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Part 181: Attack on Memory

VIDEO: The Seventh-to-Last Trial Video

The killing game we're in now is one that began with Hope's Peak Academy.

So this is the third game, after Hope's Peak and Jabberwock Island.

You're the Ultimate Survivor. You survived the last killing game.

Then...which killing game did Rantaro participate in?

I'm not entirely sure,'s clearly inconsistent, isn't it?

And the inconsistencies don't stop there. Kokichi's account is also suspect.

Kokichi's account is inconsistent, too?

We remember Kokichi as a Remnant of Despair... But I don't think that's true. He wasn't a Remnant of Despair.

He wasn't...a Remnant of Despair?

KEEBO: And Kokichi was their leader... If he was the one leading the Remnants of Despair...

So where's your proof he wasn't a Remnant of Despair?

The proof that Kokichi isn't a Remnant of Despair...

MONOKUMA: He caused mayhem the world over as the leader of the secret organization, D.I.C.E.

MONOKUMA: Anyway, Kokichi had ten loyal goons working for him. These goons were like friends and family... The most important people in his life...

And in addition to that, the group was only 10 people.

You mean...he wasn't a Remnant of Despair? That's...not possible...

Come to think of it, we never actually heard it directly from him...

But it's still not possible!

Kokichi didn't tell us because he wasn't exposed to that Flashback Light.


Hope...? Despair...?

If they'd been exposed to it, maybe we'd know the truth...

...Maybe it's better that they weren't.

I think the people who were affected by that Flashback Light were wrong...

Nyeh? What do you mean?

So the Flashback Lights are the cause?

You found the classroom that makes all the Flashback Lights...right, Shuichi?

Yes, and I noticed something strange about it.

SHUICHI: However, some of the memories were inconsistent with each other. One might say "there are survivors," but another would say "there are no survivors." Bizarre, right?

We're supposed to remember the truth that we forgot, and there should only be one truth.


The Flashback Light isn't for recovering lost memories, is that what you're saying?

Then what was it for?

What was it for, huh? Huuuh?


What are the Flashback Lights used for... Why can you select different memories... And what does it mean if those memories contradict each other? If I put all the pieces together, it'll all make sense.

SHUICHI: They were memories to be implanted inside us. That's why the contents of those memories contradict each other.

Not real. They were all false memories.

Oh! What a horrible truth! If the memories from the Flashback Lights are lies...

Can you believe it? It's like everything that happened didn't matter at all.

Well, that *is* what it means.


The bigger they are, the more fun and shocking it is when they're revealed.

The memories from the Flashback Lights...were just lies?

It's just as Shuichi said—the Flashback Lights are not for recovering lost memories. They're tools for implanting new ones.

The brain gets confused and thinks the info it just received happened in the past.

W-We were just...confused?

Fake! Hm-hm! You guys don't have anything to do with Hope's Peak Academy!

None of us were ever students there. It was just a fake memory.

We're...not students from Hope's Peak?

Yup, that was all fake.

I didn't originally plan on giving you those memories, but... I was in a rush and overlooked all those inconsistencies, so you figured it all out...

So that's why Kokichi had to die?

Hmmm. Good job, Mr. Detective... You got it.

The only reason we thought Kokichi was a Remnant was because of the Flashback Lights.

That was a lie he invented himself.

He wanted to be the mastermind... He wanted us to believe it... That's why he lied.


Which meeeans...the mastermind who snuck Monokuma onto the Ark is...


At the same time, having everyone remember Hope's Peak Academy...

You were using the Flashback Lights to control us!?

Then the reason I tried to kill Kokichi was...

But Maki wasn't the only one being controlled. You all were.

You all got so depressed, you couldn't even focus on the killing game.

Wait, make us recover from that, you...

So you all could face despair.

You...controlled us with that fake memory!?

Well, it wasn't just that memory. It was all of 'em up till now.

JUNKO: Everything from the Flashback Lights was just motivation to move you forward.

You idiots kept getting jerked around by meaningless lies!

This class trial was like that too, wasn't it? Why was it you were so motivated to do it?

Hey, what was it you guys remembered from it, again?

JUNKO: You remembered that you had all been entrusted with the world's hope, right?

Even though Kaito and Kokichi were gone, and Keebo started to go berserk...

You were controlling our emotions? Even our resolve to defeat the mastermind?

This is a killing game. A death game where emotions run like blood.

A-All the memories...were fake? Then...what was everything till now?

We cycle through a bunch of art screens from the flashback light segments.

HIMIKO: If they were all fake memories, then...

Yeah, who knows? My plans for mankind's last killing game kinda just fell apart.

So figure out why on your own. This is a class trial, after all.


...I don't know *who* you are.

Huh? What's not to understand?


If this killing game is connected to Hope's Peak Academy, then I believe you. This is certainly the work of someone carrying on Junko Enoshima's will.

Hajime is voiced in English by Johnny Yong Bosch, who rose from humble beginnings as the second Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to become one of the most well-known voice actors of our time. Some of his most prominent roles include Jonathan Joestar in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, Lelouch in Code Geass, Izaya Orihara in Durarara, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, and Rantaro Amami in Danganronpa V3.