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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 186: Ready to Die

VIDEO: The Second-to-Last Trial Video

I'll put a stop to this killing game!

You can't stop it!

I'll be out of a job!

Even if this is all fake...

It was rough for me too...

It's a death game. What the fuck ya gonna do!?

I reject the world that would make us do this!

Which is why I abstain from voting!

So this won't end in hope or despair!

You can't throw away your futures!

I mustn't give up on hope... I know that. But if hope continues to demand tragedy from us... What am I supposed to do...?

Keebo? What are you doing? Did your inner voice really tell you to do that? Did it tell you to reject hope?

But if that hope demands tragedy from us...


They get written into these killing games, forced to betray one another...

Well I've had enough of it. We're going to end this right now!

We won't let it end the way they want! We won't make a good ending or a bad one! To end this killing game...and end it forever...


... were right.

I'm weak. I'm weaker than everyone else... If I didn't have my friends, I'd be useless.

But it's because I'm weak and because I lost my way...that I finally realized.

Himiko, Maki, will you abstain from voting with me?


Abstain from voting...?

You can't do that. All three of you will be killed if you do.

It's still a sin to throw your life away. Even if your life is fictional.

Y-You've been fighting so h-hard to survive, but now you're gonna g-give up?

Such foolishness! To cast your life away is the height of stupidity!

I-I... I...

We're going to use our end this madness!

Use our lives...?

But, have to choose, okay? You can't look away. You can't back down. You have to choose.

We can put an end to these killing games that everyone out there wants so bad...

If we refuse to vote...

we all die.

Hope and despair, neither the victor...

No one would want an ending like that.

You would throw your life away for that?

That would be a meaningless death.

Our lives are our strongest weapons!

If we don't stop this killing game... These tragedies will just keep happening...

At this point I was getting tired and forgot that I wasn't supposed to keep lying, but I accidentally released the button early and gave the right answer anyway.

That's why killing games are fun, right? It's fun to see two lives clash, right?

So Tenko, Angie, and all the past victims can rest in peace...

Wh-What!? Suicide is suicide, no matter what your r-reason is!

Perhaps that thought is just another work of fiction, following along my outline...

It could be a part of my script, just like Maki falling for Kaito, y'know?



It's okay, Maki. Believe in me.

And believe in yourself, just like you believed in Kaito. myself?

All of that might be implanted as well... Just like my feelings for Kaito... Everything is fiction. A story written by someone...

It's all following my outline to a T.

That's Danganronpa for ya!

Even if it is fiction!

Their deaths have to be more than just fiction...

There must be something we can do!

You mean to live your lives for them as well.

We're going to use this fiction to change reality!

I'll end this killing game... I'll believe in my feelings!

This time I held the button down long enough and got penalized.

Even if my existence is a work of fiction... Just a piece of story written by someone... If we can change that reality, then it won't be fictional anymore!

That's right. If we can change reality... Then my feelings won't be fictional anymore...

If I can't believe in my feelings, then my existence will have no meaning.

If we can change reality, then we won't be just fiction...

We fought so hard to survive... Of course we don't want to die.

But it's not just about us. Everyone who died in the killing games felt the same way.

SHUICHI: For themselves... and for someone else. That desire...isn't fictional to us! That pain isn't fictional to us! To us, the killing game is real tragedy!

Like I told you, it's not going to stop. Cuz that's what the world wants.

Then we have to change it!

You don't believe in the power of fiction?


It may not be a physical power, but our wish will surely be received by someone. If fiction has the power to touch people's hearts, then that power can change the world!

Then it's decided... We all abstain from voting.

Are you serious?

Are you getting flustered? Your costume changes are less frequent now.

Do whatever you want with hope and despair.

We've already decided to quit this killing game!

I don't care about this fictional world...

That's right! This class trial is over! Now, start Voting Time—

The killing game will continue!