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Part 191: Songs in the Key of Life

It's a bit odd to see Kaede as someone Shuichi can interact with, isn't it?

I think this whole reality dating show is throwing me off. But of course, I definitely prefer this over killing each other...

I can't remember if I've actually tried this before.

I really like these kinds of things. Do you enjoy them too, Shuichi? It would make me a bit happier to know we like the same things.

Oh, god... I think I said something embarrassing just now.

I kind of follow the trends? I don't know anything about classical.

Where did Shuichi's hat go this time? :iiam:

I guess that's true. Normal high school boys don't listen to classical music...

Yeah. He's pretty famous, so I've definitely heard of him.

Chopin composed many solos, and was even referred to as The Poet of the Piano. That title might mean nothing to you at first, but you'll get it once you listen to his works. He always performed at concerts.

Of course! I personally enjoy Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15, or also [sic] known as the Raindrop prelude.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of Chopin... I played the three Waltzes, Op. 34 in front of a king before.

Yeah, some European king. He had to keep his identity a secret.

He saw my performance at an international competition on the news, so he came to Japan.


But he looked like your average Joe. Nothing like a king out of a fairytale.

I don't think a king would like to be called an "average Joe."

"It is as if a god dwells within your fingers!"

He knelt down when he said that! I was speechless!

I...don't know how to respond to that.

Yeah, sorta. A representative of Juilliard, famous pianists... I was really nervous back then. Like, what were they gonna tell me after? But in the end, I performed my usual way and hoped they enjoyed it.

Hahahaha! No way, Shuichi! I'm an ordinary high school girl who just happens to be a Piano Freak.

I don't think such important people would come to see an ordinary pianist.

One day, you're gonna get famous people requesting you to solve their cases.

Ah, no, probably not...

Nobody ever moves from their spot for the duration of DST. It's a bit uncanny, but I appreciate nothing getting in the way of me milking more scenes.

If that's the case, then I'll teach you. don't need to feel bad or anything, okay?

When I teach, I notice my own bad habits on the piano... I still have a lot to learn.

Headphones can get pretty expensive. Really hoping the pair I got with my stimulus money lasts me at least five more years, if not ten.

Whoa! Can I really have this!? Thanks, I'm so happy right now!

You really know what makes me smile, Shuichi. But, I guess *you* would know what I like!

Oops, sorry! I just got super excited!

What is it?

A piano duet?

Oh, right. You don't know yet.

You can do that?

Of course, since a piano has 88 keys!

Now that she mentions it, I suppose pianos are pretty wide...

I want you to know more about the piano! That's why a duet with you would be perfect.

Huh, what's wrong? Is there a problem?

I-It's just... It would be such an honor to perform with you, I don't know...

Whatever! I'm just a normal high school girl!

Everyone's like that in the beginning! You gotta try new things anyway!

Okay, let's start practicing. Sit in front of the piano, Shuichi.


Now, put your fingers on the keys.

Like this...? this?

Bend them a little more. Pretend you have an egg in your hand.

I'm gonna touch your hands, okay? So you know how to play in the correct form.

She's so close... Touching me... Soft... Warm...

What am I thinking about!? I hope she hasn't noticed...

Okay, just like that. Make sure only your fingertips touch the keys.

I-I'm sorry! I'll do it right this time!

Well, you're pretty motivated now. I'm happy to see you so interested.

Good...she doesn't think I'm weird.

Hehe, you look so relieved all of a sudden. It's not like I'm gonna scold you or anything.


Ah, aren't you a little...too close?

Am I? But if I'm not close to you, then I can't guide you.

Th-The hands are fine... But, ah... Your face...and other things...

Oh my god! I am super close to you! S-Sorry!

Hahaha... I was so focused... That's why people call me Piano Freak...

It's just really hard...

Really? I was able to do this right away. It's so hard giving lessons to someone else. Maybe I'm just a horrible teacher...

But this will be a good experience. I'm learning from you, Shuichi.


Kaede was so close to me the whole time, I had trouble focusing... But now I know why they called her the Piano Freak.

You think so? No, I'm not that good... you're just a great teacher, Kaede!

Well, the great Kaede Akamatsu is saying you can, so be more confident!

...Kidding about the great part.

Haha, yeah, thanks. I feel a bit more confident now.

There are a bunch of people who have taught themselves and went a long way.

So you'll be fine, Shuichi! Since I'll be here to teach you everything.

She'll be here...

I guess I should explain this phase of DST while I'm here.

You can buy casino coins from me! It'll cost ya a bunch of Monocoins, though!

This takes you to the exchange menu.

I thought I had 1000 coins, but now I'm down to zero...! I'll just have to sell Monodam at a pawn shop...!


If you don't know which prize to get with your coins, I recommend the Monomergen—C! It'll give you one additional block of Free Time to use during the day!

...Why does it do that? I dunno. It's beyond me...

If you earn coins at the casino, you can exchange them for prizes! You can also get Date Tickets by earning coins here, too!

Each night, you will get the chance to play one of the games on the right...

...or about ten spins of the slot machine, not including bonus games.

Not to worry, though. The dating sim items are dirt cheap and easy to stockpile.

This won't be necessary if you prepare, as I do.

There's also maybe two opening lines each student gives you in this mode. I won't be documenting those as much as I did in the main game.

Now all we need is a smashed violin and we'll be in business.

Shuichi...I'm just so ecstatic! I thought I had been the only one looking at you, but I guess you've noticed me, too.

I think that, gave me such a pretty gift.


Then, let's start!

I feel like I'm getting a lot better!

Definitely! I honestly think you have the talent to play the piano, Shuichi. If you practice more, you might become the new Ultimate Pianist!

Ah, I don't know about *that*... And besides, this is just practice.

We should focus on getting out of here together. I wanna escape already so I can get to know the other students.


This might...sound weird, but...

What's the matter? You can tell me.

Um, but if it's something hard to answer, then that might be a problem.

How can you be so optimistic?

You're always talking about cooperating, and working together, and not giving up... I'm just amazed every time you talk like that.

Well, no, I suppose it's easy to *talk* like that...

But I know that you truly feel that way inside.


Kaede...looks troubled.

I'm sorry, I guess it was weird.

I was just thinking about how I could explain it to you. Since my feelings come from actual expefience.

No, not that. There's no way I could've been in this kind of situation in the past.

Well, in my experience, music has always reached other people's hearts.


I told you this before...

Everyone's faces light up from my performances. I can smile with strangers who I had just met a minute ago. Even if we don't speak the same language, we can bond anyway through music. I think it's because we can see other people's true personalities through music.

Yeah...I suppose that's true, Kaede.

I wanna see more smiles from people, so... I plan to do all sorts of things. Classical music is my main focus, but I wanna do a performance with pop music.

Wouldn't it be super fun arranging music for famous games or movies? I can compose the songs however I like and then hold a concert! That would be cool.


Really? You think so?

Absolutely. And I'd like to come to that concert.

I'll definitely invite you! I'll send you the first ticket!

I—I just told you my dream... Hahaha...that's embarrassing... I can't believe you got me to blurt out my secret, Shuichi!

I wasn't prying or anything... But I'm glad she told me.

Whoa! Can I really have this!? Thanks, I'm so happy right now!

You really know what makes me smile, Shuichi. But, I guess *you* would know what I like!

Then, let's start.

Ah, done already?

Yeah, well... Whenever we see each other, we play the piano together, right? It feels like I'm forcing you to do this...

No way! I'm having lots of fun!


Okay! Then, let's do it again! Since I told you my secret, you're gonna have to tell me yours!

Because I've decided! We're talking about you today!

We are...? Kaede's so pushy today...

Well, if you want me to... But what should I talk about?

Hobbies? Um...

Huh!? You have to *think* about your hobbies!?


I remember helping out with the detective business...

Mmhm, I see. Detective work is your hobby...

From my backpack.

Ah, I see...

So your hobby is being a detective... Then, we should enjoy being that today.


Being interrogated might be good experience! It'll be useful next time you're in action!


Yup! So now, next question! What's your favorite food? Meat? Veggies? Fish?

Juicy meat...

Hmm, that's a pretty typical boy answer. Can you eat a giant steak in one sitting?

Ah, well...

Althooough, you don't look like you can eat a lot of meat... But I shouldn'tjudge...

Healthy vegetables...

Vegetables? Are you worried about your calorie intake?

A little bit... I'm not athletic, I gain weight easily...

Hmmm, I see... So you're that type...

Fresh fish...

Fish, huh? I prefer fish over meat, tool We're so alike!


Then, I guess I shouldn't worry about our compatibility...

Next question! What's your favorite place?

That's a pretty broad question, I don't know if I can answer that.

Oh, right. about...

The movies, I suppose.

Movies, huh? I see... By the way, what's your favorite genre?

W-Well, I'll watch anything, but... I can never get into love stories.

O-Oh, I see... Well, it's a bit too fast to watch a romance movie with just two people anyway!

The amusement park, I suppose.

Amusement park, huh? You're pretty outgoing.

Ah, I get that a lot. But being a detective is mostly about gathering information, so...

Mmhm. I see.

Whatever they pick, I suppose.

Hmmm...that's gonna be a problem...

Huh? Why?

Nothing! It just means you're less likely to make a move, right?

What are you gonna use those notes for?



A secret!

Don't worry, it won't be used for anything bad! I won't show these notes to anyone else!

Detective Kaede Akamatsu is just gettin' started! Tell me everything ya know, punk!

This item is surprisingly popular with almost everyone.

Oh! I was just thinking about getting one of these!

I can't believe you already know what I like, even though we just met... Well, that's a detective for ya!

Yeah, let's do it!

They are, of course, playing Clair de Lune.

When I was first learning, I didn't quite get it. But feels nice. I played the low notes while Kaede played the high. Together, we played a melody. Of course, my playing didn't compare, but Kaede carried me. Perhaps that's what gave it a magical sense of unity. At first, I was so focused on Kaede sitting next to me that I couldn't focus... But as we kept playing, it got easier. It felt perfectly natural. It's like Kaede and I...have become one.




After we finished playing, we remained sitting beside one another, basking in it.

You're amazing, Shuichi. I can't believe you've improved this much in such little time.

N-No, I'm not...

No, that isn't quite what I want to say.

The beauty of playing the piano? What do you mean?

It's so fun to play. I understand why you get entranced by it.

Right? Even though it's just us here right now...

Someone might hear and it'll make them smile! That's when you know it's worth it!

I know that this is an...abnormal situation... But I'm still so glad that I met you.

"I had a great teacher who showed me the beauty of playing the piano."

S-Shuichi... I can't believe you said something so embarrassing.

B-But... I'm...glad I met you.

While I was teaching you, I was reminded of how great pianos are... And I started to realize myself what I can do on the piano.


Of course, where else?

W-Well, it's just that... I mean, going to your house is...

I wanted us to perform our duet practice on my favorite piano, so you could hear it!

Ah, that's what you meant! I'm sorry, I misunderstood.

But...I also wanna talk to you, and watch TV with you...

You know how I said I wanted to become closer to you when we got out of here?

And...if it's you...I feel like we could get to know each other a lot more...

Does that...mean...?

That's why...




Which is why we're going to we can hopefully grow together.

Yeah, you’re right.

I think that's because we have such a strong bond between us. But when we get out of here... I might want to take this even further...

You've learned a new skill, Piano Duet.

Kaede and Rantaro's skills are in an awkward position because you have to beat the game first to access them. This one might be useful if you had to start on a lower difficulty and want to go back and do it right, but even then, the button-mashing in Debate Scrums isn't exactly the MGS1 torture scene.

Kaede's Undergarments posted:

Kaede's favorite panties. A basic and popular pink color with modest lace.