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Part 22: I Turn My Camera On

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Yes, the camera should capture the exact moment the mastermind moves the bookcase.

Then where are we putting the other two sensors?

The front entrance near the stairs, and the rear entrance to the hallway... Let's aim one at each entrance. That way, we'll have pictures of everyone who enters the library.

Wait, shouldn't we make sure a person could actually fit through it?

I think it'll be fine, since we'll be keeping watch in the classroom... But we should investigate it a little more, just in case.

But we can't reach that high. Hm...we need something to stand on.

It wasn't really a fight... Ryoma had just suggested that we kill him...

No one agreed to it, of course... And then Rantaro suddenly said he'd end the game.

End the game...? Does Rantaro even know how to do that?

I don't think so... He probably just said that to stop Ryoma...

Yeah... Yes, definitely.


MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

AUDIO: Air Circulation!

Do you wanna switch?

Nah...I'm fine... By the way, can you see my, um...delicates?

Ah! Sorry!

Sorry, huh? So you did see them...

There's a grate covering the vent, so I don't think anyone can go through... Can I take the grate off?

Urgh, there we go!

Did you break something, Kaede?

Um, no...I didn't break it...


I saw the look on his face. He probably thinks I'm a klutz... I pushed the grate into the duct... ...then I lifted my body and looked inside.

So how's it look? Could a person fit in there? would be pretty difficult, but you might be able to crawl through. I can't really get to the vent with all these books in the way, though...

Well, we'll be able to see the entrance to the vent in the classroom... So that should be okay, right?

Just in case, I'll stack more books around the vent so no one can get through.

With that, I began to arrange the books around the vent.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie




I think this plan might actually protect everyone! Yeah, it definitely will! This plan is perfectly composed like Chopin's ballades!

I actually really like complicated contraptions, like Rube Goldberg machines and stuff. So I'm positive this will work! This setup is perfect!

Of course! We'll definitely catch the mastermind, and then we'll all escape!

So let's hurry and set up the cameras!

Yes, so, I think it would be a good idea to set up the cameras between books, so that—

What if we place a camera up there? I'm sure the mastermind wouldn't notice it.

Ah, but with all the books stacked on top... I don't know if there's room for the camera.

Then I'll test it out while you prepare the sensor on the bookcase. I'll organize the books on top of the bookcase and see if I can make room for a camera.

That way, we won't waste any time, right?

Y-Yeah...that sounds like a good idea.

Alright! Then let's do it!

The top of the bookcase is covered end to end with cluttered stacks of books.

This is nothing!

Wait! I just gotta try a little harder!

...Kaede, I know you don't like to admit defeat, but really, it's alright...

I flipped open the book.

... ...

Sorry...I get distracted easily when I'm organizing things.

It'd be easier if I could move them to the ground, but that would look suspicious.

Yeah... We have to minimize any risk of the mastermind noticing the cameras.

Then I guess it'd be better to put the camera between the books, like you suggested.


N-No, I don't... Ah, if we put them on top of the bookcase, the angle wouldn't quite reach...

Arghhh! And here I thought it'd be a good idea!

So, about the places to put the cameras...

SHUICHI: ...and the camera linked to it will be set up right here.

KAEDE: We're gonna place the other two cameras near the exit and entrance, right?

SHUICHI: They would have to pass by here no matter which door they used.

KAEDE: Yeah, sounds good.

I'll set it carefully so the camera has a clear shot when the mastermind moves the bookcase.

Let me take care of the security sensor on top of the bookcase... And we'll set the cameras near each door.


AUDIO: Hidden Cameras!

I meticulously placed the cameras in the gaps of the bookshelves.

We need to set up the camera carefully so that it's aimed at the moving bookcase.

I better use a lot of duct tape so the camera won't fall out of position. These cameras are important... so I gotta do it right.

SHUICHI: And if they move the bookcase in front of the hidden door, our sensor will detect that...

KAEDE: And at that moment, the camera attached to the sensor will snap the critical picture.

Yeah, this should do it. No doubt about it. This plan will probably work.

Oh, right. We should turn them on before we leave.

There's a ten second delay as it starts up, so we have to leave quick.

Got it. It'd be a waste of film if it took our pictures.

...we quickly exited the library.

There's still some time left... Do you want to go see anybody?

No, I'd rather focus on the plan. Besides, I'm sure everyone else is safe.

Plus, once we get out of here, I'll have all the time in the world to see them.

That's true... Well, let's go to the classroom.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

...Upon entering the classroom, a wave of anxiety suddenly overwhelmed me. My heart felt like it would beat out of my chest at any moment.


Ah...Kaede? About sensor receiver...

Ah, there's a power switch on it. Make sure you don't turn it off by accident. hold on to it, Shuichi. You're the one who came up with this plan... And...I trust you.

Also, Shuichi...



MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

I guess it's good that we have some time left, because I wanted to talk to you about that.

Talk to me...?

Why do they need to block it when we can already leave the school?

Especially since the Ultimate Initiative selected you as the Ultimate Detective.

No, really, I...shouldn't be the Ultimate Detective. I'm not...even a real detective.


NEW MUSIC: Moon on the Water

...I didn't even really want to be a detective.

My uncle runs a detective business... I would sometimes help out, as an apprentice. It was usually just...cheating couples... background checks...

I solved it before the police did. They called me the "boy detective." That's when I got scouted by the Ultimate Initiative... Though I only solved one case...

Even so, it's still amazing that you solved a murder case. Most people can't do that.

...I wonder.

AUDIO: Guilt

SHUICHI: The victim was abusive... They drove the culprit's relative to suicide. People told me...the culprit was right to do what he did. The victim deserved it. But I led the police right to him... Of course he hated me...

Yeah...I uncovered the truth. Which makes it my fault. And I'm still suffering the consequences.

...I'll never forget those eyes. The hatred... The way they...stared into me...

Ah, anyway...that's why I have trouble looking people in the eyes sometimes...

So that's why he wears that hat...

...I'm not a real detective, Kaede. What kind of stupid detective is afraid of finding the truth?

Right then, I noticed Shuichi's hands were trembling.

I gently reached out and held his hand.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

AUDIO: Hand of Despair

I wish there was a piano here. I would play you a song to help you cheer up! Hmm...a pretty song to play for you... Oh, like "Clair de Lune" by Debussy! It's a soothing song that calms your heart, like the moon's reflection on water...


You noticed, huh? Yeah... I'm shaking, too. But...I'd be a mess if you weren't here. I wouldn't have been able to do anything... I would've been so lost... I'm glad you're here with me, Shuichi. With you by my side, I feel like I can stand up to anything. You give me the courage I need to take on the mastermind. So, more confident. I believe in you, so you should definitely believe in yourself!


I don't know if I can, but I'll try...

Yup, *that's* a promise.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Also, I think you would look way cooler if you didn't wear that hat.

Wh-What are you talking about?

What? I'm serious here. Once we're out of here, I want you to show me what you look like without the hat, okay?

Geez...I just wanna see everyone smile.

I love seeing the expressions people make when they're enjoying themselves. That's why I play piano... To see the smiles on everyone's faces.

And that's why we need to expose the mastermind and end this dumb killing game!

So we can smile with everyone else!

We did all we could...and prepared for whatever happened next. I was nervous, of course... But all we could do was wait for the moment to arrive. As the time limit drew closer and closer... And then suddenly...the moment arrived.

NEW MUSIC: Let's Start the Killing Game!

This track is actually diegetic, so I recommend you listen to it.

Maybe it's a warning that we need to start killing. The time limit is almost up...


I hear people the hallway...

I focused my attention on the hallway... I could hear a group of boys and girls talking. I tried my best to listen while I peered through the gap of the classroom door—

AUDIO: Slowly...

KAEDE: Kaito, Gonta, Maki... Tenko, Angie, Himiko and...Rantaro, too?

The seven continued to walk down the stairs.

Rantaro was with them, too. Didn't he say he would end this game?

It's almost nighttime, right? If they're all heading to the basement right now...

KAEDE: Kaito, Gonta, Maki, Tenko, Angie, Himiko, and Rantaro... One of them is the mastermind?

They're not planning on going to the library, are they? That would be bad... They'll scare off the mastermind from using the bookcase and ruin the plan.

I'm going to check out the basement!

I'll come with you!

No! You stay and keep watch, Kaede!

Realizing I was alone, all the fear and anxiety I was trying to hide rushed back into me.

I started cleaning for no reason at all.

Even now that I'm going through this game with a fine-toothed comb, I still find this sequence pretty damn tense.

I had to move my body. The anxiety was getting to me.

I continued to distract myself with cleaning until Shuichi finally came back.

Huh? O-Oh, no reason... Anyway, what about the people down in the basement?

Everything is okay. They all went to the Game Room.

A beeping sound plays, and we pan back to the monitor.

Yeah, it's almost time...

I'm sure that the mastermind will make their move soon. If Monokuma is going to show up when time runs out, the mastermind will go to the library—

Then, it happened so suddenly.

My heart nearly leapt out of my chest as the receiver in Shuichi's hand suddenly went off.

Sh-Shuichi, the receiver!

W—Wait for me!

I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I was so nervous, my head felt like it was pounding with every heartbeat.


It'll be fine. Everything will work out. I was still convincing myself when I caught up with Shuichi, who had his hand on the door—

Strategy meeting?

When the time limit hits, we're gonna fight Monokuma! We gotta plan for that battle! We thought it'd be harder for Monokuma to get to the basement, so we're going to the Game Ro—

H-Hold on! Both of you, come with us! The mastermind is in the library!

We'll explain later, but right now, we need you to come with us. We...might really be able to end this killing game.

A-Are you serious!?

This isn't a competition! I'm gonna open the door right now, okay!?

I stepped inside the library.

But there was no sign of the mastermind. The moving bookcase had closed on its own, without any outside help.

And then, not too far from the moving bookcase...we saw...

:siren:VIDEO: The First Body Discovery:siren:

...lay dead on the ground.