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Part 192: Avocado Baby

Well, if you're gonna spend time with someone, it's better if it's someone you get along with. I'm glad. I feel the same way.

You've got something pretty interesting there. Where did you find it?

Oh, you're giving it to me? A present?

That's so sweet. You're being so nice to a guy that doesn't even know his own talent...

Why were we brought here?

I'm...not sure. They told us this was a school, but I have my doubts.

Even if this *was* a school, it makes no sense to have a bear robot for a headmaster.

That is true...

Ultimate Robot...I never could have seen that coming. Guess anything goes. Maybe my talent is something really obscure too.

Yeah, it's a real pain...

Everyone else remembers their talent, but why can't you remember yours?

Maybe...I don't want to remember.

Maybe I was brought here unwillingly. Maybe it was a mistake and I don't really have a talent.

I mean, that's not impossible, right?

We're similar. I'm called the Ultimate Detective just because I happened to solve a case... Now that I think about it...

but you do remember everything from before you came here, right?

Yeah, I remember that stuff. I wouldn't have been able to introduce myself otherwise.

Well then, tell me everything that you remember. There may be a hint in there.

I can't believe I didn't think of that. I guess I'm more shaken up than I thought.

Uh, where to begin... If I started at my childhood, this will take forever.

How about your favorite things? Perhaps your hobbies? People become Ultimates by devoting themselves to their hobbies and honing their skills.


Traveling is my hobby. Actually, I travel around the world by boat.

On a boat! Whoa, that's amazing!

Haha, no no, I'm not the amazing one, my dad is. I just freeload on his boat. I' do I put it...?

I sorta take my parents' boat and do whatever I want.

Oh man, I sound like a spoiled brat, don't I?

No, not at all... I'm just taken aback. I've never met a "rich kid" before...

Globetrotting like that, you make a lot of connections, y'know?

Maybe you're something like the Ultimate Rich Kid or Ultimate Traveler.

As far as rich kids go, there are plenty of people out there who are richer. And "traveler"... I dunno, that sounds a bit too romantic for me.

Ultimate Useless Older Brother sounds a lot more up my alley.

"Useless Older Brother"? What do you mean? You have siblings, but—


Really, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have even mentioned it. Forget it.


With the conversation stalled, I returned to my room.

Haha, no, I guess that couldn't be it... Maybe you're here to ask me out...

I wonder when I'm going to remember what my talent is... At random times, I feel like I'm just about to remember... Like now, for instance.

Rantaro looks like the kind of guy who can never have enough piercings.

Did you get me a present? Aw, you were thinking about me...

I guess you thought I'd like this kind of thing, based on how I dress. Haha, I love it. Thank you.

Is something bothering you? We can talk about it if you want.

I'm just...worried, Rantaro.

Worried? What about?


I told forget about that.

I'm sorry, but I can't. What did you mean by that?


...Who cares about that?

Hey, do you want to talk about my talent? I still can't remember what it is!

I can tell you more about my hobbies, if you'd like to hear.

...There's that smile again. It's a warning. He doesn't want me to push.

Y-Yeah, of course...

You said traveling was your hobby, right?

Yeah. Before I was brought here, I was traveling in Northern Europe.

Northern Europe? I imagine it's something like a fairy tale.

Haha, yeah...

Although, the people... They seem friendly, but when you get down to it, they're pretty aloof.

If the environment is harsh, perhaps the culture developed that way as well.

Yeah, something like that. Like there was one time I was trying to get some information... I was suspected of being an informant or something. Almost got taken out.

But South America? That's where you have to watch out. There are a lot of shady areas. But it's not all bad. You can get whatever you want, if you're willing to take some risks.

Take some risks...?

Oh, don't ask. If I told you, your life would be in danger.

Welp, that's just how things played out.

Just how it played out, huh?

Rantaro...I feel like you and I have a very different definition of "travel."

I think about relaxing and touring scenic locations...

Hey, I go sightseeing too. I travel to see *everything*, y'know?

I suppose that includes all of that "danger" you mentioned earlier...

What's it?

Your Ultimate talent! You disguise yourself as a high school student traveling around the world...

...A spy, huh? Hm, no, I don't think so...

I mean, if I were a spy, I wouldn't have told you my identity. Or gotten caught like this. Besides, I couldn't be anything cool like that, look at me. I'm just a regular guy.

Rantaro is always smiling. It's a gentle, friendly smile.

Something wrong?

No, it's nothing.

But right now, I feel like that smile is a wall...

But this looks really valuable. Are you sure you want me to have it? I'll get you something special one day, too. I have some pretty rare things myself.

That's not just my detective's intuition talking. If he were just traveling the world, he wouldn't get into so many dangerous situations. Perhaps it's none of my business, but...

Shuichi? Something wrong?

I see... Well, thank you for showing me so much concern.

But honestly, I just have no idea. What kind of Ultimate could I be, after all of this?

Maybe I don't have a talent at all. Maybe I'm here by mistake.

Ha, I guess if I was mistaken for someone else, I'd be the Ultimate Unlucky Student.

That's not a very nice talent to have...

Hahaha, yeah. I think I'd pass on that.


What? Oh, sorry. I just started thinking about why I'm even here......

I...can't stay here, Shuichi. I don't have time for this.

It's the same for all of us.

...Yeah, you're right about that. No one has the time to be stuck in a place like this.

This might be some kind of experiment.

You mean, this place is like a research institute?

It could be. It looks like a school, but perhaps it's a lab designed to look that way.

So, a facility designed to study Ultimate talents... One that was taken over by Monokuma. Yeah, that seems plausible.

Hey, you really are the Ultimate Detective! I could use intuition like yours.

It certainly doesn't seem like a school.

Yeah, but...we've known that for a while. Come on, Ultimate Detective, I'm sure there's more to it than that. I thought you'd have an idea by now...

Ah, s-sorry...

Nah, no need to apologize. Can't exactly make deductions without more information.

It's like a game.

A game... Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. I remember this one game where you have to escape a room by solving puzzles. I didn't win. It was too hard. I gave up. Hey, when I get out of here, maybe I'll use this experience and try again.

I can't... I can't afford to just be stuck in here...

By any means necessary, I would do anything...

I need to get out of here. Or else l'll...never reach...


May I ask...what it is?

...Do you have any siblings, Shuichi?

Huh? Siblings? No, I'm an only child...

I see. Then you wouldn't understand.

Why is he so standoffish? And why did he bring up siblings...?

Ah, well, don't have to face this alone. We can do it together.


Can you guess why Rantaro needs this?

But this looks really valuable. Are you sure you want me to have it? I'll get you something special one day, too. I have some pretty rare things myself.

I couldn't get Rantaro's words out of my head. I needed to talk to him, but...

...Can I help you?

I'm just checking in...

Then I'd rather be left alone.

B-But. isn't something troubling you, Rantaro?

...I'm fine. I don‘t want people worrying about me.

I couldn‘t leave you alone.

...What? can't be serious. Come on, Shuichi. save that line for the ladies, huh? l...don't know how to respond to that, coming from a guy...

Ah, s-sorry...

Look, I'm glad that you‘re thinking about me, but really, I'd like to be alone.

But...I don't want you to be all alone, Rantaro.

I want to help you.

Help? What for?

What for? I just want to help you, Rantaro... Do I really need a reason?

Guess you don't really have a reason. In that case. I'd like to be alone. please.



...*sigh*, alright, alright. You win.

Maybe that's why I told you so many things without thinking...

You mean the Ultimate Useless Older Brother thing?

...Yeah, exactly.

Ah, so you have a little sister.

But you've been trapped here. There's nothing you can do about that.

No, it isn't that. This is from before I ever came here...

From before?

Back then, my little sister and I got along really well... We were together all the time. Well... Well not really, uh... What I mean is, she would always follow me around, and I took care of her, y'know?

It was my first time on a boat. I was bouncing off the walls I was so excited. When we docked, I wanted to go on an I snuck off the boat.

But I didn't notice. I didn't see her. I was so busy exploring, y'know? My separated from me somehow, and...she never... She never came back.

My parents told me it wasn't my fault, but a big brother is supposed to protect his sister. But I couldn't do that... I couldn't... I'm a failure as a big brother...


Everyone tells me that it's impossible, that it's too late now... But until I see her with my own eyes, I will never stop searching for her. No matter how long it takes, I'm going to find her. She's waiting for me. I'm not going to stop until I find her, Shuichi. Never.

You're still searching, after all these years. You're the Ultimate Big Brother.


That would really be something...if it were true......

Hey, it's alright with me if you don't wanna talk about anything in particular. I'm just happy that you wanted to spend time with me. That's sweet. I would be upset if you only came to me when you wanted something.

You've got something pretty interesting there. Where did you find it?

Oh, you're giving it to me? A present?

That's so sweet. You're being so nice to a guy that doesn't even know his own talent...

Well, actually, it's more like I have a favor to ask. A big favor.

A big favor? That makes me kind of nervous...

No, it's okay, it's nothing bad! I only ask because I trust you, Shuichi.

You trust me?

That I'm not a bad brother, that I'm the Ultimate Big Brother... really surprised me. I thought that if I told you about my sister, you would tell me to give up too. That's what anyone would say, right?

I was really surprised by that, but also...really, really happy. So, thank you.

There's no need to thank me, Rantaro, I was just being honest.

Keeping all this stuff bottled up inside is just too stressful, y'know?

...Anyway, I guess I have a sister complex or something, huh?

Maybe my talent is Ultimate Sister Complex.

We've already got one of those, remember?

Hahaha, yeah, you're right!

Rantaro dazzled me with his smile. This wasn't his usual smile, the one he puts on to separate himself from others. This was a genuine smile. In that way... I saw Rantaro smile for the first time.

Detectives investigate runaways and missing people, right?

Yes, we do... Ah, I see!

Haha, I knew you'd know what I was thinking!

You want me to find your little sister...

I feel like you're exactly what I need. We can find her, Shuichi.

I'll do my best.

Yes! That‘s awesome! Thank you so much. I'm counting on you!

B-But. I'm still an apprentice. you shouldn‘t rely on me too much...

Haha, come on, Shuichi. you're makin' me nervous!

It‘s alright. Shuichi. I promise. I'm not relying on you *too“ much. We're a team. We can help each other. right? If we stick together, we can do anything!

Are you sure? I'm not a real detective...

You don't sound very confident...

...I'm still an apprentice.

...So? That just means we're equal.


I'm an Ultimate Big Brother! So let's go, two apprentices, teaming up! Between the two of us. we'd add up to one pretty dependable person. right?

Ah...I suppose that's true. Okay.

Ah, the travel expenses...

I can't even imagine how much it would cost to travel around the world...

Oh, that's what you're worried about? Don't worry about that. Shuichi! If anything, consider it like...your reward.

Ah, okay! That would be plenty.

Please, stay by my side...untiI the day I become a real Ultimate Big Brother.

Of course I will, Rantaro. I look forward to it.


Oh! You must have misunderstood. I have *twelve* sisters.

Yeah. That story I told you, that was just my *youngest* sister. I mean, most of them are step-sisters, but they're real sisters to me, y'know? In one way or another, I lost all twelve of them, around the world... I think it will take me a lifetime to reunite with all of them.

Hey, you can't back out now! Besides, Shuichi... I'd circle the globe with you as many times as it takes. Even if it was the rest of my life.

I never expected this would happen...

But Rantaro trusts me. And I want to keep my promise. I want to keep this bond between me and Rantaro...forever.

You've learned a new skill, Viability

This description is a lie. Viability actually reduces the Influence damage you take instead of increasing your meter. It's like that last Great Fairy upgrade in Ocarina of Time, if you got it after beating Ganon.

Rantaro's Undergarments posted:

Rantaro's favorite boxers. At first glance, they look simple, but once you touch them, you can tell they're made of high quality material.

With all free time events complete, we get one last piece to our collection:

Shuichi's Undergarments posted:

Shuichi's favorite underwear. Don't assume the plaid pattern represents culprits or detectives, or anything of the sort.

While I was doing the LP, I wondered to myself if I give everybody enough gifts they liked to see all of their events without repeating a gift. Barring that one regift, I managed to pull it off! Presented above is the only present that I didn't use, except for stuff that unlocks bonus scenes and ungiftable souvenirs. Only Rantaro will accept this as a good gift.