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Part 199: All You Need Is Love

Let's read a dirty book posted:

N-No! Gentlemen no read that stuff! Shuichi should train body and mind instead!

Damn, this is awkward...

This is boring... posted:

But Gonta like boring stuff. Can relax, think happy thoughts when Gonta have nothing to do. Also, forest family always say, being bored can lead to happiness. Cuz everyone have to figure out what make them happy. Being bored good as long as you happy.

Gonta's "forest family"...

I think this conversation went well.

Yeah! Gonta like books with pictures. Pictures explain complicated stuff easy! Easy for Gonta to understand!

Gonta think books like that easy to read cuz nice people write them.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

So much fun today! And Gonta also feel closer to being true gentleman! Will you spend time with Gonta again?

Come, we go back to dorm together!

Good date with Gonta posted:

Thank you for spending time with Gonta! Time go by so fast when Gonta with Shuichi! Will you spend time with Gonta again? Come, we go back to dorm together!

Bad date with Gonta posted:

Today not very fun, huh?

Sorry Gonta not better company... Gonta go back now... Sorry...

Worst date with Gonta posted:

Gonta feel really tired. Dunno why... Gonta go back first...

Let's play basketball posted:


Sorry... Gonta not know what that is... Does...Shuichi mean breadbasket?

Damn, this is awkward...

Ah, maybe we should take off our clothes...? posted:

Gentleman no can take off fancy clothes! Especially not here!

Maybe Shuichi have detective reason for getting undressed, but... can take clothes off here...

It seems like that didn't go well...

Good idea. No wanna pull muscle. That be bad. Allow Gonta to crack back for you!

Don't worry! Shuichi will be okay! Gonta is natural back-cracker! Gonta not break Shuichi! Just Shuichi's back!

Gonta lifted me in his giant arms... and cracked my back with delicate grace.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Let's go back inside posted:

Huh? But we just got here. Gonta wants to stay outside longer...

Oh, but maybe Shuichi know something Gonta not know. Would not be first time.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's dance! posted:

Gonta can dance! Learn from forest family long time ago! Gonta show you, okay?

Gonta's expression suddenly got very stern...

Hah! Yah! Hah! Yah!

And he began throwing punches into the air with tremendous force.

And then, flow into this pose...and show nature gratitude.

This doesn't look like a dance at all... It's more like a martial art!

I think this conversation went well.

Shuichi... You notice Gonta feel sad cuz there no bugs anywhere? Thank you! Shuichi is true gentleman. Gonta sad there no bugs here...

But as long as Shuichi here, Gonta's sadness will go away!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

What it mean to be true gentleman? Gentleman earnest. Gentleman refined... Gentlemen polite, too... But Gonta think...

Gonta think gentleman able to do everything... Gentlemen gotta be quick-footed... Gentlemen gotta be smart, too...

Hmmm... Can Gonta really be gentleman?

Deny: Gonta think gentlemen able to do everything posted:

I don't think a gentleman needs to be able to do *everything*...

No, gentlemen can do everything. Gentlemen respected by community. Gentlemen the smartest, strongest, nicest people ever. Gonta hope he can be gentleman like that......

Gonta not feel confident... Bad enough Gonta not smart like others...

Damn, this is awkward...

Affirm: gotta be smart posted:

It's true that gentlemen are typically quite intelligent.

Yes. Gonta not Gonta wonder if he can even become gentleman...

I-It's okay! You have other skills that you're good at, Gonta!

But gentleman supposed to be smart.

You can be a gentleman in the way that suits you...

Can Gonta get smarter...? Gonta not sure it possible...

It's no use... He's not listening at all...

It seems like that didn't go well...

Affirm: Gonta think gentlemen able to do everything posted:

It is true that a gentleman should be a master of many talents and skills...

That right! Gonta think gentleman can do anything. Why, gentleman could prolly get Olympic medal and Nobel prize!

That's more superhuman than gentleman. Still, it's good to aim high...

Work hard, Gonta. I'm rooting for you.

Thanks! Gonta gonna work hard to become gentleman!

I think this conversation went well.

Intelligence isn't the most important quality.

Some gentlemen may indeed be smart, but there are others whose gift is kindness. You just have to find the best way to be a gentleman for *you*.

Hildibrand is an esteemed gentlemen and he's way dumber than Gonta!


Hm? Is something wrong?

Oh, sorry... Gonta just touched by Shuichi's kind words... Gonta never meet anyone like Shuichi before.

Gonta will write your words in gentleman journal before bedtime! Because of Shuichi, Gonta can work hard to become gentleman!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Watch a documentary on the police posted:

I don't wanna watch something that's gonna make me feel bad.

The police are heathens who always try to disrupt my island's ceremonies.

They can't feel Atua's presence, so they deny He even exists.

Are you a heathen too, Shuichi?

Damn, this is awkward...

You know what? You're alright, Angie.

Watch a documentary on bugs posted:

I like Gonta, but his love for bugs is pretty odd. My island's got bugs that burrow into people's brains, so people freak out around 'em.

Nyahaha! I get chills just thinking about 'em!

I think this conversation went well.

Oh! That's a lot of offerings!

If my island adopted this system, it would resolve our offering shortage! How divine of you, Shuichi! You taught me something really useful!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

:stonk: You are no longer alright, Angie.

When I pray to Atua, I'll ask him why I always have so much fun with you.

Now, let's go back to the dorms together.

Good date with Angie posted:

Atua says you should spend time with me again!

Nyahaha! You can only spend time with me! Atua says so! Now, let's go back to the dorms together.

Bad date with Angie posted:

Hmmm... You weren't very inspiring today, Shuichi. You're normally quite divine... Does your tummy hurt today? Well, I'm gonna head back first.

Worst date with Angie posted:

You don't understand anything about Atua, do you Shuichi? Atua says he's disappointed in you.

Well, I'm gonna head back first.

Let's play dodgeball posted:

Atua says we shouldn't do that cuz it hurts to get hit.

So I'm gonna listen to Atua and decline your offer. Besides, I don't understand why you'd wanna play that with a girl.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's burn this place to the ground posted:

Good idea, Shuichi. Atua does like fire, y'know. Then, I'll get the gasoline and you get the matches, okay?

This place is pretty big. I bet we can make a huge fireball that Atua will find pleasing.

I think this conversation went well.

Hmmm? Do you want to preside over an initiation ceremony? You're so weird, Shuichi. Ceremonies are more fun when you're a participant.

But, but...that doesn't mean I don't like that side of you, Shuichi. Your shyness is what makes you so charming.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Let's go for a run posted:

What? Noooo. Running is exhausting. Unless it's a competition, making yourself exhausted for no reason is stupid.

Damn, this is awkward...

Let's get some fresh air posted:

Being raised on an island, I'm pretty selective about the fresh air I breathe. ...And this air tastes terrible. Is your tongue stupid, Shuichi?

It seems like that didn't go well...

As long as we're stuck in this cage, being outside is no different from being inside.

An air-conditioned room sounds like paradise.

Let's go back inside and I'll tell you all about Atua!

I think this conversation went well.

It's rare, but some dates don't have a best option.

Shuichi, how can I get closer to you? I want to be your one and only.

Because you were my first.

You say I shouldn't pick a husband so easily, but...Atua says that's best...

I know! Maybe I'll give you a present?


Should I ask Atua about it!?

Yep, yep. There's no other option!

Deny: Atua about it posted:

Why not think of what *you* want sometimes? Forget about Atua.

Huh? You don't believe in Atua? Atua's word is infallible, y'know?

N-No, that's not what I mean. I was just trying to say that...

Hmm? I thought you were divine but maybe I was wrong. I need to ask Atua if you're really fit to be my husband.

Damn, this is awkward...

Deny: present posted:

I'm sure that she's talking about one of her art pieces...

Ah, um. I can't accept that present...

Oh... Well, if you say so. Maybe that's for the best.

But should I get closer to you, Shuichi? Maybe I should've asked Atua instead of coming up with my own idea.

Oh no, I drove Angie back into dependence on Atua...

It seems like that didn't go well...

Affirm: present posted:

I'd be happy with anything you gave me, Angie.

Nyahaha, you're so sweet, Shuichi. Then I'll give you the divine painting I drew earlier.


My consciousness faded, as if falling off a great height, down, down...

Huh? Shuichi, are you okay?

I think this conversation went well.

Well, perhaps you should ask Atua?

Even Atua is amazed by your divinity!

If that's what you think I should do, then I'll ask Him!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

No, Monokuma just jumped the gun. Three students left.

Let's cook something posted:

I've never cooked in my life. Before I went to prison, any spare time I had, I was holding a racket.

Sorry, but if you want to cook, you should ask someone else.

Damn, this is awkward...

Let's drink something posted:

Oh, I forgot... Here, I can eat and drink whenever I want, huh?

In prison, I could only have meals at a specific time... I'm still not used to being out of prison...

I think this conversation went well.

That takes me back. Remember that girl I mentioned? She always used to give me homemade sweets.

I could never tell her how delicious they were, but...I loved those sweets she made...


Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

It was fun hanging out with you, Shuichi.

Well, I guess we should head back.

Good date with Ryoma posted:

Geez... Being around you eases my heart a bit. If you want, I'd like it if you invited me again.

I guess I'll head back to the dorms.

Bad date with Ryoma posted:

I thought you'd be able to change me...I guess I was mistaken.

I'm gonna head back first...

Worst date with Ryoma posted:

Me and you, we've still got a long ways to go... I'm gonna head back first...

Let's read a book on the mafia posted:

...Did I do something to offend you? To suggest something like that to me... You've got a reason, right?

Damn, this is awkward...

I want to scream really loud! posted:

Are you the kind of person who can't handle silence?

You'd better stay out of prison, then. Nights in prison get pretty bad. Like the stillness of death...

I think this conversation went well.

I don't have any words to leave behind for this world...

But, I'm curious to see what sort of thing you'd write.

Hmph...seems like I took an interest in you without even realizing it.

When it's done, bring it to me in prison. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

I'm tired... posted:

Even though you haven't done anything yet? There are better places to go if you want to rest...

Being impulsive is different from being bold, you know?

Being impulsive is different from being bold, you know?

Let's clean up a little posted:

Sure, if that's what you want to do, then I'll help. What a diligent person you are...

But still, you need to relax sometimes too, okay? A tense thread snaps easily. I don't want to see you fall apart now.

I think this conversation went well.

Yeah, sounds good. I was just thinking I was starting to feel a bit rusty.

But is this perfect timing a coincidence or because of your detective skills? You really are a strange guy.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Staying here forever wouldn't be so bad posted:

You have people who worry about you, don't you? Then...don't say things like that! Even as a joke!

Damn, this is awkward...

I want to get outside as soon a I can... posted:

Yeah... It'd be great to see everyone's smiling faces... But...I...

Sorry... Can I be alone for a while?

It seems like that didn't go well...

To think that I'd get used to a warm life like this... Even I'm surprised. But for some reason...I'm happy I'm even able to feel this way.

If I was able to was thanks to you. Thanks...

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Hmph... I thought I'd...completely forgotten... But suddenly, I remember... My cat... I dropped it off before I went to prison... I hope it's being well cared for...

No... There's no point worrying...

Even if I escape here, I'm still a prisoner... I'll never see it again... I just need to hurry up and forget...

Affirm: forget posted: wouldn't be free even if you managed to get out of here, right? Perhaps it's just forget about it.

Yeah, I know. Even if I remember, there's nothing I can do. If I ever finish paying for my'll be long gone by then...


Hmph... Sorry I brought up something so depressing. Just forget about it...

Damn, this is awkward...

Deny: well cared for... posted:

Well, who knows what happened to the cat after you left it with someone.

I know it doesn't do me any good to think about it now, but...

*sigh* Holding on to this pain is part of my punishment...

I made a huge mistake... If I knew things would turn out this way...

It seems like that didn't go well...

Deny: forget posted:

Nothing will change?

Did you forget?

Even if I leave here, I'll just go back to prison. It won't make a difference whether I remember it or not...

But that's why you *should* remember, Ryoma. The memory you have of your cat is helping you get by in here... And I'm positive that your cat wouldn't forget about such a kind owner.

Cats are smart, they know these things.

...Hmph, you really think cats are so sentimental?

Ah, Well...

No, it's fine. I'm glad you were concerned about me.


Thanks for telling me that. It's comforting to think about it that way.

I think this conversation went well.

I'm sure that your cat is well taken care of...

You really treasured your cat, didn't you, Ryoma? That's why you had someone trustworthy look after it, right?

Well, I guess...

I don't think someone you trust would ever mistreat your cat. I trust your judgment. You would definitely pick the best person for the job.

Hmph...I guess that's one way to think about it. Thanks...that makes me feel a bit better.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

I gave Ryoma an extra scene because he doesn't belong at the bottom. What the hell, guys.

Watch an action movie posted:

Sorry, but I've no interest in these. I find the sensory overload exhausting. Further, they have little in the way of anthropological interest.

Damn, this is awkward...

Watch an anime movie posted:

Ah, it's a love story between a sister and her brother. This may not be so bad after all...

Just as there are many different cultures, there are many forms of love.

Let us see what kind of love this anime depicts then, shall we?

I think this conversation went well.

Kehehe... We are of the same mind, Shuichi. Humanity is beautiful... A film about such a topic cannot possibly be boring.

I am most curious to see how this depicts the beauty of humanity.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

To have had such an enjoyable time outside of field work...

Kehehe... You are a very mysterious person, Shuichi. I wonder how your hometown affected you. I grow curious to see it. Now, shall we head back together?

Good date with Kiyo posted:

I'm grateful to you for showing me a fun time. Please invite me again. There is much I wish to teach you about the appeal of anthropology. Now then, perhaps we should head back.

Bad date with Kiyo posted:

"I was able to have a wonderful time..."

Were I to say such a thing it would be a lie. Perhaps it is necessary for you to first consider the feelings of others... Now then, I shall head back first...

Worst date with Kiyo posted:

...You wish for me to tear out your nerves?

Let's play dodgeball posted:

Is such a game possible with only us two? Or is there a special rule I am unaware of? If so, then I am curious to hear it...

But if you are making fun of me, I shall tear your nerves from your skin.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's burn this place to the ground posted:

I doubt there would be any documents of anthropological value here. So setting this building aflame is an option available to us. But I would prefer to leave that until after I have ingestigated thoroughly.

After my investigation, however, I will assist you.

I think this conversation went well.

If I were to involve myself with sports, then the post of referee would suit me. Though they stand next to the court, a referee is still an outsider... It is the same with an anthropologist doing fieldwork in an uncivilized land.

It seems you have begun to understand the process of fieldwork, Shuichi...

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

What a great view... posted:

Do you think so...? Somehow, my senses are telling me this view is fake.

Well, there are times when amateurs are more on the mark. Perhaps we shall avoid debating this topic.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's dance! posted:

This, too, relates to anthropology. Anthropology and dancing are, in fact, very deeply related.

You've heard of ethnic dance before, yes? Sometimes, a culture's customs and history are demonstrated through dance. You seem more and more like an anthropologist every day, Shuichi.

I think this conversation went well. absolutely wonderful suggestion. On-the-spot surveys are a cornerstone of fieldwork.

To be honest, meeting local people is best for expanding one's knowledge... But it would be fruitless to talk to Monokuma or his progeny.

So you and I shall thoroughly investigate this school together.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

I find myself alone with Shuichi... What shall today's topic be...?

A passionate discussion about anthropology...? But he may have grown tired of that...

Perhaps a new topic is in order... The principles of love...

But love must be cultivated in one's own heart... It is not a topic to discuss with others...

Affirm: love... posted:

I want to hear about love from you, Kiyo.

I am glad you are interested, but... People should contemplate love by themselves. There is nothing to be gained by speaking of it with others.

Ah, is that right...?

Perhaps you cannot understand? I may have overestimated you...

Damn, this is awkward...

Deny: passionate discussion about anthropology posted:

I'm a bit tired of talking about anthropology...

It is as I feared... In every study comes a time of stagnation.

If only I were able to have taught you in a more interesting manner...

Ah, no, it's not your fault...

No, a student's stagnation is, without a doubt, the teacher's failing. I sorry I was unable to sustain your interest in anthropology.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Deny: love... posted:

Love is a tough subject... It might not be something to discuss with others.

I'm very happy to hear you say that. Because it means share my philosophy on love.

Love is something to be cultivated within, not discussed with others.

But for someone like you, who understands me so well... Perhaps some day...we will be able to discuss such things together.

I think this conversation went well.

Yes, teach me anthropology.

I would be happy if you were able to spread your knowledge as I did to you. The spread of knowledge is an important aspect of the beauty of humanity.

That's what you've taught me. I never would have known all this without you.

I am a very lucky anthropologist to have a student such as you.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.