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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 18: HUMBLE.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

As you can see, Monokid has had a little too much honey.

He was really, really happy about Daddy's return.

*hic!* Now let's play darts! Monodam can be the dartboard! And let's go bowling...Monodam can be the ball!


By the way...which announcement were we making?

...The nighttime announcement.

What, it's already that late? Then we should go to bed soon!



At this rate, the time limit will expire before we know it...

Because I want to see everyone's smiles just a little longer... I want to spend time with them, laughing and talking like normal teenagers. So...I won't give up.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

First, you gotta give her a present. Ladies can't resist presents. But you can't give her any present. It's gotta be a present suited to her tastes. And it's gotta be a handmade present, too. So it looks like you put thought into it. For example, the kinda lady who's into strong men would love a wrestling group. She'll love bein' surrounded by macho dudes, and you'll make money off the wrestlers, too! If enough wrestlers get popular, then it might be good to host a big event. And after they're done beating up each other, they can fight other pro wrestling groups! Just give it a shot, and I'm positive you'll win her heart!

Day 4.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!


This is an official announcement from the Ultimate Academy.

It's 8 am! Time to wake up! Let's have a wonderful killing school semester today!


Geez, Monokid really drank too much honey... How long is he gonna keep sleeping?


Oh, by the way...Father's time limit expires at 10 pm. tomorrow night!


Shuichi is gambling on that, which means we have to watch the library while time is running out. Shouldn't we start preparing then? I'm getting worried...

Oh, Shuichi? Perfect timing...

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

But as soon as I answered the door...

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3


Hmph... It hurts my heart to be screamed at by a young girl.

...But it hurts so good all the same.

Ahh, I figured I'd come let you know that some of the research labs are open.

You mean the Ultimate Research Labs? Those classrooms tailored to our 16 talents...?

Uh-huh. Your lab is finally all set up, so you can go in whenever you want.

A murderous melody? What are you even talking about?

So, um...are you gonna invite me inside for tea or what?

No, of course not!


Geez...that was super annoying...

God! How annoying!

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Oh, Shuichi! Sorry, just ignore what I said!

I wanted to talk to you too, Shuichi... I was wondering if we needed anything for the plan.

Weren't we planning on hiding inside the library and keeping watch from there?

If we did that, we risk the mastermind running into us. It's safer to watch from further away.

We also need hard evidence to convince everyone of the mastermind's identity...


I found some cameras and security sensors in the warehouse. With some modification, we could combine the two...

If we set up a few in the library, we can capture proof of the mastermind. And we don't have to be in the library for this to work, so we are less likely to get caught.

Ah, well...I don't know how...

Oh, yeah. That's true.

But, she's...pretty intimidating, so I'm having trouble talking to her by myself.

I saw Miu heading to the dining hall. I think she'll still be there...

Ah, but, we should be careful about what we tell her... She might be..."it."

As in...Miu might be the mastermind? Hm, I doubt it, but...

Well, if that's what you think...

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Kaede... I'm sorry...for asking you to do this.

Don't worry about it. I promised I would help you out. Come on, let's head to the dining hall.

Heya, good morning. Where are you two off to?

Well, ah...


Well, I won't stick my nose in it! I decided to believe in you guys.

After all, you said we were all going to get out of here together.

After I heard you say that, I had no choice but to put all my money on you and Shuichi!


And if I do try to do something crazy, Shuichi will stop me.

Ah, yeah... Of course.

Haha! You guys make a good duo!

I already decided to believe in you guys. I won't butt in, so don't worry.

Ah, good morning. Your timing is impeccable. I have something I wish to ask you both.

Huh? What is it, Keebo?

Um, doesn't seem like an exit...

What do you think is on the other side of this wall?



Robots have jet packs or whatever under their feet, right?


...No, I don't.

...Have a dick?

Wh-What are you talking about!?

...then you could've flown over the wall and called for help!


Geeeez! You're just a huge disappointment, Keebo!



I...don't like sci-fi functions like flight.

But aren't you already pretty sci-fi?

... might be better to leave them alone...

Oh, it's you...and Shuichi too, huh? You guys are always together.

Whaaat? We're not *always* together...

I-Is that right...?

Well, it's not a bad thing. You can't protect yourself when you're alone.


But everyone's safe and nothing all that bad has happened.

Of course! No one would do that!

Hmph...I said it before, but...


I understand that you want to believe in everyone, but...

What do you mean by that?

Who knows...? I've talked too much.

That's the situation. The best thing to do is live life with confidence.

That's all I can say.

Don't forget it...

Morning, Rantaro.

Good morning, Rantaro... Ah, actually, may I ask you a question?

Hm? What's up?

No, well, it's not... It's nothing bad.

Haha, I know, I'm just teasing. What's up, Shuichi?


Oh, yeah! I wanted to know about that too!



Look, like I told you before, I was just a little confused. Not being able to remember my own talent is...stressing me out.


I understand. Sorry if it seemed like I was interrogating you.

No, no... I'm sorry that I'm not much help. Well then, I'll see you later.

Hey, Shuichi... Do you think Rantaro is really just confused?

I don't know, but...

Yeah... We should be focusing on exposing the mastermind.

Good morning... Kaede, Shuichi...Have you come for breakfast? If so...

Hm? But I'd feel bad if I made her serve me.

I had the same thought, so I declined... But it seemed to only make her more restless.

I see...Kirumi really likes taking care of people.

Kehehe... It's not something you can describe in such simple language. Her devotion to her duties as a maid is extremely impressive.

This, too, is beautiful... Rationality, poise, even in the face of certain, looming death... Kehehe... It is exactly as I surmised. I can bear witness to the beauty of humanity here...

You hear his laugh here, and it sounds like helium being let out of a balloon.


I will watch your beauty until the very end...


Huh...? Is she in a bad mood?

Isn't she always?

Wh-What? Why...?

...Because Miu's there.


Since her research lab opened, she's been pretty excited to tinker with her machines...

Hm, I can totally see Miu bragging to Maki about that...

...And what about you?

No, not yet...

...I see.

I think Miu was bragging about her lab being open. But I don't think that would bother Maki since she seems so level-headed.

...I guess she heard something that she really did not want to hear.

Seems like she's alone...

Well, if it isn't flat-chested Kaede. What do you and your pathetic tits want?

...I'll just pretend I didn't hear that.

Y—Yeah. Actually, there's something that we want you to make... We found cameras and security sensors in the warehouse, and, ah...

As in, it would automatically take a picture if the motion sensor detects something?

The hell you gonna use that for?

Y-Yeah, exactly that. Please, Miu... We need your help to get everyone out of here.

Ah, okay. I get it now.


You plebs got a lotta nerve askin' ME for a favor!

Were you grubs in a past life? Is that why you don't understand basic human courtesy?


...Without thinking, my body moved on its own...

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

AUDIO: Bowing Down


I really want to get out of here with everyone! And to do that, I need your help! So...please! I'm begging you!


I'm begging you, too. We could really use your help, Miu. Please...

Wh-What the hell...? Quit bowing to me...

I'm gonna stay like this until you say you'll do it, Miu! I'll do it for however long it takes!

Wh-Who the hell uses bowing as a threat? ...F-Fine, I'll do it... Okay?

What!? Really!?


Thank you, I owe you! Even after we escape, I'll owe you forever and ever and ever!

My research lab in the garden just opened up, so... I...I was already thinkin' about...checkin' it out...

Oh! Sorry, I was just so happy.

But...are your hands always this clammy?


MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

I'll be waiting in my research lab in the garden!

Thank god... I'm glad we managed to convince her.

Let's go to the warehouse to get the cameras and sensors right away.

We'll be taking care of that next time.