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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 178: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

VIDEO: The Tenth-to-Last Trial Video

It could be Kaede's younger twin sister...

Just like the previous killing game...

The mastermind might have a twin for this game, too!

Who cares!? You're still no closer to the answer!

According the list of the Gofer Project participants, Kaede had a twin sister... Maybe it's correct, but... we have to determine something first.

Let's give Killer Smash a shot, using Motherkuma's hint.

They must have been coming and going between the room and the academy, right?

Would someone who has to stay completely hidden really risk that?

Right. If they were trying to hide, they woulda just stayed put.

Don't agree with him!

And during the investigation, I found a classroom that makes Flashback Lights...

A classroom that makes Flashback Lights?

Ah, I'll explain the details later... But there was something interesting...

There you are, Shuichi!


Clearly, the room is hiding something.

Isn't it obvious? The mastermind didn't want anyone to see them making Flashback Lights...

...they could have their own completely separate room to make Flashback Lights.

Indeed... That would be much safer.

Knowing this, we can make a few assumptions about the mastermind's identity.

Wh-What an ominous way to say it...

But there's nothing to worry about! We got this far because we're friends!

Y-Yeah! She's right!

...The mastermind's identity... Considering the facts we have, my detective work points to...

O-One of the...participants!?

The classroom that makes Flashback Lights and the hidden room being visited often...

It all suggests that the mastermind is someone we'd see every day at the academy.

Someone we'd see every day... Like one of the 16 students?

Th-That's crazy! There's no way one of us is the mastermind!

Puhuhu... Then it just means that all your friendship talk was a lie, right?

Sh-Shut up! That's not possible!

Puhuhu... You're upset and irrational. At times like this, a voice of reason is necessary.

G-Got it! We're up!

Alright, we're gonna put on a reasonable yet outstanding show and earn our right to live!

Eh? Our right to live...? Is someone about to die? Is that what's going on?

Wait... Even if it's one of the 16 students, it doesn't mean it's one of us, does it?

Huh? What do you mean?

It's possible that the mastermind merely faked their death, and has been alive this whole time.

Now that we know Monokuma will break rules as he sees fit, that possibility should be—

If you don't hurry up, I'm gonna blow up the rest of the Monokubs!

Ahhh! Hurry up and answer!

The identity of the mastermind... We'll know for sure...

I need to confirm something to find out who that is.

Our alibis...from way back then?

Didn't we discuss that during the first trial? What good would it do to discuss it again?

Now that we know Rantaro was killed by the mastermind, it might lead somewhere.

...So we just have to give our alibis again.

F-Fine... Then let's do it.

So we can be sure that the mastermind's not one of us...

Puhuhu... I wonder where this discussion will lead.

I was in the Game Room in the basement.

With Kaito and Gonta and Maki...

Also, Tenko and Angie were there too.

Even if I was in the basement...

I was in my room, by myself...

And so were Ryoma and Kokichi, too

I know that is a poor alibi, but...

I was in the dining hall.

Kiyo, Miu, and Kirumi were with me.

Though I did leave briefly to use the bathroom...

And Shuichi was with Kaede, sooo...

...There's clearly something wrong here... If someone here killed Rantaro...

Let's see, who's the one person who didn't provide Shuichi with a single useful clue for this trial?


...You said you went to the bathroom.

Wh-What did you say!? That bathroom!?

Huh? Wh-What? What about it?

Shuichi, didn't you investigate the girls bathroom? Did you find anything?

The utility closet in that bathroom...


Around the time Rantaro was killed, Tsumugi went to that exact bath room. I'm positive that when Rantaro was killed, the culprit was in the hidden room.

It's too convenient to be coincidence.

But...maybe they got there from the hidden door in the library instead.

No, I don't think so.

I was trying to determine if the hidden door was opened with the card reader.

But the dust didn't fall. That means nobody used that card reader. enter the hidden room, they would need to use a different route—the girls bathroom.

Yes, I believe that's the case.

SHUICHI: ...and, with the help of Motherkuma, watched the situation in the library unfold.

SHUICHI: and leaped out of the hidden room, shot put ball in hand. The hidden door could open from the inside, so there was no need to use the card reader.

SHUICHI: ...picked up the shot that Kaede had used, and returned to the hidden room.

MAKI: And they also took the Survivor Perk Monopad that Rantaro had, right?

SHUICHI: ...and returned to the girls bathroom.

N-No... It has to be...some kind of mistake.

Up till now, everything pointed to the mastermind *not* being one of us!

Is Tsumugi even capable of doing all this? She's just a cosplayer, y'know?

Y-Yeah! All this would be impossible for just some cosplayer!

How can you possibly refute that fact?

Refute? It''s all just a concidence...

Oh! Keebo and Ryoma didn't have alibis. What if they went to the girls bathro—

If one of them had gone into that bathroom, you would have seen each other, right? But you never mentioned that.


Can this...really be true? this true?

I really only went to use the bathroom. I didn't know about the hidden passage—

If we don't do well here...we're all gonna get blown up together!

I still wanna live longer! I wanna see the next chapter!

So please—let us win!


We're like snowflakes! We're one of a kind!

I dunno what four-eyes is talking about...

Anyway, just cut it out!

We don't wanna die!

Oh hey, we've never seen one of these. If the dividing line is in the middle, mash [X] to break the tie!

Monokuma and the mastermind are the bad guys here.

Please! Help us!

Is four-eyes over there really the mastermind!?

We dunno anything!

Even if she is the culprit...

Hey! Let's just stop this!

The evidence points to Tsumugi being the mastermind... I didn't notice it at the time, but now I know for sure!

It's both very satisfying and a little disturbing to hear these collaborating assholes beg for their lives. I got to hear it plenty on my first time, because once again the right answer hinges on something you might not remember from the investigation, as Shuichi says. This is the last real hurdle I had to solving the game, at least when it came to logic difficulty.

I can't birth Monokumas unless the designated person specifically says the word "birth"...

When the mastermind commands Motherkuma to give birth, it makes a spare.

We all tried it out.

Ah! But Keebo wasn't there, was he!?

R-Right... Because I was fighting the Exisals.

So the real mastermind is—

Tsumugi was the only one who didn't say "give birth."


Everyone else said "give birth."

...Are you listening? We said to give birth to a new Monokuma.

...Hurry up and give birth to a Monokuma.

Congrats on not fucking this one up, NISA!

You knew how to get Motherkuma to create a spare, didn't you? That's why you specifically said "make."


Hey... Come on... What's wrong?

Don't be like that, Shuichi. Do you...real|y think I'm the mastermind?

Th-There's just no way!

Then refute it. We're waiting.


I...don't want to believe it either. That one of our friends, the survivors...could do this. That's why I'm begging, Tsumugi. I'm begging you to refute me. I might be wrong, I...

That's why I need everyone's help!

Reaching the truth *together* is what cooperation means to me!




...What's the matter? You can't argue back after hearing that?

I dunno what's going on right now, but just hold on a sec!

Oh, Monosuke's infamous impatience rears its ugly head!

And what an ugly head it is...

C'mon, smile everyone! I know, we could watch a comedy special so we can all smi—

Geez, you're noisy.

Waaah! Monosuke!

F-Father...why? You loved Monosuke so much!

...Oh yeah, you're right. But we're at the good part now.


Puhuhuhuhuhuhuhu... See? It's getting exciting. Shuichi is trying to reveal the mastermind... Trying to overcome despair...

It's so...heart-pounding...

We have the mastermind cornered, why is Monokuma so calm?

...Forget it. We're on the offensive here.

If we make the mastermind's identity clear, all this will be settled.