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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 21: Suicidal Tendencies

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

Monokid sways queasily from side to side.

It is now 10 pm. For one 0' you bastards, this might be your last nighttime ever.

Don't do something violent to start the killing game. You can make it one more night.

...Oh! I get it now! I totally get it! It's crystal clear to me now! I understand everything! ...See, look at your face.

That's a crazy face. ...Hehehehehe! Hahahahahaha!



No, it won't be our last nighttime ever... Just our last night in this horrible place. Tomorrow night...I'm getting out of this place with everyone else.


MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

I blame the parents! They haven't properly taught them the true meaning of "thank you"! It's very important to express gratitude to someone who has done something for you. It will make that person feel happy, and they might do something special for you later. In other words, "thank you" isn't just about conveying gratitude... also conveys the expectation of a favor in the future. So the more you say "thank you,” the more you can use the people around you. So always say "thank you" to people, and make them do lots of stuff for your benefit!

Day 5.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

Now Monokid's shaking like a jackhammer and steaming out the ears.

This is an official announcement from the Ultimate Academy. Wake up, bastards. It's 8 am.

Oooh, today's the day the time limit expires. My heart is pounding with excitement.

Don't worry! Even if you end up in hell, at least you can be proud that you didn't do the killing game!

You're just assumin' they're gonna go to hell?

How am I supposed to transcribe this? Jeez.

Hey, Monokid... Why don't we go over there and drink some more honey, okay?


Even then...I barely slept the whole night. I slapped my cheeks and leaped out of bed.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie



Two more ding dongs pop up onscreen.


MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Geez! Finally, you came out! You had me nervous for a second!

Ah, sorry! I was just...going to the bathroom.

Yeah, right...

Ah, sorry to keep you waiting... Let's go to Miu's lab. wanna pray to Atua with me?

Wh-What!? You shouldn't be giving up so easily!

Nyahahaha! True, true.

Huh? What are you talking about?

Atua has spoken... In such dire times, why won't they stop fighting?

Ummmm, they're fighting in the dining hall. Atua is really bummed out about it. the dining hall?

...Okay. I'll go get the cameras.

The classroom by the stairs to the basement... Okay, got it.

Okie-dokie, we'll stop it together.

Who's fighting who though? And why?

Y-Yeah, I am! If you know about the fight, why aren't you stopping—

Why should I? Something's finally happened to break up all the boring tedium.


The time limit ends at 10 pm. tonight! It's just around the corner! If people feel like they need to take action to survive...who are you to stop them, Kaede?


So...go stop them! I believe in you!

That's...definitely a lie!

So...put an end to their fighting! I believe in you!

...Yeah, Angie told me. Stay out of it.

I can't just stay out of it!


Because it could start the killing game?


Footstep sounds.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

I...really don't know what to do, Kaede. Ryoma started talking crazy...

So that more people can survive. ...Even if it's just one more.

The last time I saw them, they looked like they were arguing.

Kaede, listen to him...

Don't you get it? If time runs out like this, we'll all get annihilated, y'know?

What!? Now, hold on a minute!


MUSIC: Wonderful Story

Ryoma! What are you saying!?

You don't get that either? I'm saying that I'll give you guys my life.

I...don't have a reason to live anymore.

N-No way! We promised we'd all get out of here together!

Hmph, I hoped it'd end that way. That's why I waited so long to bring this up. But we've just been waiting for the deadline without doing anything to change it.'s not idealism—

Whoever murders me gets to leave without a trial. Everyone else survives the time limit... After that, the person who gets to escape can go for help and rescue everyone else.

U—Um...well... ...

What should I do? Maybe if I share Shuichi's plan with him, Ryoma will change his mind—


There's no need for that, because I'm going to end this game.

You're...going to end this game?

It's not about outfoxing everyone in this killing game, it's about ending the game itself.

Can you...even accomplish such a feat?

I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't think I could.

And how will you end it? You understand that the time limit expires tonight, yes?

What do you mean?

Just what I said. I'm going to end this game...


Hmph, when you put it like that, it seems like I still have a ways to go.

Do what you want. Whether you guys live or die is up to you.

Anyway, Rantaro... Were you serious when you said you knew a way to end this game?

...Not sure.


Okie-dokie... Then Angie will pray for your strategy's success, Rantaro.

Haha, now that's a threat. Well, I'll do my best to live up to your expectations, hm?

I guess...I *have* to do my best.

I suspect he only said that to defuse the situation and stop Ryoma. I mean, ending this game...?

Nyhahahaha, you don't know that!

Rantaro's hidden talent... ...

I want to know what it is, but we don't have much time left. I can't worry about that now.

I don't have time to worry about things I don't understand... I just need to do what I can. Or else...l won't be able to protect everyone.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Nyahahaha! But I'm not scared cuz I've got Atua with me!

Your you all accept that the end is upon you.

My desire is to fulfill the desires of others, so I shall comply with everyone's final decision.

Yeah, about that... Ryoma and Rantaro got into a fight...

F-Fight!? Where!? Gonta go stop them!

No, it's fine now, so you don't need to worry about it.

Don't worry about it. If Angie hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known about it either.


How about you eat breakfast with them?

Really? Then Gonta also go to dining hall!


Hey, so earlier, I saw Shuichi...

Huh? Wh-What? don't say...

I wonder what he was doing in there so early in the morning...

I don't think that anything happened, but in a life-or-death situation like this...

The sound bite is "Do you want to try?"

Um, I don't think so...

Yeah, you're's not the time for that. The time limit's up tonight anyway. should I spend the last day of my life?

Ah, it's alright. I just got here too.

How did it go? Did Miu finish the cameras?

She must have been working all night. She was even too tired to make fun of me...

Two cameras that will take a picture when the sensor detects movement...

Of course, they're turned off right now, so they aren't taking any pictures...

Since they're disposable cameras, we'll have to manually wind the film, right?

So once they're set up, they'll take pictures every time the sensor is triggered?

She also modified them so that they'll be completely silent, to not attract attention.

They're completely silent... This is perfect.

And do these cameras have flashes?

Yeah, they still have flashes on them, but I switched them off. They shouldn't be a problem.

Yeah, I'll be careful.

Alright, I'll tell you a little bit about this classroom before we set up in the library.

Huh? Tell me about this classroom?

That's fine, but why this classroom?

Because we can see anyone who goes down to the basement. With the door open a little...

AUDIO: Invitation to the Underground

Oh yeah, you're right! We can keep a lookout for anyone who goes down to the basement!

One more reason?

It's connected to the library in the basement. You'll recognize the smell immediately.

The smell?

After Shuichi told me that, I leaned in closer to the vent—

It's probably a vent to control the humidity in the library.

Then again, everything about this school is odd...

This vent is the other reason I chose this specific classroom to keep watch.

I don't think I could fit through there... Well, maybe I could but it'd be tough.

Well, I guess this is the perfect spot to keep a lookout.

Anyway, it's time. We should set up the cameras now...

I'm getting nervous... Ngh, my heart is racing.

Next time, the trap springs.