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Part 179: Who's That? The Mastermind

VIDEO: The Ninth-to-Last Trial Video

All this time, the mastermind...

...was hiding in plain sight.



You don't have anything to say...?

A-Anything to say...?

Even if you keep saying all that stuff...I...still don't get it...


Although we were forced into these class trials by the mastermind, that's how we survived!

It was the only way... It was the only way we could survive!



Tsumugi...I don't wanna suspect you... I wanna believe in you.

E-Even...if you say that...


Puhuhu... Tsumugi is taking her sweet time, but waiting around is so boring...


C'mon, that's, like, your thing. Present the truth and end this.

Cuz there are people who don't know what the heck is going on until we get to this part!


This one's much shorter than all the others, but it requires a specific order with no wiggle room.

It's still not that hard.

We were waiting for the mastermind to trigger the trap we set in the library.

The mastermind was probably irritated that no murders had yet occurred. After the motive was given, they knew that Kaede was planning something... But the mastermind wanted some insurance. They would take action, if necessary. The mastermind excused themself from the dining hall and went to the bathroom. And from there, to the hidden room in the library that only the mastermind could enter.

With less than an hour before the time limit expired, Rantaro moved the library's bookcase...

It turns out, that was just what the mastermind wanted us to believe. In reality, Kaede's murder plan happened quite differently.

But his fate was sealed.

How's this for a French slant, you bastard!?

And in their hand, the real murder weapon—their own shot put ball.

The mastermind had probably just finished their crime.

...and reached the "truth" that Kaede was the culprit. But that truth had been twisted by the mastermind!

A little careless of not get rid of all the evidence. They probably believed no one would ever get into that room. But we did.

The passageway led from the hidden room all the way to...

While the mastermind was pretending to use the girls bathroom...they were actually using the hidden passageway.

Anyone could have used the hidden passageway, not just the people in the dining hall. But looking at the survivors...only you could possibly be the mastermind.

Please tell us you aren't the mastermind, Tsumugi Shirogane, the Ultimate Cosplayer!


Y-Yes! What a scorching hot twist! My hand holding the detonator is tensing up...

D-Don't get tense! C-C-Calm down!

Daddy! Please, stop this!

How I used to be...was more suited to a different story than this one.


Well, Tsumugi? Are there any flaws in Shuichi's logic?

If so, then...please tell us.

F-Flaws? There's a bunch of flaws...all over it.

Y-You can do it! You can do it, Tsumugi!

E-Even if you cheer me on...

Fight back, Tsumugi! C'mon! You can do it, you can do it!

Daddy, you're tensing up again!

I still wanna live so please don't push the button!

Tsumugi, please just say something! If you don't defend yoursel—

...What?'s always been her. In the Hope's Peak killing game and in the Jabberwock Island killing game... Junko Enoshima didn't participate. She controlled the game from outside.

Junko Enoshima is dead. She's not part of this killing game.

Y-You're wrong... She hasn't been eliminated... She's...

Junko Enoshima is?

Cuz Junko Enoshima is...

Junko Enoshima is!?

Look at our cute faces! Can you really bear to be without us!?

Junko Enoshima is...

Junko Enoshima is what!?

No it isn't!

See, we're a good comedy group, too! So please don't—

TSUMUGI: Junko...Enoshima is...

???: Right the fuck here!