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Part 19: Warehouse: Songs & Stories

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

She seems like the kind of girl to change her mind suddenly...

I'll go get them. You can wait here.

Oh, are you sure?

But we won't be attending classes here. We're getting out of this place!

It doesn't matter, though. Because we're getting out of this place.

But we haven't had a single P.E. class yet, so I'm not sure if we'll ever use this.

I picked one up to see if it was as heavy as it looked...and it was. The athletes who have to hurl these things are pretty impressive...

Oh, Shuichi. Done already?

Yeah, I've got the cameras. I think three should be enough.

That's all they had. But they work, it should be fine. There's also photo developing solution here, so we don't have to worry about that.

Well, if you're fine with them...

Yeah... Three cameras should be okay.

When this sensor picks up movement...

We should get three of these as well...

As huge as this warehouse is, I didn't expect it to have security sensors in stock.

I only have my music sheets and a spare vest, so there's still lots of room inside.

Alright... Let's go talk to Miu.

As I took the three disposable cameras from Shuichi—


MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

...Will these cameras really work? Even if we take pictures of the mastermind and persuade everyone...

The mastermind could just smirk and order the Exisals to attack everyone.

Can we really protect everyone with this plan? Will we really be able to escape this place?

Shuichi was already at the door of the warehouse, waiting for me.

...Oh, sorry!

I shoved the things I was holding into my backpack, and ran after him.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Oh, you mean the large building in the garden at the bottom of the stairs...

Hm... Up until now, our research labs have just been normal classrooms...

All one of them.

Well...that seems alright, doesn't it?

Huh? Did we promise to meet up?

No, nobody promise... Gonta thought, everyone come here again. Like yesterday morning and morning before that.

Oh I see... So no one met up in here this morning.

Does this mean everyone wants to go their separate ways?

Kirumi make Gonta breakfast... Then she leave to clean dormitory.

She's cleaning our rooms? Has she been doing that since we came to this place?

Sorry, I can't right now...

No, that's not it! I promised to meet up with Miu, that's all!

Oh! Sorry! Gonta act selfish...

Gonta stay here little longer. Maybe someone else come.

Morning. What are you doing?

It's nothing all that important. I'm just checking something.

Checking something?

It just plain stands out. It makes you curious, right?

Actually...I was a little curious about that too.

It bothers me when there's blank squares on the map, so I walk into every trap at least once.

Ah...what are you talking about?

Oh, sorry. I was talking about games.

It's just the nature of mappers. Rather, it's more of a curse.


That's why I can't leave stuff like this alone. It'd make me feel just plain awful.

I know that feeling well.

Umm, I wonder what this thing's even for...

I couldn't sleep well last night... It took all my courage just to use the bathroom... But I guess people can overcome their fears when they're really forced to...

So she was holding it in...

Huh? What's going on?

Angie is trying to brainwash me and Himiko with her Atua nonsense!

Wha-Wha-Wha!? Are you saying...Himiko...of all people... ...believes in Atua over magic!?

Well...both are hard to believe.

It's just...strange to me that Angie isn't afraid of tomorrow's time limit...

Nyahaha! Because Atua has already welcomed me into His kingdom!

Huh? You don't believe, Tenko?

The only thing I believe in is Aikido!

I'm a mage... I don't need to learn any priest spells.

I see, I see! Well, I suppose that's okay for now.

And the nonbelievers always come around eventually...

Cuz Atua is always with me! Nyahahaha! How divine!

Nor will Himiko, either!

That's your reason?

Himiko! You should believe in Aikido over Atua!

That's a pain too...

By the way, about our talk yesterday... Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

I saw Miu run over there earlier. She was all sweaty and had a total creeper smile.

Right after I knocked, the door violently swung open.

Oh, looks like she's back to normal.

O-Okay, it's just these, but...

I took out the three cameras from my backpack and handed them to Miu.

Are disposable cameras too difficult to modify for you?

Huh!? Do you ask bird-watchers if they know how to gawk at dumbass birds!?

Ah, here are the security sensors...

I was thinking...the camera could be triggered by the security sensor. As in, if the sensor detects movement, the receiver goes off and the shutter activates. That's how I'd like it to work, if possible.

What are you gonna use that for?

I'm going to set it up on the moving bookcase. That way, we can keep watch from anywhere as long as we have the receiver with us. If someone moves the bookcase, the receiver will let us know, right?

Oh, I see.


I wrote down the details here...

And a third camera that will trigger the sensor receiver as it automatically takes a photo.

...How soon do you need these?

Did she just reveal some of her kinks to us...?


...Kaede, what's wrong?


Honestly...when I first met you, I didn't think you would be that reliable...



I need to make sure I don't forget to do anything important.

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