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Part 196: Love Lockdown (Reprise)

Let's drink something posted:

Well, actually, I'm not particularly thirsty, so... Haha, come on Shuichi, you're a detective. Shouldn't just be guessing!

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's bake something posted:

Shuichi, you have a sweet tooth, huh? No, well, I don't dislike sweets or anything. I can make some, no problem.

It's just...well, the two of us guys here... It's a little embarrassing, that's all.

I think this conversation went well.

Oh, that sounds nice! Believe it or not, I'm actually a pretty good cook. I've picked up quite a few recipes from traveling around the world.

If you'd like, I'd love to make you something. Think of it as a gift from me to you. What's your favorite? I can make anything, so let me know if you have any requests!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Rantaro Umami :rimshot:

It's just a feeling, but...I feel like if I spend some time with you, I can remember my talent.

I don't really have any proof of that... Just take it on faith, yeah? Alright, let's head back to the dorms.

Good date with Rantaro posted:

I was able to relax a little, thanks to you. I'm also a little bit surprised that I had such a good time in a place like this.

Alright, you wanna walk back to the dorms with me?

Bad date with Rantaro posted:

Okay, that was...a little weird. Sorry if I was awkward or something. ...I'm gonna head back.

Worst date with Rantaro posted:

...I'm kind of tired. ...I'm gonna take off.

This is boring... posted:

You think so? I actually really like places like this... But, if you don't like it... We can go somewhere else.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's read a dirty book posted:

Hahaha, oh I get it! You *act* cool, but you're a pervy little boy underneath, huh? Nothin' wrong with that...but that's for when you're alone in your room, yeah?

Oh, don't worry, Shuichi. I won't tell a soul!

I think this conversation went well.

Now that sounds good! I love a good manga. It can't beat the real thing, but it's fun to feel like you're on an adventure, right?

Hey, Shuichi, do you know any good ones? Let's share our favorites with each other! I'm interested in what kind of manga you like. Let me guess...detective stories?

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Staying here forever wouldn't be so bad posted:

...You're not serious, are you?

Damn, this is awkward...

I've gotten used to being here... posted:

Well, don't get *too* used to it, Shuichi. We aren't staying here forever. When we get out of here, we're going to travel the world to find my family. ...Don't forget that, okay?

It seems like that didn't go well...

Yeah, I know what you mean. This place...isn't our future. We don't belong here.

Let's get out of this place. No matter what.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

My Ultimate talent... Why am I the only one who can't remember...?

No... Maybe... I have no talent to begin with... Or maybe...

It's a talent I don't want to remember. Welp, no point agonizing over it... I can't just force myself to remember something. All I can do is wait...

Affirm: talent I don't want to remember posted:

A talent you don't want to remember... Like, say, a criminal one?

...Yeah. I wouldn't want to turn out to be, like, the Ultimate Pyromaniac or Ultimate Murderer.

It could be a talent that would cause significant problems around here.

...So what is it you're trying to say?


My talent could be something dangerous. You know it, I know it. But the person most afraid of *me*. So I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't say things that make me worry more, okay?

Damn, this is awkward...

Affirm: to begin with posted:

That's true... That's another way of looking at it.

...So that's how the Ultimate Detective feels about it, huh?

Ah, no, I was simply pointing out...

I know, I know... But... Just the possibility... Going through something like this is rough.


I'm sorry, I shouldn't have even brought it up. It's just...dumb. Forget I even said anything.

It's that smile again... Like he's pushing me away, he doesn't want me involved... It seems like that didn't go well...

Deny: to begin with posted:

No, that can't be the case.

...How can you be so sure? Not even a reasonable doubt?

We were chosen by Monokuma because we have Ultimate talents. It would be too peculiar to have just one person with no talent involved.

Well, that's true, but... ...Hm.

I wonder why...I'm trying so hard to convince myself I don't have a talent. Haha... Guess I've always been a little negative. I still have a long way to go, after all. I just have to wait for my memories to return.

I think this conversation went well.

A talent you don't want to remember... Like, say, a criminal one?

What if I erased my memories on purpose because I was a murderer or something...?

No, I don't think that's it.

But how can you be *sure*? You can't say that so casually...

I'm sure because I know you. I've only known you a short time, but I feel like I understand you, Rantaro. From what I know, you aren't someone who would commit cold-blooded crimes.

That's my conclusion, as the Ultimate Detective. ...Isn't that good enough?

...I'm sorry.


No, I guess I'm not "sorry"... I'm...grateful.

The Ultimate Detective is on my side. That is definitely good enough. Thank you, Shuichi. Guess I'll just stay positive and keep waiting for my memories.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

If you run out of choices in a location, you just do something generic there and get an automatic Good result.

We should focus on reality, not movies posted:

You only think that because you don't know how horrifying reality actually is. If you had experienced the same things I have, you wouldn't be saying that.

Damn, this is awkward...

Every single choice with Maki has a Worst option. It's very in keeping with her character.

I might fall asleep... posted:

...Okay, I don't mind if you sleep. I'll just go back if you do.

It seems like that didn't go well...

...So like a building block game, huh? That's not bad to do. It reminds me of times back at the orphanage. Playing House... Playing in the sandbox...

If I could go back in time and see myself, I'd tell her something. I would tell her to play more...a lot more...while she still has the chance...

...Kidding. You're a good listener, so I ended up talking about myself a little too much.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Thanks... Because of you, I forgot about work and the other negative things.

You're a really weird guy. Let's go back to the dorms.

Good date with Maki posted:

...That was a good way to pass the time. When I'm with you...time just flies by.

Want to head back to the dorms?

Bad date with Maki posted:

...I'm tired all of a sudden. I'm not that good at spending time with someone...

...I'm going back first.

Worst date with Maki posted:

I thought I would be able to forget all my bad memories if I spent time with you......but I guess I was wrong.

Well then, I'm going back.

Getting horny after a meal posted:

......Do you want to die?

Damn, this is awkward...

Drinking coffee after a meal posted:

...Sorry, I wouldn't know that. I don't get sleepy after eating, so I don't need to drink coffee to stay awake.

Also, I don't like anything bitter.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Yeah, extra weight wouldn't do me any good if I got too slow for work. Although...I don't really eat meals with a lot of fat to begin with.

For work as a detective, do you lose or gain weight? I imagine if you want to put on a disguise, you'd need to change your body physically.

Haha... Sorry. I pictured a fat imposter version of you and it made me laugh.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Let's dance! posted:

Okay, let's something I would never say.

If you want to dance, then you should invite someone who wants to. I thought detectives were good at profiling people.

Let's relax in the sun posted:

...I don't mind, but I'll pass for today. I'll get soft if I become too relaxed.

...You think the same thing, right? Life here seems too peaceful, but it's fake... A bloody life is waiting for me outside...

...Sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

It seems like that didn't go well...

...Really? I'm tired of looking. I want to see other sceneries. If I could, I'd want to go to a foreign country...

If there was some way for me to quit this assassin business... When that time comes, I want you to travel with me.

If it's you, I know I'll be fine even if we do get caught in a weird incident.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Whoops, forgot that I didn't get Maki's HH event on the first pass, either.

Why do I still remember this...? Maybe I do regret it after all... But I had no choice... I had to kill them... Anyway... If I keep thinking about this, it'll affect my work... I just need to forget about it...

*sigh*... I wonder if they hate me... But there's no point pondering about this... Of course they would... They're dead.

Deny: need to forget about it posted:

No. Never forget her. I'm sure that she wants you to remember her too.

...What? How can you even understand anything I'm going through? ...Your sympathy is annoying.

Damn, this is awkward...

Affirm: they hate me posted:

You're talking about the friend you killed, right? I don't know about a grudge...

...I don't need you to tell me that. If I was her...I would hold a grudge...

Don't say anything so unnecessary.

Maki turned her back to me and stayed quiet.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Affirm: need to forget about it posted:

Some things are better to forget. The memories...are too painful.

No matter what I do, I always remember......the friend I killed.

The girl who was the daughter of the yakuza leader?

Yes... I bet she has a grudge against me...


...Sorry, forget it.

But, I feel a bit better after talking about it. It's the first time I told someone.

Then everything is gonna be okay, Maki. I hope I can do something to make you feel better.

I think this conversation went well.

I don't think so, Maki.

Her life was taken away. Of course, she would hold a grudge.

But she was your friend, Maki.

Yes... Even if it was for work, I killed my friend.

But that doesn't mean that she holds a grudge against you. Even if you killed *me*, I don't think I could blame you for that... Isn't that part of being friends?

...You really are...

...No...forget it.

But when she turned, I think I caught her smiling.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

The two that fall in love can graduate... It seems that wasn't a lie...

At the end, everybody you maxed out is available for one last scene to wrap up their relationship with Shuichi.

This is the last day we'll spend at this academy... This school life was crazy, but now that I think back on it, we had some good times.

I'm definitely happy, but...I'm sorta disappointed... I just kept thinking about...the worst possible situation.

Yes...but I'm glad nothing happened. Actually, believe it or not, right now I'm almost glad I was brought here.

Huh? But why? Did something good happen?

A lot of good things happened. I met you, Kaede...

...You say really embarrassing things so easily, Shuichi...

Ah, y-you think so?

A-Anyway, do you still remember? You know...about coming over to my house?

Of course. I was thinking about going over for a visit as soon as we get out.

Then, you remember what you're doing once you come over, right?

What we're going to do at Kaede's house...

The correct answer is always the one on the bottom, and incorrect answers loop back to this selection, so for once I don't have to check a text dump to see the outcome.

I wanted to introduce you to my parents, too... But that wasn't it. Also, meeting my parents...might be a bit too fast...

Th-That's true... Sorry.

That was wrong. What was I going to do at her house?

We never talked about that! The piano at my house is my partner! I would never give it to you!

That was wrong. What was I going to do at her house?

Yeah, we played a lot with the piano here, but I want us to play on *my* piano. I want to see how well we can sync our timing...our breathing...

I want you to listen to the sound of my piano.

I'm sure that a piano *that* important to you makes a beautiful sound, Kaede.

It's not like it costed a million dollars or anything, but the quality is still top-notch.


Wh-Why are you quiet all of a sudden?

Ah, I was just thinking about how happy I was to meet you, Kaede. If I never met you, I never would have found the beauty of piano... I would never know how much fun it is to play or the richness of its sound... I'm so happy that you showed me those things, Kaede.

But I'm not done yet.


I haven't taught you all the amazing things about the piano yet! I'll be your tutor and teach you everything!

We have all the time in the world now...


We have all the time in the world. Once we're free. And I want to spend every second of it with you. There might be bad times, sure... I know that it won't always be easy. But I know...that I'm looking forward to my future with Kaede. And I know that she feels the same way. We may not have said it in words, but...I feel like we didn't need to. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

You've acquired a new theme, "Love Across the Universe."

I'm relieved to see this option here. Can you imagine having to play this mode fifteen times?

I thought there would be at least one or two murders...

Nee-heehee... But I'm so glad nothing violent happened.

...Is that a lie?

Who can say? I've been lying so much lately that I can't even tell what's true or not anymore.

Oh, yeah... Do you still remember our promise, Shuichi?


Y-You forgot... How could you...? But we swore to each other... Y-You're lying, right!? You remember it, don't you!?

The promise I made to Kokichi...

Yeah, that! You have to work under me for free as a member of my secret organization—

No, wait! I never promised anything like that!

Oh. Do you remember then?

Phew, that was close. The real promise was...

So, you actually remember. Yeah, you promised you would lose in a game. And after that, I would get to kill you.

Wait...didn't I win that game? You forfeited.

Booooring. You totally remember.

Phew, that was close. The real promise was...

Welp, I guess you remember.

A liar to the end, huh Kokichi?

If I don't have lies, then I don't have anything else! My body is made up of 70% lies!

That's...not exactly something to be proud of.

But hey, my lies never bored you, right?

...I don't want to admit it... But that is true. Because Kokichi kept lying and never clued me in on his real intentions... I felt like I was being drawn in, always wanting to know more.

I suppose I was in the palm of your hand until the very end...

Hearing those words from you tooootally made lying worth it! Since I lie to entertain people!

That's a lie too, isn't it?

Who knows? Well anyway, let's keep this relationship going even after we get out of here.

Even after we get out of here?

Because you don't actually know anything about me, do you? You wanna get to know the real me, right?

Then you should stay by my side.

I want... I want to know more about him. Where do the lies end and the truth begins? What about him is true? What about him is not true? To find all that out...I shook the hand extended to me. He can lie about a lot of things... But he can't hide the warmth of his hand. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

It felt too long, but at the same time not long enough...

Kh! Can't believe I'm actually feelin' sentimental about it!

So you're capable of feeling sentimental?

Psh! I'm a superpowered, hi-tech, augmented human who even makes Keebo nervous!

She's never going to give this up, is she?

Still though, so much has happened... I got to meet unique people... Not as unique as me, of course, but still... I got to make new inventions that made me frightened of my own abilities...

And also... I got to, Shuichi...


O-Oh, do you remember? When you received my also received a special right.

The "special right" was...

Hah-haha! You do you, Shuichi! If you wanna wear 'em, I don't mind! Hell, I'm actually kinda shocked you haven't worn 'em already... Everyone knows a perv like you wouldn't let my warmth go to waste!

..."Everyone" knows this?

A-Anyway, don't tell me you seriously forgot the right you received.

The "special right” was...

Hah-hahaha! What're you gettin' bashful about? If you can't say it with your top head, want me to ask your bottom head!?

Th-That's...not necessary...

Alright, this is going nowhere. The "special right" was...

Alright! Good on ya for remembering! Want me to give ya my bra as a reward?

...No thanks.

We've gone on dates all over this academy but it's still not enough! There are so many more places I wanna go with you! Too many to even count!

Yeah, well, no matter how many dates it takes, I'll keep going until you're satisfied. matter how many dates we go on... I...I...I'll never be satisfied...

...What do you mean?

Huh!? Y-You're seriously asking me!?

I-I'm sayin' I wanna be with you forever... That's my story...and I'm stickin' to it!

Miu and I embraced. The hug was warm and sweet, for Miu anyway... We felt each other's hearts beating so fast... Our relationship began in fiction...but our beating hearts are real. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.


Well, actually, I......

I remember my talent!


I know the timing sounds awfully convenient, but it's true! Maybe Monokuma triggered something when he said we can leave. Or maybe not... But whatever it was, I remember it now.

So, what is it?

An adventurer.


Rantaro had finally discovered his talent, but it brings up further questions...

Haha, okay, I don't blame you for having a reaction like that. Even I'll admit that it sounds like something straight out of a manga.

Y-Yeah.. It's not really something I'm familiar with...

But I really am the Ultimate Adventurer. I was given the title of Ultimate during one of my journeys.

I was traveling through the Savanna when I came across a remote village. Apparently, I helped research a rare disease that only affected the people there. I started to get famous after that, traveling the world. Before I knew it, people were calling me the Ultimate Adventurer...

...That's a lot to take in... I don't how to to react to that.

Haha, yeah, I was surprised too. But I guess adventurers can be a pretty big deal. I met a ton of other adventurers during my journeys.

As adventurers, I'm sure they're quite a unique group of people.

Absolutely. A kid with white hair who was trained to be an assassin from birth... An adventurer who used chains, trying to hunt down his people's stolen eyes... A tall man obsessed with card tricks, with a star tattooed under his eye...

An old man who became young again after drinking from a fountain, only to die from lightning shot from a wizard's penis...

Even an adventurer who was trying to pick up girls in a dungeon.

...Now I'm even more confused.

Haha, I can see you're surprised! Your reaction makes all this worth it. But y'know, remembering my talent doesn't change who I am. We're still friends.

Oh, you remember!

Yes, how we're going to travel around the world together. I am the Ultimate Detective, I never forget a case.

Well then, Mr. Detective, let me ask you this! Do you remember the reason why I wanted you to travel with me?

...O-Of course.

The reason Rantaro asked me to take his case...

...And here I thought you never forgot a case, Shuichi. Besides, I remember my talent now. I wouldn't need you to take that case.

That was wrong. Rantaro's case is...

That's kind of true, but that's more of a bonus than the main goal. Besides, exploring the world isn't exactly a case for detectives.

That was wrong. Rantaro's case is...

...Yeah, that's it. Other people just shrugged me off, but you really understood how I felt. You didn't tell me to give up like everyone else. That's why I wanted you.

...Let's find your sisters, Rantaro. I know we can do this, together.

Yeah, weirdly enough, I do too. Somehow...I *know* that we can find them, as long as we're together.

It's gonna be quite the journey... But we're up for it, right, Shuichi?


I know that one day, that hand will be able to hold his sisters'. We're going to find his family. All of them. I will do whatever I can. That buried deep within my heart. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

I thought there wouldn't be anything to do trapped in here...

...But you were here, so it was fun.

Yeah, I actually had a lot of fun too. We didn't get to spend a lot of time together, but I'm glad you lightened up.

......You're quick to say embarrassing things sometimes.

Ah, was that a weird thing to say?

...Forget it.

Anyway...I begin my assassin work again starting tomorrow... ...I feel a little depressed thinking about it. But I guess there's nothing I can do.

That's true... Even when she leaves, she isn't returning to a peaceful life. She's returning to a world of blood and contract killing......

...What's wrong?

Ah, nothing...

Are you feeling sorry for me? I already told you—I don't need your pity.


I said it too, didn't I? If you have time to pity, then you can be doing something more productive.

What did Maki say I could do for her?

...I already told you that's impossible. Even if my organization disappeared, I would be forced to work in a different one.

That was wrong.

What I can do for her is...

...Huh? What are you talking about? That wasn't it...

That was wrong.

What I can do for her is...

Yeah... The people I assassinate aren't killed for simple reasons. I only kill because those certain complications occur, and can only be settled with murder.

As a detective, you should resolve the problems before people resort to assassinations. Of course, it's not as easy as just saying it.

If it's going to help you, Maki, I'll do it. No matter how tough it gets. No, I'll go even further!

I'll make it so that you have no choice but to quit being an assassin!

...Well, I'll be waiting. It's not like I'm expecting much anyway. But I guess I should find another job, just in case it does happen. Maybe I'll actually try to become the real Ultimate Child Caregiver.

I think that's a wonderful idea. But, ah, if it's okay with you...


...I understood the words she wouldn't say. After a heartbeat, I took her hand in mine. I will never give up, Maki. I swear it. Our relationship began in fiction...but this promise is real. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

Poor Shuichi's gonna burn himself out, and he's only a third of the way through his commitments.

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