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by Solitair

Part 20: Power, Corruption & Lies

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Alright, time to have some fun with our boy Kokichi, right after we check in with everyone else.

May I help you...?

The kitchen is stocked with ingredients, so I can prepare satisfying meals for everyone.

Oh yeah, your lab opened up, right?

I wonder if I'll ever find my lab... If that happens, I'll know my talent...

...Tsumugi just asked me if I can perform a "rocket punch." Why does everyone automatically assume that robots have a rocket punch function!? I don't have a violent function like that!

I heard that yours and Miu's labs were unlocked? I'm sure mine's next! I'm looking forward to seeing it!

What's up, Kaede? Did you wanna talk to me?

Actually, let's check out that lab.

Alright! Let's go in!

Whoa! A grand piano!

Smiling, I ran toward it and lifted the cover. Beneath it, a clean row of black-and-white keys smiled back at me. I haven't touched a piano in a couple days, but it feels like it's been forever since I played.

The works of minor and major composers from various eras and countries are all here.

Looks like I can use it to play the CDs on the wall.

I was concerned at first...but someone has clearly been taking good care of it.

...Others not gather for morning breakfast. They...really not united?

...Where are we, anyway? You'd think an eyesore like the End Wall would be all over the news or something...

But I had never even heard of it. You hadn't either, right?

Nyeeeh... ... ... I'm tired...from talking to Tenko...

Himiko seems tired...

Kaede, you don't look so good! You're thinking way too much!

This is the perfect time to take a break! Wanna exercise with me?

Monokuma said he wanted us to play his killing game no matter what... But what good does that do him? What's his goal?

So I shouldn't bother her right now.

Miu should I say this...? A complicated person. It really helped that you were with me, Kaede.

That big wall... What if it's keeping us safe from the titans...?

But we can enter the courtyard already... Is the barbed wire just for decoration?

No thanks!

...Just kidding!

But if you think something like this would make me happy, you got another thing coming!

...Just kidding. Thank you.

Whatever, I just felt like it. If you don't want to spend time with me, just say so.

What!? Why would I do thaaaat!?

...Kidding! That was a lie!

His sound bite says "You mad?" :smug:


Hey, don't take that tone with me. After all...'s your fault I'm mean to you.'ve forgotten about me.

Huh? Forgotten!?

Are you lying again?

... ...No.


I wish I was...but even I'm not that good at lying.

Ah-haha... I may be an evil supreme leader, but even my lies have standards.

Kokichi seems pretty serious about this... H-Have we actually met each other before?

O-Okay, then if you're not lying, can you help me jog my memory so I can remember?

Like, where we met or what was going on when we met... Stuff like that.

W-Wait a minute! I don't remember ever meeting you...

So you did forget! You completely wiped me out of your memories! How could you be so heartless...? I'm so...devastated...

Is Kokichi genuinely sad...? Have I really forgotten about him!?

I-I'm so sorry! Can you help me jog my memory so I can remember you?

Like, where we met or what was going on when we met... Stuff like that.

Are you thinking of someone else?

There's no way I'd mistake the Ultimate Pianist for anyone else. Only Gonta would make such a major mistake... No, not even Gonta's that dense!

I guess that's true... Then, can you help me jog my memory so I can remember? Like, where we met or what was going on when we met... Stuff like that.

...under hostile circumstances similar to this.


With your piano skills, you managed to raise enough money to fund my escape...

Th-There is no freaking way any of that is true...

Yup, it sure was! We met each other here!


Yeah... This is the sort of prank a kid who wants attention would pull.

Hey, Kokichi... Some things are just best left unsaid. You know what I mean?


...At this rate, the time limit will expire before we know it. We must take action somehow...

We're all just doing whatever we want... Is everyone...really okay with getting annihilated like this?

Hmmmm, I feel like cloistering myself away right now. Atua's not feeling lively, either.

It seems as though someone will take action soon. What are you going to do? I cannot imagine that you will stay idle...

The time limit is nighttime tomorrow... I wonder...what we should do...

There's only one day until the time limit...

Don't worry, I'm not panicking. I'm an astronaut, after all!

... There's a whole day left... but I'm starting to get nervous.

What would...true gentleman do in time like this?

The time limit is tomorrow night... Maybe...we should kill the robot?

That's just a joke...right?

The time limit's gonna expire soon... Which means... In their desperation, these degenerate males will snap and go on a rampage! It's my time to shine! I'll keep a close eye on these degenerates!

I feel like Tenko would be the one to go on a rampage...

The time limit will expire soon... Who will make the first move...? Anything can happen now...

...Hey. Your research lab is open, right? Can me?

Ah! Time's going by way too fast! It's just like right before a con!

I wonder what Monokuma is gonna do? Will he end it...or just start a new one...?

Relax! I'm not gonna die anytime soon! Nee-heehee...

Well, not as good as mine. I'll surprise you with a gift one of these days, Kaede!

I already have a bad feeling about whatever this "favor" is...

Don't gimme that face! I wouldn't ask you to do something crazy, like kill someone!

Oh, soooorry! I know I said I wouldn't say anything, but that was a lie, too!


My talent?

Yup! Will you, the Ultimate Pianist, work with me after we escape? Oh,'d work with me once you've become the former Ultimate Pianist.

After you graduate high school, you'll probably go on to represent Japan as a pianist, right? If that happens, you'll be flying all over the world for concert tours and stuff, right?

Why? I know you could do it! And you'd be so popular, too!

Wh-What the——?

As a famous pianist, you'd be able to enter any country without arousing suspicion, yeah? You'd probably meet important figures from different countries, too! It'd be amazing!

But I just know that'll happen, okay? So, Kaede...let's make a deal. Join my organization, and together we'll do as we please to all the stupid plebs in this world. Let's sit on top of the world and look down on everyone else...


The Ultimate Supreme Leader and the Ultimate Pianist joining forces sounds pretty sweet, huh?


You claim to be the supreme leader of some evil organization... But that's just a lie, isn't it? I mean, does this organization of yours even exist?

But you've fallen for my lies plenty of times. Why are you so certain this is another lie?

Why...? Because it's common sense. There's no way your evil organization exists, and it's crazy to think you're some supreme leader.

So many words that mean "common sense”... but who decides which one is right? Why are you so sure that your idea of common sense is the right one?


I'm the real deal, hand—picked by the government. What does your common sense think about that?

That's true, but...

It's funny... Is your common sense really so similar to everyone else's common sense? Is what you believe to be right based on your common sense also right for everyone else?

Uh-ohhh! Kaede yelled at me!

A-Anyway, the Ultimate Initiative should've given you the title of Ultimate Liar!

Nee-heehee... Maybe it should have! I am a liar, after all!

AUDIO: Kokichi Free Time #1

You can keep thinking like that, but don't come crying back to me when things don't go your way.

Maaan, what a shame.

He didn't sound too upset about that... How far is he willing to go just to mess with people?

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