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Part 198: Love Interruption (Reprise)

Watch an action movie posted:

...I often wonder why action movies always depict robots as so violent. There are actually many benevolent robots who wish to live in peace among humans.

The creators of these films are reinforcing the toxic attitudes that lead to robophobia! If they won't change their ways, then I'll form my own advocacy group to fight their bigotry!

I don't know if there are enough of you to make an advocacy group...

It seems like that didn't go well...

Watch a comedy movie posted:

I, too, enjoy comedy movies! I enjoy them because they entertain people without being pretentious.

I hope someday to be the kind of robot who makes people smile, just like comedy movies.

I think this conversation went well.

I enjoy anime, too. Specifically, I really relate to anime where robots are a force for good.

Perhaps robophobia will vanish from society as these movies become more popular. Someday I, too, will play an active role in abolishing robophobia!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

I almost regret that we must return to the dorms... Would you spend time with me again?

When I'm with you, my chestplate feels warm... And I'm filled with serenity... O-Okay, let's go back to the dorms...

Good date with Keebo posted:

Thank you very much for today. I appreciate the time we spent together.

If you'd like, I hope you'll invite me again! Spending time with you is very stimulating for me! Okay, let's head back to the dorms.

Bad date with Keebo posted:

...I don't seem to be feeling well. I'll have to ask Miu for maintenance... I'm sorry, I'll head back first.

Worst date with Keebo posted:

...Does it feel like we wasted our time together? Professor Idabashi told me that I should be discerning when selecting friends... ...I'll go back first.

Getting horny after a meal posted:

Wh-What's that supposed to mean!? Surely, you must be joking!

And...what do you expect me to do about it? I'm not equipped with reproductive functions...

Wait, that's not the issue!

Damn, this is awkward...

Napping after a meal posted:

Though I don't understand it myself, I hear that post-meal drowsiness can be quite intense. As a robot, I wonder what my version of that sensation is...

Perhaps it's the moment just before my screensaver displays.

...Where does Keebo have a screen...?

I think this conversation went well.

That is an excellent mindset! Professor Idabashi was a strong proponent of that, too! Post-meal drowsiness can be intense, but you'll turn into a cow if all you do is eat and sleep.

I don't want you to turn into a cow, Shuichi! Come, let's go for a run!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.


Ah, maybe we should take off our clothes...? posted:

H-How...unwholesome! Not even Professor Idabashi has seen me nude!

...What counts as "naked" for Keebo? Like...his internal circuits?

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's warm up a bit posted:

Yes, it is important to warm up before engaging in strenuous exercise. Let's start with some stretches!

We should take our time warming up so we don't hurt our backs! Thanks to my strong AI, I never make the same mistake twice!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

You're rather brave to challenge me at a game of basketball! Though my physical strength is approximate to that of a strong senior citizen...

My basketball skills are the same as an MVP of a girls elementary school basketball team! You'll never get possession of the ball from me! Not even once!

That is oddly specific.

I think this conversation went well.

Oops, I forgot to get the most optimal response on camera! Oh well. It's not like anyone's still reading this thing.

The professor said he didn't mind... The notion that someone wouldn't mind being hurt by another... Is such a thing even possible?

No, there's no use worrying about it... Because only the professor knows the truth...

Still...if I had someone I could talk to about this... Maybe...if I talked to Shuichi...

But if I go to him with this... It might just bother him...

Affirm: only the professor knows the truth posted:

It's true, only the professor himself would know for certain. If you're so concerned about it, I think you should ask him, Keebo.

You mean, ask the professor if he's really not upset that I hurt him...? The thought of asking him that to his face...scares me.

I must bare this burden for the rest of my life... I hurt the professor... I can't take that back...

Damn, this is awkward...

Deny: Shuichi posted:

You're putting a lot of faith in me...

Yes, I know... Trying to rely on others just proves how unreliable I am... Perhaps it was self-centered of me to think you could help me... Whatever you think you heard... Please just forget about it...

It seems like that didn't go well...

Affirm: Shuichi posted:

I don't know how much I can really help, but I could give you advice if you'd like. Actually...I hope you do. I don't want my friend worrying about stuff like this.

......Thank you. But that is no longer necessary.


The reason I was able to befriend you is because the professor raised me, right?

That's true, but what does that have to do with getting advice?

I'm very lucky to have a friend like you, Shuichi. If the professor really resented me...

He would not have raised me to be capable of feeling these emotions. That's why he doesn't resent me... I know that now, thanks to you Shuichi.


When we leave this place, I would very much like to introduce you to the professor. I'm certain he would take a liking to you.

I think this conversation went well.

...I think that's different, Keebo.

You were talking about how you hurt the professor before, right? I think that means you understand how the professor feels as well.

Wh-What makes you so sure of that...?

You always speak of him so fondly. It's probably because you're always thinking about him... You love him very much. I don't think anyone else knows the professor better than you, Keebo.


He doesn't hate you. You should know that better than anyone. If he did, he wouldn't have spent so much time caring for you and raising you.

Shuichi...! Th-Thank you! If I had a tear-shedding function installed, I would—!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

I sort of wish we could stay here a while longer...

...Really? I'm just happy to be leaving.

I mean, of course I'm happy too, but... How should I say it... Our time here was almost like fiction, right? So, I feel like I should've enjoyed it more while I could.

Ah, I see...

I guess it isn't so strange for the Ultimate Cosplayer to think that way.

Oh, more importantly, do you remember? That conversation we had about getting out of here and cosplaying together. I want to get out of here mostly to see you cosplay.

Of course I remember... You're going to make my costume, right?

Yup. Of course, you remember what you're going to cosplay, right?

Ah, o-of course I do...

I'm going to cosplay as...

Huh...? How did you get that? Are detectives' memories not as good as I thought?

That was wrong. I'm going to cosplay as...

These certainly are many quality anime that play at that time... But we didn't talk about those, did we?

Could it be you changed your mind?

That was wrong. I'm going to cosplay as...

Yes! Kanata! It's the first cosplay outfit I ever made! I'm all fired up now!

I'm a little embarrassed, but I'm looking forward to it...

You gotta get fired up for it, too! As the Ultimate Cosplayer, I swear it'll be a better cosplay than this!

Than this...?

No,'s nothing. Just an inside joke.

...I see.

For a single, fleeting moment... I thought I saw the light fade from Tsumugi's eyes. ...Or did I just imagine it?

Yeah, that's clearly the opposite of what happened. You might be doomed.

If you like Kanata, let's try a bunch of other characters, too! I'm going to drag you into the cosplay swamp in no time!

Ah, haha... I'll be careful not to get too deep.

I look forward to working with you, Shuichi.

I thought about cosplaying with Tsumugi. I'm sure this won't be just once. We'll cosplay together plenty of times... For whatever reason, I just know it. Of course, I still feel a little embarrassed to be cosplaying... But excited, too. I'll treasure this excitement. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

Proud? I-I'm sure you're just exaggerating...

Have you forgotten? I see potential in you.

If I can support you like I have with my past masters... ...I am sure you can break out of your shell and soar high into success. Spending time with someone with such potential is a proud achievement for a maid.

Yes, I remember...

I would still like to serve you when we leave here... Have you thought about your answer?

Ah, could you perhaps...give me some more time? I remember you saying that, with you by my side, I could go anywhere.

But before that...I want to see how far I can go on my own. Could I request your help after I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished?

Hmhm... I knew you would say that...

You did?

But my desire to serve you will not change. When that time comes, please contact me.

I will follow my principles as a maid and offer you my whole heart.

Your principles as a maid?

Oh? Have you forgotten?

Ah, n-no...

Kirumi's principles as a maid...

True. When I serve a new master, I view it as an once in a lifetime opportunity. I will start to neglect my services if I think otherwise.

But something as obvious as that is not included in my principles.

That was wrong. Her principles are more like...

To remember from our mistakes...

That is important as well, but it has nothing to do with my principles.

That was wrong. Her principles are more like...

Yes...I must dispose all personal feelings if I am to commit my services. My master's desire. My master's wish is my wish.

In my opinion, that is how all maids should think...

This, coming from an Ultimate.

But when the time comes to serve me, I hope that you find your own purpose.

Are you telling me to bend my principles?

Ah, no, nothing like that... I had a lot of fun being your classmate. So...I would like to be able to talk with you like that again.



If my master desires it, then I will do so. I look forward to the day I serve you.

Yes. I'll work hard, Kirumi. I want to call upon you soon.

I will polish my skills as a maid until then.

I know that we won't have to break them. I know it. And I know that Kirumi feels the same way. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

Yeah. Nothing really eventful happened, but I had a lot of fun with everyone.

Everyone here was nice...if I forget that they called my magic "tricks."

Hrmmm...but now that I remember it, it annoys me... How rude of them... Calling my magic "tricks"... Once we're outta here, I need to have them watch my show to set them straight.

When we're out of here... Ah, that's right, you were going to keep up your tricks after we got out.

Ah, sorry...

Geez...I can't be off guard for even a second.

Well, anyway... Of course I'm gonna keep practicing my magic once I get outta here. So I can be onstage with my master once again.

Th-That's right...

"That's right"? You didn't forget about it till now, did you?

N-No, not at all...

Then, tell me what my master is doing right now, magically...

Himiko's master is...

Th-That's... It's not impossible...

No! It is impossible! My master put more passion into his magic than any other mage! He'd never retire quietly!

That was wrong. Himiko's master is...

Hrmmm... Can you really say such a messed up thing right at the end here?

Maybe *you're* a dark mage!

That was wrong. Himiko's master is...


Wrong? But...

Ah, sorry!

Geez, until the very end...

But besides that part, you got it right. My master must be doing magic training at this very moment. That's why I need to polish my own skills.

If you and your master ever put on a show, I'll make sure to go see it.

Of course... After all, you're the only one who understands my magic. If you don't come see our new show, I won't forgive you.

I'm gonna force you to watch from a special seat, no matter what.

I can picture it. I imagine Himiko having so much fun... She's smiling, crying tears of joy... And I wish from the bottom of my heart that that day comes sooner rather than later. My wish... Her wish...will definitely come true. I will do everything I can to see that wish granted. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

I thought I'd be happy about it, but I don't want it to end...I'm a little sad.

It was just for a short while, but we did go through a lot. I'm a little sad too. Ah, but of course, I'm still more happy than sad.

Are you going to go back to astronaut training when you get out of here?

Of course! No way I'd give up on my dream of becoming an astronaut! I lost time here, so once I get back, I'm gonna train harder than before! I'm gonna make up all my lost time as fast as I can!

That's true, while we were in here, the other trainees were training every day.

Yeah, it's gonna be hard work closing that gap!

But, y'know, coming here... I think it was good for me. One reason was because I got to meet you... But also, I was able to practice the most important thing for an astronaut.

The most important thing?

What? I told you before, didn't I? Don't tell me you forgot.

Ah, of course...

The most important thing for an astronaut...

Yeah, that's definitely important for an astronaut. But that's not the most important thing, as far as I'm concerned. Hey, did you really forget about it?

That was wrong. The most important thing must be...

Well, yeah. Adapting to your environment is important...

But there's something more important than that. Did you seriously forget?

That was wrong. The most important thing must be...

Ah, so you did remember it. No matter how great you are, you can't be an astronaut if you can't communicate. A fight on a spaceship because of bad communication could be fatal, right?

Yeah, I imagine that would be terrible.

The universe is a hostile place, so communication is really important.

But our daily lives here were the same way, right? Being shut away and told to live together... Living together here was probably even harder than living in a spaceship.

Well, you learned a lot about communication here.

Living here must have been good training for you.

Yeah, I won't waste what I learned here. But it's the same for you, right?


Just how living here helped me in my astronaut training... I think it helped you with your detective work, too. Maybe the time you spent here will be useful for your future, y'now? Isn't that something you gained here?

...Yeah, I suppose I have.

Skills every detective needs... Skills every human being needs... And above all else... I was lucky to make a friend like Kaito.

Thank you for everything. I'm really glad I met you, Kaito.

What are you talking about!? That's my line! I'm glad I got to meet you, Shuichi! You'll always be my sidekick, alright!?

Yes, of course!

We both put all our strength into the handshake. I'm really glad I met Kaito. So in at least *one* way, I'm thankful to Monokuma. I'm sure Kaito feels the same way. But we don't have to tell each other that. We don't need words. I know exactly how Kaito feels, without them. This bond might just be the special something I acquired here. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

It's a bit sad, isn't it? Even though we were forced to come here.

Yes... I would be lying if I said I did not feel sad about leaving this place.

But that sadness is blown away when I think about presenting our plan to the professor.

Our plan?

Have you forgotten!? The plan that you and I came up with together!

Ah, yes, the plan. The proposal we came up with to present to Professor Idabashi, right?

You do remember the details of our plan, right?

O-Of course...

The plan Keebo and I came up with...

Yes, that is correct. We would need to prepare different models and colors so I can be mass produced.

...No, that's not what I'm talking about at all!

First of all, my learning AI makes me a one-of-a-kind robot... Mass producing me is simply unthinkable!

That was wrong. The plan was about...

Yes. If I'm to be adored by everyone, then it is essential that I become a giant robot. That is the minimum requirement for a robot to be loved by all.

...No, that's not what I'm talking about at all! If I became a giant robot, it would make me even less human!

And assuming that robots must be that big is itself a form of robophobia!

That was wrong. The plan was about...

Yes, that's right! In order to achieve even greater heights as a robot... The backstory behind my creation simply will not suffice.

For example, I could have been kidnapped by an evil organization and turned into a cyborg... That's why we came up with different backstories to present.

You want the professor to modify your settings when you get out of here, right?

Yes, that is my intention. But...

...What's wrong?

No, it's nothing serious... It's much as I look forward to it, I also feel somewhat worried...

It's okay, Keebo. We worked so hard on that, I'm sure the professor will be convinced.

No, it's not that... I'm just a little worried about...the modification procedure. What if...the modifications turn me into a completely different person? And what if we grow apart because of that...until we're no longer friends...?


Oh, I apologize... We're about to finally leave this place, and I'm talking about such a depressing subject.

I'm positive that the modification will go smoothly.


And if something goes wrong, and you're not Keebo anymore... I would still want to be friends, Keebo. So you don't need to worry about that.


Keebo is a robot. I am human. But that difference doesn't matter. We're best friends, no matter what. No matter how many times Keebo is modified... Even if Keebo isn't Keebo anymore, he will always be my friend! Our relationship began in fiction...but our affection is real. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

Next time, we get out of dating sim purgatory.

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