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by Solitair

Part 25: Monster Movie

MUSIC: Despair Searching

Not many people here right now.

Let's ask her what she was doing. were in the Game Room when Rantaro was killed, right?

What were you all doing down here? Rantaro was with you, right?

Oh, no! That's not what I meant—

You should suspect me. In fact, you should be suspicious of everyone.

Someone got killed right after we all gathered here. The timing is too perfect. Then again, with the time limit so close to expiring, maybe that's why it happened...

I can't get a read on Maki at all. She just saw a dead body, yet she's perfectly calm. It's hard to imagine her as the Ultimate Child Caregiver.

It was Kaito's idea. He suddenly wanted to hold a strategy meeting and gathered us together. He said we should confront Monokuma once the time limit expires.

Kaito thought Himiko's magic and Angie's connection to Atua would be useful.

But what about you, Maki? Why did he also pick the Ultimate Child Caregiver?

That's it? Geez... That does sound like something Kaito would do, though...

But why have a strategy meeting in the Game Room in the basement?

...Beats me. Maybe Kaito figured it would be harder for Monokuma to find us here.

In other words, it was just a coincidence?

He first. But then he excused himself to go to the bathroom, and left on his own...

Kaito and Tenko went looking for him so we could finish the meeting before time expired.

That must've happened around...

Well, never mind. Your timing's perfect. You should join our strategy meeting.

Kaede is definitely welcome to join!

Angie, Himiko, and I were the only ones who stayed behind. Gonta never joined us.

Gonta did arrive, but then he left and locked himself in the A/V Room in the back.

He was in the A/V Room by himself?

Suspicious behavior, isn't it? The other two felt the same way.

What other two?

Kaede...have you never been in there before?

Nope, not yet. Anyway, let's go.

Let's ignore that you can totally get in there before Rantaro's death, and that we did just that earlier in the LP.

There we go. That's a decent crowd to interrogate.

N-No judge Gonta by his outside. On inside, Gonta gentleman.

Hey, what's going on here?

Oh, hey there, Kaede. We're just trying to ask him—

Or...are you not not the culprit? Are you not not not the culprit?

Gonta not not no...u-uhhh...

I think your questions are the problem.

Then I'll change the question. Timmy buys five strawberries for 50 cents each and one apple...

Hey, Gonta. I talked to Maki earlier... You were in the basement A/V Room alone the whole time, right?

But...what were you doing here alone?

Gonta happy to be invited to meeting. But Gonta think he not be much help, cuz he not smart...

Um...what? How does that help?

So it helps you fight... Okay, sure. You do you, Gonta.

But...why was it locked?

What was locked?

Himiko, can you just shut up for a second? You're making this harder than it needs to be.

Gonta...can you tell us what happened next?

Gonta...just need focus. If Gonta no focus... Gonta no can fill up with fight.

Cuz...Gonta feel so useless!

But I wonder what really happened... Could he actually be the mastermind?

Kaede, let's investigate this room a little more. We also need to verify Gonta's alibi.

Yeah, you're right.

Gonta watching bug movie, to fill Gonta with fight. So Gonta can fight Monokuma. But Gonta need focus to fill up with fight... So Gonta lock door.

That sounds like a lie... If you don't tell the truth, l'll blow your clothes off with magic.

Himiko, shut up! Stop saying ridiculous things! one believe Gonta!? Gonta feel so...pathetic!

Kaito, can you tell me more about this strategy meeting of yours? You gathered everyone to meet in the basement, right?

No, um...that's not what I'm—

Nah, it's natural that you're suspicious of me.

I've got nothing to hide, so you can ask me anything!


Kaito went to the scene with us, so he might have noticed something we missed.

Alright, then. Where should we start?

After Kaede and I set up the cameras, we were keeping watch from the classroom. Some time passed, and then we saw you guys go down to the basement.

I don't remember the exact time...but I asked them one by one and we all went there together.

That's when we saw you...

That creepy music made it hard to keep the strategy meeting going.

I want to confirm what you've told me so far...

Yeah, we went straight to the Game Room. But right after we went inside... Gonta went into the A/V Room and wouldn't come out.

Yeah, Maki told me about that.

But we thought it'd be bad if the meeting stopped, so me and Tenko went to get him back. And that's when we met up with you guys.

We had gone down to the basement because the security sensor receiver went off.

And right when I was about to open the library door, you guys called out to us.

Yeah, I can guarantee it.

I we can't confirm Gonta's alibi yet.

The library's rear entrance is at the end of the hallway, correct? Did you see anyone there?

Well...I didn't get a good look, but I'm sure I woulda noticed if someone was there.


That's just about how it went.

Hm... We didn't learn any new information, though.

So I'm not cleared of suspicion yet, huh?

Ah, don't're not a likely suspect...

If you suspect me, you better pursue it to the end. Investigate until you're satisfied. If you don't do that, you'll never reach the truth. Rantaro will have died for no reason.



A-Anyway, if you notice something or remember anything, let us know!

Well, I'm not planning on leaving it all to you guys. I'll investigate my own way!

If either of us find something, we'll report it to the other, got it!?

No, it's still too early to determine that. There are a lot of things to consider...

Nyeeeh...really? Even so, it's definitely Gonta. He's suspicious, no matter how you look at it.

Investigating is a pain... Gonta's suspicious, no matter how you look at it...

Magic shouldn't be used like that. It'll lead to corruption...

Then stop being so lazy and put some actual effort into solving this...

The one with the pianist that has eyes like a dead fish, right?

This film won awards for its phenomenal music! U.S. audiences were moved to tears!

Well, Americans do tend to get emotional...

oh god

What else do they have here... Hm?

...Find any movies over there?

There's nothing here but a bunch of moobies! I...I mean, movies!

No! D-Don't come over here!

We were both looking down at the floor with beet-red faces.

I told you...

Is this a movie poster...? They're all the same, too...

I took a poster out and unrolled it.

Pfffft! Yeah, right.

It looks like a game... But I've never heard of it before.

A high school girl with a megaphone and a serial killer... Sounds like some lame spin-off.

You have no idea.

Is this one of Monokuma's pranks?


But when the countdown stopped, that obnoxious noise stopped, too. I wonder what would've happened if the time limit had expired...

...Hm? So what?

I was just thinking...that it could be used for something.

Used how?

Ah, you think so? can treat it as me talking to myself...

It seems that way... Let's check.

It's a sliding door. I'll open it...

I tried to open it, but...

Looks like it wasn't installed right... I can only stick my arm through.

I can see the hallway on the other side, but I suppose it's not possible to use this door...

...I agree.

Huh? You think Gonta could eat this door?

Ah, no, not that. I mean I don't think he did anything like that. Look at this...

I guess an arm could fit through as well, if it were thin enough...

What's the matter, Shuichi?

Nothing... Just something I want to confirm. I'm going to try the sliding door one more time.

As Shuichi peeked through the gap of the sliding door, he muttered...

...I thought so. Look, you can see the rear entrance to the library from here.

...Hm? So what?

I'm not sure if it matters yet...but it is a little concerning.

Then, what should we do next?

For now, let's ask the others some questions. There are still people we haven't talked to.

This would be done with if we had the pictures. We wouldn't have to waste our time like this. We'd already know who the mastermind is...

That's true... But we shouldn't wait around and do nothing.

Yeah, you're right...

Investigating is important, but I gotta say my prayers to Atua, too.

O Atua... Please let Rantaro enter heaven safe and sound.

I suppose...a prayer couldn't hurt...

It'd be nice if he could...

Don't worry, I'll pray hard. If I pray hard enough, I'll earn enough points to become a platinum disciple.

Sounds like a credit card rewards program...

We asked Tenko about what happened in the Game Room...

But she only confirmed what Maki had told us, and didn't provide any new information.

I see...

Not to mention he's also a male!

Um... Are you submitting that as evidence?

By the way, how has your investigation been going?


Hey, degenerate! Don't give me that face! I've been doing something else! I've been watching Angie!

Watching Angie...?

But Angie's just been wandering around alone!

Ooh, that's why you're with Angie?

I don't wanna suspect anyone, either...but girls' lives are at stake here.

For an investigation like this to work, we have to trust each other...

Oooh, she does NOT look happy right now.

Don't act all high and mighty with me, you two-faced degenerate!

S-Sorry, that wasn't my intention...

Besides, it doesn't matter if I suspect Angie or not... It doesn't change the fact that we all agreed to work together for this investigation!

But he just... whatever. Next time, we talk to more pleasant people... mostly.