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by Solitair

Part 23: First of the Gang to Die

AUDIO: Rantaro... Dead?

KAITO: What in the world!? What the hell is going on!?

TENKO: Ah...aah...aaahh...

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

...and the four people who were in the Game Room rushed in.

Whaaaat? He's dead? Well, that's unfortunate.

Shuichi examined Rantaro's body and placed his hand close to his mouth to check for breathing.

...We're too late.

He shook his head.

T-Too late...? You mean...dead?

H-He's dead...?

But out of sheer desperation, I kept my mind working.


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

It was no longer displaying Monokuma anymore. Does that mean...the mastermind is dead? Yeah, that has to be it. This means, Rantaro was—


Maybe the killing game hasn't started... Maybe...this just ended it.

Ended it? What do you mean?

What!? The mastermind!?

There's a high chance that the mastermind planned this. And if he's dead...

AUDIO: Body Discovery Announcement #1

Everyone, please gather in the library!

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

I gotta admit, I was a little nervous there cuz the killing game hadn't started yet. guys really know how to keep me in suspense.

H-How? The mastermind controlling you is...

And you think it was Rantaro?

If the mastermind had died, this killing game would be over.


Wh-What are you talking about?


Yeah! We came here as soon as the sensor went off, right? No one else was in the library... Rantaro was the only one who could've moved the bookcase... Wouldn't that mean he was trying to use that hidden door, and that he was the mastermind?

Why...? Why is he dead...? ...


I'm sure that the cameras we set up in the library will give us a clue—

At that moment, the library door swung wide open...

, my. What a world this is, so full of jokes like this.

Oh, I mean...

That's the same thing...

The guy who wanted to live ended up dead... and the guy who wanted to die survived.

Thanks to the First Blood Perk, there won't be a class trial, so that'd just be a waste of time.

The one who...killed Rantaro?

How you know boy do it!?

Tch... That dumbass! How dare he go and get himself killed!

Puhuhu... Don't get so angry. Send off your graduating classmate with warm farewells.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

But if it's gonna disrupt the process, then we're gonna bust out the Exisals!

Ughhh... I'm not gonna look... I don't wanna look at a nasty, dead body...

I'll throw in a wedding every now and then, but funerals are insane! Like fishin' with dynamite!

Heck yeah! I'm a real stickler for the rules! I'm also tough on convenience store clerks!


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

Hey, didja hear me? All the blackened has to do to graduate is speak up, y'know?

Puhuhu... I see how it is.

Very well, then.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

Now this is a spicy twist!

W—Wait... What the heck's going on?

Get it right and only the blackened will be punished. But if you get it wrong—

...Everyone besides the blackened will be punished.

This outcome is much worse. The culprit should have just stepped forward.

If you don't investigate the murder, you won't be able to argue over who did it.

So you're saying we need to do the investigation ourselves, too?

Of course! The investigation is what makes the killing game so good! You guys are gonna investigate this crime and uncover the truth!


Puhuhu... The blackened's handiwork has made this much more entertaining than I expected...

Exit Monokuma.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

W-Wait...where do we start?

We're looking for the truth of Rantaro's death, right? If we can't figure out who the culprit is, then we'll be annihilated for sure.

I-I don't wanna be annihilated! The girls should be allowed to live, at least!

Nyeeeh... I'm just a cute, normal girl who can use magic, y'know?

Do not fret. Just imagine this as something out of a police drama or detective manga.

Right, Shuichi?


I'm in trouble... I've never watched police dramas or read detective manga!

Well...there's no need to think so hard. We need only converse with the corpse... A corpse is not simply a dead person. That is just an assumption made by the living. it true? Is one of us really the culprit?

...The odds are one in fifteen. That shouldn't be hard to figure out.

Eeeny, meeny, miney, moe... Who's the killer? Only Atua knows...


For now...we need to trust each other and start a serious investigation.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

If we all lose our trust in one another because of's all over!

We have to believe in each other and investigate this case.

Investigating is the same thing as not trusting each other.

He wants us to throw accusations at one another, and lose all trust in each other...

And we...can't let him get what he wants.


Ah...did I...say something wrong?

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Ah, no, I just...said what was on my mind...

You really are a detective! Now that we need to investigate, you're becoming super reliable!

I agree with Shuichi. Actually, he just said exactly what I was gonna say!

Males are degenerate creatures who betray others easily, but I'll trust you this time... The only good thing about males is that girls give birth to them!

As novice investigators, logic dictates that we work together rather than give in to paranoia.

If this is what everyone desires...then I shall give this task my all.

You can leave it to me! I'll find the culprit in no time!


Yeah...of course they haven't. I can't change what has already happened. All I can do is what must be done. Otherwise...Rantaro died for nothing. I have to do it. I won't give up.

So, let's get started.

We need to do this. So poor Rantaro won't have any regrets...and so we can survive.

Yes... Let's find the culprit who killed Rantaro.

You're right! Let's do it!

Thank you, Shuichi... So much has happened in such a short time, and I haven't been able to keep up with everything... But I know that I need to fight back against this class trial to protect everyone!

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

It's okay! At least now you guys seem like you're getting into it!

This is giving me the heebie-jeebies.

Whoops, my bad. It's a Monokuma File.

The Monokuma File is a detailed report that summarizes all the info about the dead body! But there's no info that would point to the blackened, cuz that would ruin the trials.

I dunno, maybe you guys'll find it useful since you're not experienced investigators, y'know?

Exit Monokuma

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

Whether you believe it or not, it would still be prudent to examine its contents, no?

Atua has spoken... He says we shouldn't take our eyes off of the Monopad.

This file has all the info about the victim? I wonder what it says.

Kaede slides her finger down.

The estimated time of death is 9:10 pm. The victim was subjected to blunt force trauma to the back of the skull...resulting in cranial fractures and immediate death. No other injuries were detected.

It doesn't say whether or not he's the mastermind... Well, that's obvious... But the killing game is still going I'm gonna assume he wasn't, right? But if Rantaro wasn't the mastermind... then who is? really dead.


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

...Mastermind? I'm sorry, what are we talking about?

Kaede... Please explain what is going on, and spare us no detail.

Yeah, I will...

We told them about the possibility of the mastermind hiding among us... And about the trap we had set in the library to lure them out... And that someone got snagged in our trap, so we came to the library to check... ...and discovered Rantaro's body.

Kh! So you used those cameras I modified for this bullshit!?

But...why would you keep something so important a secret from us?

Once we knew one of us was the mastermind, we'd start fighting over who it was... That's what you two were afraid of, wasn't it?

Y-Yeah... That's right...

Aw maaan, that's so boring!

Your amusement is the least of our concerns! We need to check the cameras right now!

The culprit should be in the pictures. It'll be case closed.

It was hard removing the camera that Kaede set up, she really taped it down well...

Well, I really didn't want that camera to fall, since it was aimed at the moving bookcase.

Now, we just have to develop the film...

Allow me to perform that task.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!


I'll develop the photos so you bastards can focus on the investigation!

Cuz if you guys get punished, it would be way too gory!

H-Hey! Don't butt into our—

I am a strong, sensual woman. Do not underestimate me.

No need to worry. We all have to follow the rules. We won't do anything underhanded or devious. So I'll let you know when I'm finished developing the photos.

Exit Monophanie.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

It was pointless to yell at her. Monophanie left as swiftly as the wind.

Awwww, there she goes.

N-No... That was important evidence.

I'm sorry... I-I was being careless...

And she said she had to follow the rules, so I don't think she would destroy evidence.

Looks like we've got no choice but to believe that.

It's important to believe. Atua only shows mercy to those who believe.


That's not all I'm worried about... I thought this whole thing would be over once we exposed the mastermind...

...Ah...Kaede? I...have a proposal for you.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

I know I'm just an apprentice, but...I think I can help you, as a detective. No, I...I *want* to help you.

Of course! With you at my side, it'll be like having 100 people helping me!

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Hey, sooo...I don't care about this mushy stuff, so let's just get started already. And try to take this seriously, okay? Our lives are on the line.

It takes a lot of mental power to say something like that so cheerfully...

Huh? Why?

If we let the culprit work by themselves, they might try and destroy evidence, right?

Oh, you're right... Since the culprit is one of us...

I do not intend to offer a suggestion that would further arouse suspicion, but...

No, that's logical! Please speak your mind, Kirumi!

It's not something you should be proud to say... but I guess we don't have a choice. After all, if we don't find out who the culprit is, we'll all be killed.

Once we expose the mastermind, we'll be able to escape...


Next time, we kick off our investiga-ation with the library and the body.