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Part 182: Another Brick in the Wall

VIDEO: The Sixth-to-Last Trial Video

Huh? You know him, don't you? He was in the Jabberwock Island killing game.

Th-That's not what we mean. What are *you* doing!?

What am I doing...? I'm just cosplaying.


But it's not just normal cosplay! Cuz I can perfectly replicate the character!

Check it out! Even my voice sounds exactly the same!

Is Junko Enoshima also...

A number of characters?

How can she cosplay as students of Hope's Peak Academy!? Because Tsumugi told us...

Lately, some people prefer to cosplay as non-fictional characters, which is unforgivable...

It's so unforgivable that I break out in cospox if I even attempt it...

So then...what does this mean?


If what I said was the truth, then Hope's Peak Academy was...

If Tsumugi can cosplay as them...there's only one possibility.

I had the biggest fucking smile on my face when I realized where this ending was going.


The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History never happened... Hope's Peak, the Future Foundation, and the Remnants of Despair do not exist...

Because it's all fiction. None of it actually happened in the real world.


What!? What are you even...talking about?

What? You've never heard of Danganronpa? We're all...characters in it.

That's right! Me, that nasty pig barf, and everyone else are all fictional.

Nope! Cuz it's fiction! Doesn't exist in the real world!


Isn't that surprising!?

Yeah... Up till now, you thought fiction was fact.

This whole Danganronpa story was just stuffed into your memories.

For that reason, you all believed that work of fiction was, in fact, reality.

And that's how we put on a cosplay performance for everyone to see!

A cosplay performance of the whole wide, Danganronpa world!

This time, we cycle through a highlight reel of the first two games.

It'd be kinda lame if that was all the big bad mastermind could do...

I can do far more than that... I can cosplay the world itself!

So if you want to make me your enemy...


B-But...why? Why would you do this? Why make us think it's real—

This is the world of Danganronpa, y'know? No shit we're playin' the killing game.

But it's not just any killing game. It's a killing game that takes place in the real world, propped up by fiction.

But...if it's fiction... If everything...isn't real...

MAKI: The world fine, right?

How did you like that scene!? Our staff worked very hard on it!


There's no need to worry about the people backstage!

The world hasn't been destroyed.

Reallyl? It's not destroyed!? Then we can all go home and—

Nah, that ain't happenin'.


I told you that ain't happenin', you dumb sea urchin-headed...wait, that's me!

Monokuma, what's going on?

Do you really wanna know?

The walls of this academy are your world now. The outside world is of no concern to you.

Wh-What? Who are these people!?

They've all been watching this killing game transpire.

Of course, those you see here are only a fraction of our total viewers.

...Watching us?

So this was all a show... This whole killing game!

Yeah, everyone in this whole peaceful world watches this show.

Th—The outside world is p-peace itself. There's n-no despair or wars, a-and...

W-Wait, why would a peaceful world need a game like th—

It is so very peaceful... And so, it is so very boring.

With so much peace, people have become bored. They need stimulation...

We created this Ultimate Real Fiction so Danganronpa could fulfill that need.

CHIAKI: Everyone loves the killing games... This killing game is for everyone... So it's everyone's killing school semester.

We...we were forced to play...some fictional killing game?

What is this...?

Can't you tell? It's the title of the current Danganronpa you guys are doing.

A testament to the unquenchable thirst this blood-soaked world has for Danganronpa...

...What do you mean?

Huh...? How long has it gone on...?

Did you forget what season of Danganronpa this is? You guys are dumber than ants.

Shuichi...what do you think?


Mmhmhm... And if that's not enough of a hint, just feast your eyes below my belt.

What killing game is this...? What number Danganronpa is this...?

Then, this killing game is...

MONOKUMA: And now, we're in the 53rd season of Danganronpa!

What, did the letter in there throw you off? Well, I guess that happens.

It was supposed to be a hint... But...whatever... I'm over it...

Since this is the 53rd season, one would expect to see a multitude of characters...

But you only have memories from the first two, so you wouldn't recognize any others.

That's why I've limited myself to only cosplaying as Hope's Peak characters.

The 53rd Danganronpa...

Trapped in a fictional, Danganronpa-inspired world, and forced to play the killing game...

That is what the world desired from you.

So yes, I'm the mastermind! But the *real* mastermind forcing you to do this is...

ME! :getin:

The whole the real mastermind?

The reason I made this world... The reason you guys did the killing game...

It's all because the outside world wants it, you know?


Whaaaat? You don't know what that is? Is your brain leaking oil or something?

The ones managing this killing game aren't psychos like the Remnants of Despair...

They're literal managers! Literally!

That's the last one! We have a full set now.

Sorry I couldn't put that in the video. I recorded the trial without sound the first time and saved over the file like a dumbass.

Yeah! The company that makes Danganronpa is called Team Danganronpa.

You guys are behind in your studies! The audience knew the answer right away!

It's in the title credits at the start, too.

I'm proud to be a part of this longstanding SA tradition.

A collage of shots from the game scrolls by.

TSUMUGI: We make the finest killing entertainment! Everyone enjoys our work oh—so-much! And our newest project is... Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony!

You created an entire fictional make us do this fictional killing gamel?