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by Solitair

Part 189: School's Out Forever

We strongly recommend that you save the game.

After I save, the game hangs on the start screen, unresponsive, until...

VIDEO: The End

MAKI: ...Yeah, somehow.

HIMIKO: I-I'm sort of stuck here! me out!

Nyeh...I'm saved...

We made it...

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

Hey, how were we saved? Why are we still alive?

Ah... Yeah, why are we alive...? I wonder...

The killing game is over... The class trials are over... And the fictional over. So then...where are we?

What's left for us here?

NEW MUSIC: Killing Game Completion Ceremony

Where we continued to hope... And they continued to torture us... The outside world. 53 times, hope moved forward. 53 times, the suffering continued. The world on the other side of the fiction, the real world.


So, what do we do now?

We didn't think of a plan for what to do after. I thought that was the end of us back there.

But we survived. ...And that's the truth.

But...I don't get it. Seriously, how are we still alive? When this world destroyed itself, I thought we would go down with it.

Keebo probably saved us.

He made sure we didn't die.

There's no point in us escaping to the outside world... We're just fictional characters... Did Keebo save us...because he was acting on what the outside world wanted?

Nyeh? For us to live?

That's right. In addition to ending all this... The outside world wanted us to live...

So, come on, everyone. Let's head outside. With confidence.

A peaceful world with no fighting and no despair. That's what Tsumugi said, right?

Yeah. Ah...if she wasn't lying.

Remember...the last thing Tsumugi said?

What does that mean?

What indeed...

Ah, well, I have some theories.

Maybe Tsumugi was just basing her performance on them.

So Tsumugi lied about this whole world being just fiction?

No, I don't really know for sure. She might have been lying when she said "copy."

But if she were telling the truth, would make sense that that was a lie.

What do you mean, "that"?

What Tsumugi showed us... The way we were when...we first arrived.

Mm-hm! Looking good! Now you look more like Ultimates.

Ultimates...? Really?

Next up, the memory youse all been waiting for.

Hell yeah! Get ready! Once the seal is broken, we'll be in the domain of the killing game!

You mean...we were selected!?

We got picked!? Really!? Alright!

Wh-Whoa, really!? I'm selected for it, too!?

We forgot everything about our old selves after that first Flashback Light, didn't we?

That's what Tsumugi said, but...something's been bugging me about that. Even if we were obsessed with this killing game, I still can't believe we would participate in it. I just... I don't believe it.

One of Kaito's hunches, huh?

Anyway, there's no way for us to check when we all applied to the Academy, right?


What? We can't check?

MAKI: Perhaps just beyond here is the truth... But, maybe it isn't...

HIMIKO: Maybe it's all still fiction in that world, or... Maybe Danganronpa still continues in that world, or...

Well...if we can get out from here, we'll know for sure.

Yeah...but I feel like...there's not too much meaning in truth and lies...

Nyeh? What do you mean?

I mean that...even if something is a lie, even if it's fiction...

SHUICHI: But those things changed us. And we were able to change the world. So it doesn't really matter where the truth ends and where the lies begin. If lies can change the world just as well as the truth can... Then lies...are just another way of telling the truth.

Yeah. That's what I believe.

Then, we need to see for ourselves whether this fictional world has changed the outside world. And what we can do from this point on...

You're right. We can't stay in this fictional world forever. It's already over. We gotta take all the experience we earned in this world and go on to the next.

Yeah. Let's go. We'll see what this world gained, and what it lost, and all the rest. Let's find out, together.

To the other side of this world... To the other side of fiction... Let's find out, together. It's what we could accomplish.

Good luck getting jobs in this economy.

Was this to change the world? If it was able to change even the smallest thing...