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Part 195: Love Lockdown

Before we get started, let's see what happens if we repeat Shuichi's "Nuh-uh!" tactic from Chapter 6.

Shuichi wasn't able to seal the deal...

I dunno. Celebs who've fallen from the public eye... Artists whose projects get canceled...

They knew the risks of pursuing their dreams and failed anyway. So they should take responsibility for that failure, right?

B-But, it's not my fault, I didn't choose to come here...

You should've spent more time working on your love game, instead.

At any rate, I dunno what's gonna happen to you from this point. Try to escape or give up and kill yourself... Do whatever you want!

Well then, see ya later!

...This academy is now under Monokuma's control. But, that's why... I can't escape the despair. I know I cannot possibly escape by myself... If Monokuma is gone, then...

This is how my days at the academy ended... ...No, it won't end... It won't end until I die. The ending that will never end. I await with open arms.

Oh, you like Project Moon games, too? :v:

Let's actually raise some values this time. For some reason Kaede's got a headstart. I found out quickly that you actually need about six more hearts to get to the top, not five, so this chart's not being entirely honest with us.

Asking someone on a date costs a Date Ticket and gives you a choice of five locations. There are three sets of choices for each location.

For instance, this is the first choice available for the Dining Room. I've elected to show off the three or four most interesting events for each person, even though they're not the events I did to max out my relationships.

Let's drink something posted:

No, I'm not that thirsty. But I'll tag along if you wanna drink something...

It seems like that didn't go well...

The four possible result types are best, good, bad and worst. This is a bad result; it gives you no hearts.

Let's bake something posted:

Shuichi, you know how to bake snacks? That's so awesome, mister baker! detectives need to know how to bake?

Hmm... I guess I should practice something other than just the piano.

I think this conversation went well.

A good result gives you half a heart, basically a consolation prize.

I'm not good at cooking... Well, I guess more like...I never get the opportunity to cook. I wasn't allowed to cook in case I injured my fingers, since I'm a pianist...

With you standing next to me, I know I'll be safe!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

A best result gets you a full heart... I think. Because of aforementioned lying chart, I'm not sure if the results I looked up are accurate. I know which choices get which results, though.

It's been awhile since I had this much fun doing something other than the piano!

If you want...let's hang out again.

I want to know more about you, Shuichi... L-Let's walk back to the dorms together!

This is what Kaede says after every best date.

Good date with Kaede posted:

Well, that was enjoyable! Why do I have so much fun hanging out with you? Maybe you know how to make it fun for other people, Shuichi.

Okay, let's head back to the dorms.

Bad date with Kaede posted:

Ummm...I'm a little tired. Sorry, but I'm gonna head back now.

Worst date with Kaede posted:

If I knew this was gonna happen, I would've played the piano by myself instead... I'm gonna head back first...

This is the third choice in the library. Sometimes the options change depending on who you're with; the book of piano photos is unique to Kaede.

I want to scream really loud! posted:

Huh? Y-You wanna scream?

It's fine with just us here, but you shouldn't do that around other people, okay?

Even at concerts, some people clear their throats in the middle of a song... And then the whole performance gets ruined.

Um, sorry.

It has nothing to do with you, but just remembering it made me sad...

It seems like that didn't go well...

Picking this option is almost always a terrible idea. Most students react worse than Kaede does here.

Let's make a tower of books posted:

Um... I don't think it's a good idea to use a book like a toy...

But I guess it's better than having it all scattered on the floor.

Do you wanna race on who can stack the fastest?

I think this conversation went well.

Ooh! A photo collection of pianos from around the world! I think pianos are works of art.

They have complicated structures... And they're delicate and beautiful... The piano sounds different depending on where it's placed and who plays it!

I could look at these pictures all day!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Here's the second choice for the gym.

Let's play basketball posted:

I'm scared I'll sprain my fingers, so I'll pass. It's not like I can go to a hospital here either...

Damn, this is awkward...

Worst results are like bad ones, but more humiliating.

Ah, maybe we should take off our clothes...? posted:

Huuuuuuuuuh!? What did you say!? Y-You're so...

I feel like you should say that *after* you take me out to a date...

Wait! What am I saying!?

It seems like that didn't go well...

Oh, it's pretty important to stretch before a performance. If you don't stretch before an intense performance, you can injure your fingers.

When we do our duet later, I'll show you.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

The soda icon indicates that you've used a Monomergen-C, which you'll automatically do at the start of a day if you have one. It allows you to do three things on a day instead of two.

I wonder what's wrong? Kaede looks deep in thought...


Huh? That voice just now. Is that...? Is that Kaede's inner thoughts...?

Once per playthrough per character, you have a chance at triggering this instead of a normal date. Despite what you may have heard, it's not required to max them out; I managed to avoid Miu's Harmonious Heart entirely when I was raising values, and triggered Ryoma's twice.

God, this always happens... I'm always thinking about the piano...even when I'm with Shuichi, of all people! I'm so rude...

If only I were better at focusing on what's in front of me...then I wouldn't be in this mess...

*sigh* This is why everyone calls me Piano Freak...

Two bullets and two weak points. Each combination gives you one of four results. Sadly this isn't as charming as a Nonstop Debate; the camera keeps panning the same way, often cutting off the text, but "Sing the Empty Truth" is a very melodramatic music choice and I am amused by this.

Affirm: Piano Freak posted:

It is true that you're always thinking about the piano...

Yeah, and I can't help it...

And it's not good to put others in a bad mood, you know... If I knew this was gonna happen, I should've stayed in my room alone instead...

No, not at all, Kaede.

If someone did the same thing to me... ...I'd feel so horrible. It's the worst thing you can do...

Damn, this is awkward...

There's got to be a better way!

Affirm: rude posted:

...That is true, I suppose it doesn't feel good to know your mind is elsewhere.

You're right... I already know that... But before I realized it, I was already thinking it...

*sigh* If I'm going to be so rude, then maybe I shouldn't be with anyone...

It seems like that didn't go well...

Deny: rude posted:

No, that's not rude at all.

But you wouldn't like it when you're with someone who's not paying attention...

I know that you love piano, Kaede. I would never tell you to stop thinking about the thing you love.

...Thanks... But I'll try not to think of other things when I'm with you.

Kaede, really...

No, I'm serious. When I'm with you, I want to focus on our time together.

I think this conversation went well.

You're not a "piano freak," Kaede.

I play the piano whenever I have any free time...

I'm okay with that. But I think about the piano when I'm with someone else...

Even if that's true, I don't mind. Actually, I'm a little jealous that you have a skill that you can put your time into. I think of it as another thing that's amazing about you, Kaede.

...I'm glad I met you, Shuichi.



Anyway, let's do a duet again! I'm gonna be stricter than usual!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Nobody will notice or care that Shuichi somehow read their mind.

When someone comes to you, it doesn't cost you any time or tickets. If you're trying to get everyone to max, there's no reason not to accept an invitation. But for LP purposes, Rantaro can wait his turn.

Honestly, all of Kokichi's date options are varios karats of gold, and it kinda hurt me to narrow them down.

Watch a documentary on criminal organizations posted:

Watching documentaries like these makes my heart ache... Why can't these people ever think about giving, instead of taking from each other? The world could be so peaceful if people just changed themselves... That makes me so sad...

...Even though you're the leader of an evil organization?

Damn, this is awkward...

Watch a documentary on bugs posted:

Wow, Shuichi. You made an awesome suggestion! I've always wanted to understand Gonta more!

A decent human such as myself can't fathom why anyone would like these creepy things. You feel the same way as me, right Shuichi? You and I really do get along!

I think this conversation went well.

I truly respect police officers. They fight the bad guys for their country, but the public blames them anyway... It's really weird to me that people don't respect the police more.

This is the most horseshit thing that Kokichi will ever say.

Y'know, that's why I respect you too, Shuichi. Both detectives and the police aim to find the culprit. You take on such an unprofitable and boring job... Shuichi, you're really amazing.

That's not exactly a compliment, Kokichi...
Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Exercising after a meal posted:

Are you a health nut, Shuichi? That's pretty useless, so let's not. We're trapped here for the rest of our lives, so there's no point in being healthy.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Drinking coffee after a meal posted:

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Why would you say something like that when you know I hate coffee!? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

...'kay, I feel better now. All that crying made me thirsty... I'll have some coffee, please.

I think this conversation went well.

Well, you're still a boy after all. I'll tell you something good then. Even though she doesn't seem like it, Tenko's actually a super perverted girl!

There's a reason why she's mean to guys. People call girls like that...tsundere. So if you're feeling horny, then you should definitely try to go for Tenko.

There's a time and a place to lie, Kokichi...
Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

I thought I would've enjoyed hanging out with you, Shuichi. But I was wrong...

...Just kidding! I had a lot of fun, Shuichi! All thanks to you! I'm totes surprised!

Let's head back to the dorms together.

Good date with Kokichi posted:

Yeah, I had a pretty good time. I don't have to be nice to you, so it's really easy to hang out with you, Shuichi.

Welp, let's head back.

Bad date with Kokichi posted:

Hmm... You need some more practice, Shuichi. Practice for what, ya say? Practice to entertain me, that's what!

Soooo, I'm gonna head back alone.

Worst date with Kokichi posted:

I'm pretty hated among people, but when I'm with totally outmatch me... I've never met anyone so inconsiderate of other people's feelings, until you...

Welp, this is awkward. I'm gonna go now.

Let's burn this place to the ground posted:

Does this mean you're ready to do evil with me!? You really wanna join my organization!? Then, you're more than welcome! You'll be my right-hand man!

Huh? That was a lie? No way...that's so mean! Deceit is the most sinful act in the world!


By the way, the crying's all fake. But I really do feel betrayed.

Damn, this is awkward...

This is another obviously bad option. Only Himiko, Angie and Kiyo don't hate it when you say this.

I'll just watch you... posted:

So you're just gonna watch me exercise? Um...but why? If this is a joke, then it's a bad one. Don't ever say it again, okay?

It seems like that didn't go well...

Yaaaay! I was just thinking about playing dodgeball with you, Shuichi! That way, I can take out all my pent-up anger on you in a perfectly healthy way!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

I want to get outside as soon as I can... posted:

Really? I don't think someone as socially awkward as you should go outside, y'know. You should just stay where you are. In a lukewarm environment. There's probably no way to escape from here anyway, so it's pointless to think about it.

It seems like that didn't go well...

I've gotten used to being here... posted:

That's true, now that you mention it. The only inconvenience is being trapped here... Everyone here's pretty weird. But if you look past that, then they're alright.

...I've been thinking lately. Maybe I got to where I am today just to live with everyone here.

...I'm lying, of course.

I'm not so sure... He's lying about lying...
I think this conversation went well.

Yeeeeah, I guess. It's not exactly home sweet home, but it'll do. Maybe I can retire from my organization and stay here for the rest of my life...

That's probably better for the world too... O-kay! I've decided! I vow to never leave this place... for the good of the world! But you have to stay with me, Shuichi. We gotta be trapped here together forever, okay!?

He's lying...right?
Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

What should I do... If I wanna become closer to Shuichi... I probably shouldn't lie so much...

But that's my shtick...or more like, my way of life... Maybe I should stop lying altogether... Wait, that's a little...

Oh, I know! What if...instead of me changing, Shuichi changes instead! Somehow...

I'll get him to love lying!

Deny: love lying! posted:

I don't think it's possible to condition yourself to enjoy lying...

Wh-What...? Does that don't wanna get along with me?

Ah, no, that's not what I mean...

How cruuuuuuel! I just wanted to be your friend!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! You're a monster, Shuichi!

...You're faking it, aren't you?

Well, I still think you're a monster. You're so close-minded. Don't get your panties in a bunch from a couple of lies.

Damn, this is awkward...

Affirm: stop lying altogether... posted:

If you just spoke to me honestly, I think I could understand you more, Kokichi.

Huuuuh? Honestly, I don't really wanna get along with you if I have to give up who I truly am.


I don't feel like you're worth changing for. What, did you think you were the kind of person that others would change themselves for? If so, then you're pretty arrogant. Change that way of thinking.

It seems that it's impossible to get Kokichi to stop lying.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Deny: stop lying altogether... posted:

I can't imagine a Kokichi Oma that isn't a liar...

Weeeell... I knew you would say that.

But I'm a weirdo! When someone tells me to stop, I just wanna do it more!

With that said... I'm gonna resign from lying! From this point on...I swear to the sun that I won't tell bad lies, or even good lies, anymore!

I don't even have to challenge him on that, I'm *positive* that's a lie.

I think this conversation went well.

I'll never tell you that I love it...but perhaps I can learn to tolerate it.

...I didn't realize how small your determination was, Shuichi.


You hate lies for such a petty reason... I'm so disappointed in you!

...That's a lie too, right?

Nee-heehee... O-kay, I guess you're starting to get me pretty well, Shuichi. I'm so glad I met someone who can truly understand me.

Wow. Maybe I was born into this world just to meet you, Shuichi.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Let's go to the bathroom posted:

T-True... It'd be hell if you had to go during the movie. Uh...

I can't allow that tragedy to happen again...

It seems like that didn't go well...

We should focus on reality, not movies posted:

Oh, I was thinkin' the same thing! Personally, I'm somethin' of a realist! I mean, the entire world is depending on my genius inventions!

If I chose movies over reality, reality would turn into a sobbing mess!

I think this conversation went well.

Hah! You would say that, ya fuckin' choad! But think about it for half a second!

You got a busty beauty standin' right here! A real woman is way better than a fake one! D-Don't tell me you get off on the fake shit!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

I had a great time! It was crazy fun!

You better rack your brain tryin' to figure out where we'll hang out next! Well, I'm sure the two of us will have fun no matter where we go!

Okay...I'm lookin' forward to our next hangout session...

Good date with Miu posted:

I gotta admit, I think you actually managed to entertain me today. Feel free to use your memories of today to help ya do what you gotta do!

Hah-hahaha! Man, I'm hungry! Wanna head back?

Bad date with Miu posted:


That was alright, I guess. I'm still feelin' frisky, though... I guess I'll head back.

Worst date with Miu posted:

I'm gonna give it to you straight—your performance was lousy today!

Well, I guess this is the best I could expect from someone like you!

This is boring... posted:

What? Are you...bored when we're together?

Uhhhh... And I thought we were about to go on a date... Was I the only one...gettin' revved up?

Damn, this is awkward...

Let's read manga posted:

Hmph! That's actually not a bad idea, virgin! After all, comic books played a key role in my sexual awakening!

Alright! I'll tell you exactly how it happened! And I ain't sparin' a single sordid detail!

So I'm at this Chinese restaurant with my family and I find this comic book, see? At the time—

Is this a story to be telling in public!?
I think this conversation went well.

Do all uncut losers think about pervy shit all the time, or just you? At this rate, you'll start gettin' turned on around bitches in heat!

Who am I kiddin'? I bet you've already jerked off to a dog at least once!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Let's go for a run posted:

Huh? I don't wanna run.

Asking an inventor to exercise is like asking a sumo wrestler to put the chopsticks down! This is why you'll always be a virgin! Cuz you don't even know basic shit like this!

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's get some fresh air posted:

Huh? Why would you wanna suck air? Wouldn't a virgin like you rather suck on these titties than suck air?

Oh, I know! How 'bout I make you an an air purifier that makes the air taste like my musk?

...That'd be the opposite of an air purifier.
I think this conversation went well.

Ohhhh... I know what you're plotting. You got a thing for tan girls and you wanna make me more your type, huh virgin!?

Guess I got no choice! I'll get so tan even the night sky will be like, "Damn, you're dark!"


Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.


Damn it, what should I do...? Why did I think up this invention? I really, really, really wanna make it...

But I'm pretty sure he'll be creeped out by this one... Maybe I shouldn't go through with it... But... I think Shuichi will understand...

No! I want Shuichi to understand! I don't care what anyone else thinks, as long as he understands!

But if he's creeped out...!

Affirm: creeped out posted:

I can't make any promises...

Urghhhhh...! I thought you of all people would understand, Shuichi...

F-Fine! If that's how you're gonna be then I won't make it!

Damn, this is awkward...

Deny: as long as he understands posted:

Why do you treat me special, Miu?

Huh...!? Because you're my...


Hey! Apologize to the world! If I lose my motivation due to shock, the world would never recover from the loss!

It seems like that didn't go well...

Deny: creeped out posted:

I don't know what you have planned, but I think I'm prepared. I've built up a tolerance to it.


Hah-hahaha! You're right! It'll take a lot more to break our relationship, right!?

Alright, then I'll tell you my idea for my next invention! It's called the "Fapometer!" It's a device that'll tell you exactly how many times someone has jerked off!

That's not so different than all the other inventions... But if it makes her feel better, that's good.

I think this conversation went well.

If you care about me that much...then of course I will, Miu.

The name of my latest invention I'm workin' on is... The "Pervjector"!

It analyzes the user's subconscious perverted fantasies and projects them onto film! Once it's finished, you can be my guinea pig! Then again, I already know you're into tan older ladies with big ol' titties!

I am!?

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

We're making progress.