastermind who is behind the killing game is hiding somewhere within the academy.

Your best chance of exposing them is when Monokuma needs a spare. At that time, the mastermind will go to the library's hidden room.

To prove this hint is accurate, I will predict something. The first thing you will remember is the Ultimate Hunt.

Only share this information with people who you know you can trust."

-Rantaro Amami

Flashback Light Settings posted:

Flashback Lights can be made in the classroom on the second floor.

There are four categories for the type of Flashback Light that can be created:
The Survivors
The Outside World
The Killing Game
The Participants

From those basic categories, several options are available.

Hidden Room Passageway posted:

A secret passageway hidden in the back of the supply closet in the girl's bathroom on the first floor. It is connected to the hidden room in the back of the library.

This passageway was not even shown on the map of the school in the Survivor Perk Monopad. Only the mastermind knew about it.

The Sixth Monokub posted:

Named Nanokuma, they are collectively the sixth member of the Monokubs.

The true identity of the "tiny bugs" Gonta thought he saw. They are so small, they cannot be seen by normal human eyes.

They exist as a hivemind, rather than as individuals. They fly around the academy and use their cameras to take footage, which is then wirelessly sent to Motherkuma.

Motherkuma parses the footage and then sends it off to Monokuma in the academy.

VIDEO: The Twelfth-to-Last Trial Video

What, exactly, is the point of this class trial?

Whoa! My voice was way louder than I expected! I might be on a roll today!

Monodam's voice is super soft, though. Everyone cool with him gettin' blown up!?



But his voice was quiet!

Does voice volume not matter at all!?

The purpose of this class trial...

Alright, I'll give you an answer. The reason I called for this trial is...

For which case?

The first one—the murder of Rantaro Amami. I've found new evidence relevant to the case.

In light of that evidence, I demand a retrial!

Yeah, yeah!

Nyeh? Wrong!?

Monokuma said the blackened for that incident was Kaede...

Are you saying he was wrong!?

Monokid, your reactions are too extreme! It's making the rest of us look bad.


O-Oh shit! He's already got the detonator!

To test the validity of our vote, we're going to retry the entire case.

The entire killing game wouldn't make sense anymore!

I see... You think you can destroy the game by calling out my failure as the gamemaster.

You shouldn't have a problem with this if you have nothing to hide, Monokuma.

Puhuhu... So in the end, the first case has become the focal point yet again...

So what is this new truth?

There are several...but before we go any further, I want to discuss Rantaro's talent.

Did you learn what his talent was?


I saw it, too. He said so in his video.

You're the Ultimate Survivor. You survived the last killing game. That's why you get this perk—the Survivor Perk.

After his memory was wiped...he participated in the killing game once again.

So this wasn't Rantaro's first killing game?

But why did he participate in a second killing game!?

I'm not sure yet...

...Rantaro's objective?

The reason he went to the library before he was killed, and why he knew about the hidden door.

Didn't he just happen to randomly notice the hidden door?

That's what I thought at the time, but it appears that assumption was false.

Yes, that reason is...

He found out about the hidden room with this map?

The message was what inspired him to go to the library, to investigate the hidden room.

then every student forced to participate in this killing game will die! Mauled to shreds by countless Monokumas from the rumored Monokuma-making machine!

So, in order to figure out who the mastermind was...

Rantaro went to the hidden room at the back of the library just before time ran out.

That's right. Rantaro must have come to the same conclusion that Kaede and I did.

It sure is ironic that the Ultimate Survivor died because of Kaede's trap.

I assume because he didn't trust us. The killing game had just started, after all.

SHUICHI: He told himself to only share this information with people he could trust.

That means he must've had trouble believing it as well.

It was probably confusing to him, too. That's why he didn't consult us.

Why the long face?

It's nothing... I figure no one would listen to some guy who can't even remember his own talent, right?

Is my memory part of it too? If it is, then...

...can I even trust myself?

He must have lost...

I've already decided.

You're...going to end this game?

It's not about outfoxing everyone in this killing game, it's about ending the game itself. That's the real goal.

Can you...even accomplish such a feat?

I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't think I could.

And then he got killed by Kaede's trap...

The only people who knew about the hidden door at that time were Rantaro and I...

That was the difference between me and Rantaro, I suppose. I had Kaede...

And Kaede's the one who killed him!

What a snake!


I don't know anything about what they're saying.


So what's your point?

You know who Rantaro was and why he did what he did... But it's pointless now, isn't it?

Now that we know this new information, if we look back at Rantaro's case...

...A new truth?

I don't really get it, but we just need to look at Rantaro's case again, right?

Then let's do it.

Yes! Let's do this together!

I don't really get that either, but I guess we're gonna republish Monokuma!

I'm not too sure either... But the real battle is just beginning.

We'll prove that the result was wrong, and corner the mastermind together!

Rantaro went to the library...

Using information provided by the Survivor Perk...

he made his way to the hidden door.

But before he could achieve that goal...

Eh? Fully automatic?

There was no culprit at the scene...

The only one in the library at the time of the murder...

That's a fact, right?

and only Rantaro was in the picture.

But was it really true?

The location and condition of this one item doesn't make sense in that case.

Why would that Monopad be evidence?

The Monopad was given exclusively to Rantaro as his Survivor Perk, correct?

SHUICHI: He only had his student handbook Monopad.

What? Ugh, keep quiet, will you? I don't have time for your nonsense right now.

Really, I have no clue what anyone is talking about...

If we don't chime in soon, Pops is gonna push the detonator!

You should wash it right away!

That's not a real rebuttal!

A lot of these statements spin as they advance, which makes it harder to aim.

Where's the proof!?

No way there's a bloody thief!

But remember, Rantaro brought the Survivor Perk Monopad to the library.

If it's missing now, that must mean someone stole it!

I think there's maybe no way that's possible!

All he had on him was the student handbook Monopad!


Thank god we got off that lucky shot. Mahiru couldn't have done better.

No, it was definitely this same Monopad.

KEEBO: Shortly after this photo was taken, Rantaro was struck in the head by the shot put ball. Do you think that's when this bloody outline on the Monopad was formed?

SHUICHI: I do. That's why the Monopad Rantaro is holding in this picture...

C'mon, no overreacting! It makes us look like we're not paying attention!

Scream all you want! Monosuke's the one that's gonna get blown u—

Waaaaaah! Monokid!

Kh! I was so upset my cute cubs lost that my finger slipped!

I hear lions push their cubs into bottomless ravines to kill them.

They don't *kill* them!

I'm also sure they don't push their cubs off cliffs, either. Tekken isn't real. Sorry, FGC people.

So there was a thief, huh? I can't believe someone would do something so evil...

Do we know anything about the person who took Rantaro's Monopad...?

Yes...I think we do! Let me get the facts straight and think!