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Part 185: The Hope V3 Demolition Project

VIDEO: The Third-to-Last Trial Video

Wow, this part would probably annoy me a lot if I didn't have Librarian's Glare.

I won't allow you to do that! I will destroy all your despair! Destroy it all...until not a trace of it remains!

We have to hit all of the weak points in once cycle or it doesn't count.

Huuuh? How's not giving up gonna help you, huh? Huh?

Even if you won't give up, as long as you don't sacrifice someone el—

I'll sacrifice myself.


Then they can...survive this absurd killing game...


After listening to Keebo, I've decided...

Even if you only feel that way cuz I wrote you like that? Just like with Kaito...

Even then...I'll choose that ending if it means I can kill you.

I hope video watchers are paying attention to the background comments scrolling by. Some of them are pretty funny.


Wait, Maki!

I'm sorry... I've already made up my mind.

What, indeed? I told you over and over there's nothing for you out there.

No, once the audience sees this ending, I'm sure they'll help us.

Everything is going to be okay! We'll definitely find hope—


I won't accept that hope!

Shuichi... What's the matter?

It's because of hope that this whole thing is happening!

Hope itself is the villain here.

We suffer because of hope.

Tsumugi isn't trying to make us despair...

So I say no! I reject that hope!

Tsumugi wants us to trust in hope? What does that mean?

The reason this madness has gone on 53 times...

It's because of hope.

It's because the audience wants hope.

It's Hope's Peak Academy all over again!

So if we fight for hope...

We'd just be giving them what they want!

And the killings will never end!

Shuichi...why...? Is this the power of despair? Or...

Nobody likes a doomer, Shuichi.

The people watching probably feel the same way... They want hope, too.


Even if it's fiction, everyone wants to feel hope... It gives them...courage.

And this killing game continues because we keep giving them the hope they want.

Shuichi, that's—


W-Wait! We're not finished talking!

Please...let me ask just one more thing. I have to know something, before we vote.

...What is it?

And you Tsumugi, the loser, will also be punished. Correct?

What kind of punishment will they receive? Please, tell me what it is.


That's right! The punishment isn't the problem right now! The problem is—

...everything would make sense.

Rantaro...? What does he have to do with this?

You know the answer, Keebo.



The final punishment... If it's the reason Rantaro participated in the killing game again after surviving... Then the punishment must be...


Yeah...I think so.

The punishment after the final to participate in another killing game.

...No matter what.

He sacrificed himself...and was forced to participate again.

All this means is...if we choose hope here, the killing game won't end.

Don't you see? If hope wins, the killing won't stop!

The killing game persists...because hope always wins?

That's why I'm going to reject that hope.

Then it's despair? You're going to choose despair to end the killing game? ...How boring.

After all, even if despair wins, the killing game still won't end.

Then...hope has to win this game, too.


When Maki said she was going to sacrifice herself just now, I thought...

Why do we have to feel that sadness over and over and over again...? Why do we have to bear that burden...?

SHUICHI: The pain in my heart is real! The sadness I feel when I lose the people I love is real!

Don't ask me why Kiyo's up there. Nobody invited him.

Fight...the outside world?

It doesn't matter what you do.

Then I'll fight the outside world from within this fiction.

From within this fiction... But, how?

Refuse to vote...?

Yes, I know. That's why I'm doing it. If this ends without a single vote being cast for hope or despair...

The audience would hate it. They'd never accept an ending like that...

I won't vote for Keebo! Or Tsumugi!

...Hope...won't end the killing game? If that's true, then this feeling that I must win for hope is...