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Part 26: How to Dress Well

MUSIC: Despair Searching

We still have a few people left to question.

Are you here alone, Kokichi?

Hm? Yeah, why?

We all agreed to investigate with at least one other person.

Why would you do something that would make everyone suspicious of you?

Cuz I'm an evil supreme leader, remember? I'm supposed to be suspicious!

What were you doing at the time Rantaro was killed?

Oooooh, an interrogation from the Ultimate Detective himself? What a rare opportunity. Then I'll gladly answer! To tell you the truth...

Why? Do I really need to tell you guys what I was doing?


If I gave you honest answers now, it'd just make everything boring, riiiight? I'd rather just tell you at the class trial! That would be way more fun!

Wh-What are you saying?

I'm just saying...this is a game. Let's have some fun with it!

...This isn't a game. Rantaro was murdered. All our lives are at stake!


Nee-heehee...I'm so excited. I want the class trial to start already.

Is...Kokichi actually enjoying this situation?

Nee-heehee... This is a game. We should have fun with it, right?

Alright, have fun playing with yourself.

You were on lookout inside this classroom, right?

Yeah. From here, we could keep an eye on the basement, and it was close to the library, too.

We were both in this classroom when the murder occurred.

I see... Then the probability that you two committed the crime is extremely low...

No...I did leave for a bit to see what was happening in the basement. But besides that, we were together the whole time, until the receiver went off.

Y-Yeah, that's right...

Is that all you wanted to ask?

Oh, may I ask you one more question? Specifically, about that vent...

Because the culprit wouldn't be able to use this vent if we're in here on lookout.

Under those circumstances, it would be difficult to sneak into the library from here.

With those in the way, it would be even harder for someone to go in and out.

Really? I will be sure to save that important piece of information to my memory bank.

I hope my line of questioning has not offended either of you. It is necessary, so that we may find the truth.

Keebo, you totally sounded like a detective or a lawyer just now!

Let's ask these two what they were doing when the body discovery announcement played.

Not at all, Reasonablist Bear.

Ah... My alibi.


...Um, are you glitching right now?

No, I'm just searching for the right words. don't have an alibi?

But Ryoma said he was alone in his room, too.

Geez, way to throw him under the bus.

But I see... Both Keebo and Ryoma don't have an alibi... That means, it's possible one of those two is the mastermind...

Umm... Am I under suspicion because I don't have an alibi?

No... I won't suspect you just because you don't have an alibi.

"I'd have voted for Siri for a third term if I could!"

Thank you very much. don't need to be so PC.

"I'd prefer it if you were more like a Mac."

Huh? How'd you know?

My appearance and actions thus far suggest I am someone who would commit a murder.

At least he's self-aware...

When the body discovery announcement played, I was in the dining hall, eating supper.

The Monokubs prepared the meal for me. It was listed on the menu as... "Pasta that tastes like a lonely old lady eating her grandkid's birthday cake" or somesuch...

...That pasta sounds depressing.

That concludes my alibi... I do hope it can be of some help.

Ah...if there was something to note, it would be that Miu was tinkering with something or other. There was also a brief period of time where Tsumugi left to use the restroom.

The restroom, huh? Interesting. Well, Tsumugi *is* the Ultimate Cosplayer.

Someone else? But who?

I don't know, but I'll go talk to her. She should be at the crime scene in the library.

Huh? What about Kokichi?

We don't need to ask him. He was definitely alone. Everyone we talked to hadn't seen him, so no one would corroborate his alibi, right? That means he must have been alone.

Shuichi and l were on lookout in the classroom that connects with this vent...

When the countdown stopped, all that obnoxious noise stopped, too. I wonder what would've happened if the time limit had expired...

Huh? Don't rush me! I'm almost done sketchin' the floor plan! Till then, just shut the hell up, Kaediot!

...I wonder if she'll finish the sketches on time...

Yeah, kinda...

Hmph, well that's a good thing, right?

I just want to make sure of something... What were you doing when the body was found?

Unfortunately, I don't have one. I was just in my dorm room alone.

That backs up what Keebo said... But if you think about it... Since he said something that he knows will make him suspicious...maybe I can trust him?

You're going to ask Tsumugi about what we talked about, right?

During the body discovery announcement, I was in the dining hall.

Kiyo, Tsumugi, and Miu were there as well. Kiyo was dining, while Miu was tinkering with some piece of machinery.

ln retrospect...Miu was most likely working on that drone of hers.

Kirumi and the others' alibis seem to check out. Now...I just need to confirm Tsumugi's.

Hey, Tsumugi... I need to ask you something...


She looks like she's busy thinking about something, she won't talk to me...

Okay, but that's no excuse to give up.

I'm gonna lift your skirt, Tsumugi. You okay with that?

I'm not!

Wait! Kaede!

You better talk, or I'm gonna lift your skirt for Shuichi to see. And then I'm gonna tie your skirt around your head so everyone can see your panties.

Oh, took you long enough.

Well, I can't let Shuichi's innocent eyes get dirty...

Are you saying you've seen dirtier, Shuichi?

What did you want to talk about?

That means you could disguise yourself as anyone—even one of us, right?

Oh, so that's what you think of me. Well, since we're in this situation, I'll be clear...

You can't? Isn't it easy to just wear someone else's clothes as a disguise and—

Ah! S-Sorry!'ll probably have a hard time believing me if I just say it, so I'll show you.


Ah, wait!

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

Hey, now...there's no way I'd do a thing like that.

Well, because I'm going to cosplay as you, of course. Now give me your clothes.

Huh? But—

Come on, come on. Hurry up!


After telling me to look the other way, I waited while she changed into my clothes...

AUDIO: Equivalent Exchange

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

A gross, bumpy rash had spread across Tsumugi's body.

Hi...I'm Kaede Akamatsu...


This isn't cosplay of the spiky-headed underling of a certain space emperor... This is cospox—an allergic reaction that happens when I dress up as real people. This is the price for my power... The equivalent exchange for my cosplay.

O-Okay! I get it! Change out of my clothes already!

Tsu-Tsumugi couldn't have disguised herself...

You understand, since you saw the cospox, right? Cosplay is love.

From fiction into the real world... Like an oracle channeling the gods.

That's why I can cosplay various characters from across the wide world of fiction... But it's impossible to cosplay as someone who exists in the real world.

You know, this never comes up in the game, but I wonder if she can cosplay as fictionalized versions of real people, or historical figures. What happens if she dresses as the version of Nobunaga from Onimusha, or anyone from Bungo Stray Dogs?

I-I really didn't need that long explanation.

Monokid's face is cycling through the colors of the rainbow, he's shaking up and down, and steam's coming out his ears. Poor baby.

No, it's not! We're just announcing that the photos are ready! Don't interrupt meeee! Anyway, I'll be waiting at the warehouse.

...Huh? Hey... Does my face look weird to you? Has my face...always looked this weird?

Ah! Wait, Kaede!

Next time, we finish the investigation by finding out who's on candid camera.