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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 187: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

VIDEO: The Last Trial Video

This game is gonna keep going!

And this class trial ain't over yet either!

Come on, even if we keep going back and forth...

I won't let it be Voting Time yet!

We're going to abstain from voting, we don't have to play this rigged game... I'm going to abandon the entire thing... I'm going to end this killing game.

I'm...abandoning this game. I won't play your game anymore, Monokuma.

Now start the vote.

Best Hangman's Gambit ever!


If you're going to complain...perhaps you should just stop watching.

Just give up already and start Voting Time.

All four of us will abstain from voting... So you'll be the only one who survives.

Are you okay with that, Keebo? Is your inner voice telling you that's okay? Does the outside world really want that!? Do they want Danganronpa to end!?




Keebo...what's wrong?

Haha! That's what I thought. the outside world's...decision!


Isn't that right, Keebo?



Keebo! Get a hold of yourself!

That's not possible. The Keebo you see there isn't the one you know.


It's cuz he did such a silly thing that he's feeling the audience's anger now.

What do you mean? What's happening to Keebo?

Since Keebo kept defying the audience, they took a vote and decided...

His personality was erasedl?


H-How cruel can you guys be? How long are you gonna play with our lives!?

But that's the decision of the outside world.

That's what they said.


So it doesn't matter how much you fight. You can't change the outside world.

Wh-What did you say?

So do you still want to throw your lives away? Even if it changes nothing?


Gh... Nrgh...!



The audio quality on Keebo's lines is significantly degraded.

D-Don't say that! You survived this far!

I'm...sorry... I could not fight with you...until the end... But...your choice is not wrong... The

So, please...use me...t-to change... To



Keebo! Stay with us!


That makes me sad, too, y'know? He was a character I created.

But this is the end. The outside world rejects your decision.

So no matter how you use your lives, it won't change anything.

Keebo gave us this one chance!

If Keebo is doing what the outside world is telling him, we just have to convince him...


You can even...change the world.

You're going to throw your lives away...for those who have died?

Even if we die, it's not the end!

Our friends who died...gave us their love. And we changed because of that. If we can inspire change in others, then that love will live on.

That's why...I'm going to change the world. As long as I have their love, I will change it!

Th-That's right! We're not gonna just be fiction!

Shuichi, you can change this world.'re Kaito's sidekick.

There's no can persuade them like that.


This is when Mean difficulty stops fucking around.


Maybe, but I don't think Kaede would have gone with the program either.

On this playthrough, this triple-beat formation gets me every single time.

You ever repeat a word so often that it starts to lose its meaning?

Normally it's these couplets that really trip me up, but for some reason I was totally prepared for them this time around.


Even a "no miss" compilation of all the A.A. segments in this game missed in this final part.

At the end, these button-mashing prompts barrage you until the segment ends, one way or the other. You WILL eat shit if you've only been mashing one button up 'til now.

What...just happened?



The outside world won't let Danganronpa end.


Puhuhu... I think hopeful Keebo should vote for despairing Tsumugi, without a doubt!


I don't know if it's possible to vote for someone here, or if it would lead to a bad ending. Maybe if I need more Monocoins I'll give it a shot later.

I-I didn't vote. That was the right thing to do, right?

The three of us might be penalized for abstaining to vote...but what's going to happen to Keebo and Tsumugi?


Then what about Tsumugi?

If she had cast one vote for Keebo, then it would be a tie, but—

Oh, there's no need to worry about that. I didn't vote either.


That's not it. We're friends, aren't we? There's no way I'd abandon you guys.

Puhuhu... I turned over a new leaf. I'm not lying. It's the truth.

So since the four of us abstained from voting, only Keebo's vote counts...

So in other words, the winner is hope.


But Keebo said earlier that he'd sacrifice himself and take the punishment, right?

Hold it! Why are you punishing Keebo?

If Keebo survives, then there's no need for him to be sacrif—

It doesn't work like that. He needs to follow through on his words.

Th—That's not fair! Are you twisting the rules againl?

Maybe it's a bit forced...but that's fiction for you, right?


Well, since I didn't vote, I'll be killed with you guys...

But I'll accept my death.

Even if it's just fiction, I gave my life to make it.


Hope has won but the lone survivor, Keebo, remains trapped...

Now he'll challenge the killing game anew. Will he be able to grasp true hope...?

Yeah, an ending like that can work, right?

It's plain to see you're a hack.

But...this is bad. At this rate, our deaths will be meaningless!


Well, we already know the outcome, but we should follow protocol...