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Part 200: All You Need Is Love (Reprise)

Let's drink something posted:

That suggestion seems awfully suspicious... You're not planning to slip anything in my drink and take advantage of me, are you? Either way, I refuse to eat or drink with a male.

Damn, this is awkward...

Let's cook something posted:

I see right through your plans, Shuichi... Do you think you can fool me by showing off your cooking skills?

This is why degenerate males are so...! Just die already!

It seems like that didn't go well...

That sounds great! I was just thinking of getting something sweet to eat!

Although, it's a shame it's not with Himiko... Oh well, can't be helped.

I'll eat some sweets with you, so you better be grateful.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Let's study posted:

I already know your ulterior motive. You're trying to get me to see how smart you are, so I would start admiring you!

Males' plans are so shallow! I won't fall for such a trick!

It seems like that didn't go well...

Sure is dusty in here posted:

Huh!? I'm supercalifragilisticexpialidociou-surprised degenerate males actually know what dust is!

Well, since you noticed, let's get to cleaning. Unlike males, girls like to keep things clean!

I think this conversation went well.

That's true... Quiet places like this make people sleepy. I'm also battling this intense feeling of drowsiness myself!

I guess just this once... If you promise to keep a certain distance from me, we can take a nap here together.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

How is this possible!? I don't wanna admit it, but I actually had fun hanging out with you...

Shuichi, please spend time with me again. I have to see if I feel all fluttery from you or from something else!

W-Well then...let's head back to the dorms.

Good date with Tenko posted:

You were able to entertain me pretty well, for a degenerate male!

What a waste... If only you were a girl, we could've been good friends.

Well anyway, let's go back to the dorms!

Bad date with Tenko posted:

You're a degenerate male, after all. Of course a male wouldn't know how to entertain a girl!

I'm gonna go back to the dorms now...

Worst date with Tenko posted:

I was foolish for spending time with a male. ...I'm going back now.

Ah, maybe we should take off our clothes...? posted:

I knew it! You're finally showing your true colors! You may act like a goody two-shoes, but degenerate males are all the same!

If you want me to take my clothes off, then you'll have to take yours off first! Once you're buck naked, I'll show that ugly body of yours to the whole internet!

It seems like that didn't go well...

Let's play basketball posted:

I gotta say you're pretty courageous challenging me to sports... Neo-Aikido can counter all sorts of techniques.

Like the balls you throw at me won't even graze me!

...She's definitely got the rules wrong.

I think this conversation went well.

Yes, vigorous training can lead to injury so warm-up exercises are necessary! It's important to cool down after training, too.

If you don't do that, then all the fatigue will weigh heavily on your heart!

But I won't mind if males die from all their fatigue!

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

Hmm... Why do I hate male degenerates so much anyway?

No! I don't need a reason! All males are degenerates! That's all the reason I need! All male degenerates should just die!

But the world's full of male degenerates... It'll be hard to live in this world if things stay that way... It'd be great if there was an effective way to fix all of this...

In that case! I must fight the entire world and its male degenerate population!

Deny: All male degenerates should just die posted:

Die? That's taking it too far...

*sigh* You don't get it. That shameless attitude is another reason why males should be extinct! Just the fact that you're males is good enough to go extinct!

If you say things like that, you'll never be able to see eye to eye...

Huh!? I think you got something wrong here! I don't plan to get along with males! I wish for the total annihilation of degenerates!

It looks like having a normal conversation at this point is out of the question.

Damn, this is awkward...

Deny: must fight the entire world and its male degenerate population posted:

Isn't there some way to do it without fighting? There must be a peaceful way...

Huuuh? If there is, please tell me. Well, even if there's such a method, I don't wanna try it anyway!

...Well, actually, I can't think of any.

It seems like that didn't go well...

Affirm: All male degenerates should just die posted:

True, this might be a huge deal for you, Tenko.

Grrrrrr! For a degenerate, you're pretty sensitive to the feelings of others!

If you get it, then you should destroy yourself!

Ah, no, I don't think I'll do that...

I think this conversation went well.

If you're going to fight... I'll root for you.

So you're gonna destroy your cursed existence and give this world to girls!?

Ah, no. I was thinking more along the lines of helping you fight to overcome your hatred.

Overcome my hatred for degenerate males!?

What are you saying!? It's absolutely necessary to hate males! God created this unyielding law of nature!

But are you okay with living like that forever? Running away from your problems?

Grrrr... I'm surprised a degenerate would ask such a tough question... Does this mean you have no intention of eradicating yourself?

Then I'll fight until I create a world without males! Shuichi! If you wanna join the girls' side, then now's the time, got it!?

......Sometimes, it's easier to just say nothing.

Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun.

That's more like it.

Gonta has so much fun talking to Shuichi. Time always fly by so fast.

I also had a lot of fun thanks to you, Gonta. If you weren't around, I wouldn't have been so active and energized.

Hey, Gonta. What are you going to do when you leave?

Gonta will keep moving forward! Forward to Gonta's goal! As long as Gonta tries hard, Gonta can reach any goal!

Gonta's goal... What was it again?

True, Gonta would love to meet every insect in the world... But that's not Gonta number's one goal.

That was wrong. Gonta's goal must be...

That would be amazing, but...Gonta doesn't really wanna do that.

That was wrong. Gonta's goal must be...

Yeah! For that, Gonta's gonna work hard as Ultimate Entomologist! Forest family is reason why Gonta was able to become Ultimate Entomologist... If Gonta keeps being Ultimate Entomologist...maybe real family will accept forest family!

I know they'll accept them, Gonta. Your talent is truly amazing! After we get out of here, I want to help you with anything you need.

Shuichi helps Gonta all the time. Gonta is really glad he met Shuichi. If Gonta never met Shuichi... Gonta wouldn't know how to get forest family accepted...

To Gonta, Shuichi is truest gentleman there is!

Gonta's hand was much bigger than I anticipated... These hands...can reach any goal they want to. I'm sure that he will get his families to reconcile. I can say that with conviction. I am Gonta's best friend, after all. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

Not that I would've minded staying.

Well, I certainly want to leave...

Hey, Shuichi? Do you remember what you promised me? You promised to become my husband and move to my island to start a divine family.

Ah, no, I don't think that was a *promise*...

Hmmm? What do you mean? You were my first, so you have to become my husband.

Don't tell you forgot that special moment we shared together.

No, I remember that, ah...

The "first" she's talking about...

Have you been worshipping me too, Shuichi? Everyone on my island worships me. My words are the words of Atua.

That was wrong. The "first" Angie is talking about...

What!? Did you kiss me while I was sleeping!?

W-Wait, I don't remember that!

The "first"...

That's right! The first time I got scolded was by you, Shuichi.

I've never been scolded before. It was shocking, really...

And ever since, all I could think about was you...

That's why you have no choice but to become my husband, Shuichi. Even Atua says you have no choice!

But still, getting married...

...Did you not hear what Atua said?

I-I just...can't really think about marriage yet...

But I do want to spend more time with you, Angie.

Hmmm? Do you, really?

I want to learn about your island... I want to learn about Atua... I want to learn about you... There's still so much I don't know.

So, ah, perhaps the marriage can wait until we get to know each other better?


Nyahahaha! Atua says that's okay, too! He says He'll watch over us forever!

And then, Angie and I softly embraced. We felt each other's hearts beating so fast... Our relationship began in fiction...but our beating hearts are real. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

When we first got trapped seemed like a nightmare...

But now, I regret having to give up this kind of life...

That's right... Ryoma has to go back to jail.

Don't feel any sympathy for me...

On the contrary, I'm grateful to you. Thanks to you, I was never bored here... And beyond that, I was able to grasp a faint wisp...of hope...


Yeah, I've got no doubt it's hope. Before I came here, I didn't have any future. But now, I find myself thinking, "When I get out of prison..."

I'm shocked I can still think about the future.

It's true that when I first met him, he wasn't thinking about the future at all. Now, he's always looking forward. Knowing that I helped him change... Nothing makes me happier.

I'm really glad that you said that, Ryoma.

Hmph... You're the same as ever. Right up till the end.

By the way, that thing you said you wanted to do when you got out of jail...

What's the matter...? We had that heart-to-heart and now you're saying you forgot?

N-No, ah...

What did Ryoma want to do when he got out of jail?

I told you... My lover died... Because...I threw her away...

That was wrong. What Ryoma wanted to do is...

Hmph, geez... I never told you a story like that. It seemed like you were listening, but you didn't hear a word, huh?

That was wrong. What Ryoma wanted to do is...

Yeah, the things I threw away... I want to reach out for them again. Well, once I get out of'll be too late for most of them.

Even if it is too late, perhaps your time here gave you a new important thing.

Hmph... How can you say such embarrassing things like that? Just hearing you is making me embarrassed...

Ah, sorry...

Don't apologize. I don't mind things like that. Not at all.

I'm really glad I met you...

I discovered how calloused and strong his hands were... I am certain that these hands can find what he threw away. I can't prove it, but I believe it. Maybe our bond is the reason I believe. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

Strangely, I...had a lot of fun too. I also learned a lot about folklore.

Kehehe... You truly do have the talent to be an anthropologist. Being able to enjoy learning is an important talent in any study.

By the you recall your promise? Our plans for when we left this place?

Our promise? If I'm remembering correctly...

I don't recall making such a promise... Did I speak of Sister at some point...? How do you know about her, Shuichi?

Ah, um, just a hunch...?

That was wrong. The promise we made was...

What are you saying? Shuichi, you're already my top pupil. Besides, that's different from your promise, right?

That was wrong. The promise we made was...

Kehehe... So it seems you haven't forgotten. Yes, I want to see with your own eyes the beauty of humanity as I know it. If I go with you, I know I can discover the beauty of humanity all over again.

So...I will ask you once more. Will you travel the country with me?

Of course. You always look like you're having fun, no matter where you are.

Kehehe...I thought you might say that, Shuichi.

Oh, and...there's someone I want to introduce you to once we get out of here.

Introduce me to?

My lover. She and I are fated to be together. We've promised each other our undying love... I think that you would get along with Sister just fine.

...Sister? Ah, I see, my mistake. I thought you said *lover*...

Kehehe... All will be clear once we get out of this place.

More importantly, Shuichi... Thank you for being my friend.

It would make me very happy if you could be friends with Sister, too...

But I feel like I'd be friends with anyone Kiyo introduced me to. I realize now that I have an unwavering trust in him. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

Fall in love with someone to escape? That was impossible for me from the start!

But I know you've changed, Tenko. A lot has happened in a short time...

...Yeah, I did change. Well, my opinion of degenerate males changed, anyway. Before, I'd rather die than breathe the same air as males... But now, I can tolerate breathing the same air as long as they get a sex change!

...She didn't change all *that* much... But I'm sure it's a big change for Tenko.

You're the reason why I changed so much, you know that? You made me realize something I didn't want to know... That's why I experienced such a huge change of heart...

I did?

Huh!? You didn't forget, did you!?

Of course you remember! Since you went through so much to change me, right!?

The thing that made Tenko change was...

A-Are you making fun of me!? I already knew degenerate males were human beings!

That's one reason why I detested them so much!

That sounds like an even bigger problem...

That was wrong. What changed Tenko's mind was...

...If that's true, then you're gonna have to enlighten me. But I'm pretty sure you can't tell me something that doesn't exist.

That was wrong. What changed Tenko's mind was...

Yes! That's definitely it! You opened my Pandora's box! But because I was able to recognize it, I ended up maturing.


That was a lightning bolt of realization! If I continue to use Neo-Aikido...

I'd be able to change all degenerate males into something more than just degenerates! I'd be able to rid the world of ugly, disgusting degenerates for good!

Ah...I see.

So, then! Shuichi, please master Neo-Aikido! When you become more than just a degenerate, I'll stop holding my breath around you!

You were holding your breath the whole time!?

Oh! If mastering Neo-Aikido is too tough for you, then a sex change would be a lot faster! I would definitely prefer the latter!

Ah, y-yeah...I'll think about it.

I could feel her belief in me through her smile. My heart started beating faster before I even realized it. Yes, Tenko still hates males, but... Maybe I...can love...... Our relationship began in fiction...but my beating heart is real. And thus, our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles...came to an end.

I give it a week tops before he ghosts her ass.

The true ending plays before graduation events normally, but I placed it here at the end for dramatic effect, and to dilute that Tenko stank.


After an oddly-long pause for dramatic effect, Monokuma continued.

You all...

...Yeah. That's what it means.

I'd prefer it if those males were confined here for the rest of their lives...

Relax. I don't have that much free time. I'm not gonna cause any major upshifts in a bonus mode.

But it's the result the viewers wanted, so what's done is done...

Hey, hey! How come they get to decide how this ends?

Just like how it doesn't matter if Himiko's magic is just parlor tricks!

Don't make fun of magic! Magic is the foundation the world is built on!

...Anyway, I'm just gonna leave you all with these words.

Everything went how it was supposed to go. Overall, I think that's a good thing...

He's such a sore loser.

Even if I fail, I learn from my mistakes. That's just the kinda bear I am. I have a lot to think about just in case there are any plans for the future.

You're not making any sense!

Clearly you weren't interested in pawning those candid shots you took of me!

What did I want...? It's obvious, obviously. I'm always thinking about what the audience wants.

...Danganronpa? ...Gonta doesn't understand. Is it cuz Gonta's not smart?

No...he is simply making no sense to begin with.

Welp, see ya later! And don't forget—Monokuma is forever eternal!

So...we're allowed to leave now?

If they suddenly change their minds, I'll kick their asses straight into orbit!

Geez, Kaito...even after all this, you're still just talk.

His top head is already writing checks that his bottom head can't cash!

At any certainly seems as though we can leave this place, right?

The final day... Our life here ends today. We're going to leave this place and return to reality.

Isn't it just plain sad to leave here?

Really? This place has no cultural merit, so my interests lie elsewhere.

To be frank, I'm happy we now have the option to leave...

The scenery here makes cosplay shine. I wanted to enjoy it a bit longer.

Don't you all have any regrets leaving this place?

Once I leave here... I'll be back in prison. When I think about that... Yeah, I've got regrets leaving this place.

We should keep the things we've obtained close to our hearts and work hard toward a new life.

...The things we've obtained?

You get it right, Shuichi? The things we've obtained in this life.


What we obtained from our time here...

Wha—!? How could degenerate males be so vulgarl?

I see. So you're a dark mage that controls the hearts of others, huh?

N-No, that's not it...

I suppose that was wrong. Perhaps...

What!? Are you on Monokuma's side, Shuichil? Were you a Spy like Ryoji!?

Can you please not joke about that, Shuichi? ESpecially not now, at the end. If I found out that...I could no longer trust you...l could never trust anyone again.

Everyone's sick of Shuichi giving them obvious wrong answers.

I-I'm sorry...

What we obtained from our time here...

If we never got dragged into this mess, we never would have met each other. Perhaps that's why the bond between us is so strong.

...Yuck, embarrassing.

As long as we've got our bonds, there's no reason to regret leaving!

I've still got my regrets...

But my memories with you guys...will make prison a little easier on me.

Gonta believes he can work harder! To become true gentleman!

If you require my service, you may call me.

I will pray to Atua for everyone's happiness.

I'll always love you guys forever and ever and eveeeeeeeerrr!!!

...I see... Well, if everyone is okay with that...

An irreplaceable bond. And with that bond in our hearts, we will return to our everyday lives. Lives without Monokuma or the Monokubs or Exisals or locked rooms or rules... Finally, just...a normal life. But...deep down... There's a part of me that regrets having to leave this fictional world. Perhaps I'm just scared of returning to dull days. But we don't have to be scared anymore. If we cherish these bonds between us, we can handle anything. That's how I feel about all this... Our bonds were born from some ridiculous dating game show... But that doesn't make them a farce. On the contrary, it makes them even more real, even more special. We will return to reality with new friendships in our hearts. To boring reality... To a boring, dull reality... Still. It's a reality we love. And thus... our days at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles... came to an end.

There's two more gameplay modes that I won't be covering in this LP, one of which feeds into the other.

Ultimate Talent Development Plan is a board game where you guide a student from any of the the three main games through life at Hope's Peak Academy. The main draw is seeing the casts from different games interact with each other in over a hundred distinct conversations. There's even a board, unlocked through the most expensive casino item, which lets you bump into pixel art of your favorite characters from the DR3 anime, like Juzo and

Monokuma's Test is an old-school dungeon crawler, where you take a party of four characters you went through the board game with, beat up Monokuma-themed monsters, and earn gold to unlock more characters to play in the board game or get upgraded versions with better stat growth. I haven't played that much of either mode; both of my times through the game, I was so satisfied and exhausted by the main campaign that I didn't feel like jumping on this other stuff right after.

There's also a Monopad theme that only drops when you complete Death Road of Despair on its initial difficulty setting, and a very brief snippet of what could have been an alternate ending. I tried for six hours to get through the course and only managed to make it halfway. I'm not enough of a Kaizo fan to keep going.

Ultimately, I think it's best to call it here, with this ending and the promise of life after Danganronpa. Thank you for joining me on this trip through goofy anime bullshit.

Ultra Despair Girls
Ultra Despair Girls theme. These two girls can save the world!

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Love Across the Universe theme.

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