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by Solitair

Part 29: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

MUSIC: Our Class Trial

Everyone is clamoring to prove their innocence! There's a panic! In the courtroom!
A place where we write both sins and tragedies.
Oh, that's right. It's time. You will now be thrown into a Mass Panic Debate!

But remain calm! It's just like a Nonstop Debate.
You're just hearing triple the opinions! Simple, right?
Aim at the conversation you really want to hear, and concentrate to listen more clearly.
Sort through everyone's opinions, find the lie or contradiction, and refute it.
You can also use V Counter, so if you're confident, give that a shot.

NEW MUSIC: V3 Argument -PANIC-

:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Mass Panic Debate:siren:

The voices are staggered and usually play in order from right to left, presumably because it's a Japanese game.

I would never punch a foe from behind!
Cuz Atua is always watching me.
What about the guy who wanted us all in the basement?

A true aikido master would never do something so dishonorable!
Atua...? Who that person?
What!? Are you talking about me!?

Punching is permitted in aikido!?
Atua is not a person. Atua is God.
We were having a strategy meeting together, remember!?

Yes! Neo-Aikido even uses wooden swords!
Not person... Robot? Like Keebo?
Rantaro's the only one who left in the middle of it...

All you've proven is that you're an idiot.
There is no God but Atua.
None of us there coulda killed him!

The upside to Mass Panic Debates is that there are less screens to cycle through, in exchange for more stuff on the screen at once.

I'll be fine as long as I stay calm and listen for everyone's unique voice!

All she needs is a sense of poise and rationality.

There's only one weakpoint, and it should be easy to remember why he's wrong.

That idiot already forgot. Gonta also left during the strategy meeting.

Yeah, he locked himself up in the A/V Room and—

Is that right, Gonta?

Y-Yes, Gonta watch bug movie. To fill Gonta with fight, so Gonta can fight Monokuma.

Were you trying to imagine yourself as a huge mantis with swords for hands?

Terrible idea! Like puttin' ketchup on a hotdog!

Cuz...Gonta need focus...

Because you don't have an alibi!

Oh, Gonta just need alibi?

Okay! Gonta will get alibi! Just tell Gonta where to find it!

The way this debate is going... *this* will be difficult to refute.

Gonta, please understand that in order to reveal the truth, you must also participate.

But...Gonta not sure where to start...

If you're not the culprit and we all vote for you, then we're dead too.

Okay...Gonta will try! For everyone's sake!

Nyahahahaha! Fight, Gonta!

Cut it out, you fuckin' bobblehead!

Then hopefully, we can expose the mastermind!

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Nonstop Debate #3:siren:

Cuz, to leave AV Room...

Gonta must walk through Game Room, where friends are...

to even reach hallway!

If you can't get to the hallway...

you can't go to the library!

There shoulda been a door facing the hallway, too.

The sliding door across from the rear entrance, correct?

you can quickly go in and out of the library!

Then, he got past the camera somehow...

and killed Rantaro.

Could he really have done it...?

There's something funny about the A/V Room that we've seen multiple times, even before Rantaro's death.



...Did you mean to say "sass"? I, um...think you left out an "s"...

The only part of your body that would be able to go through is your arm!

In other words, the chance they came out the sliding door is zero.

I-I see... So I made a mistake... How rare...

It's not that rare for you to make a mistake. Your entire existence is a mistake.

Y-You vicious little...!

He'd have to go through the Game Room. But I didn't see him at all.

See? Gonta tell you he not culprit!


My apologies, Gonta. I do not mean to put you on the spot like this, but...

A-Are you saying Gonta could still be the culprit?

There is the possibility that Gonta killed Rantaro from the A/V Room.

From the A/V Room? How...?

Oh-ho! I didn't know that was a possibility.

...he would not appear in any of the pictures from the cameras placed in the library.

Whoa, perfect! But wait, then how did Gonta kill him?'s obvious to *this* glamorous girl genius, but maybe explain for these dimwits?

KIRUMI: Because of this, it is possible for Gonta to have killed Rantaro while he was in the A/V Room.

ANGIE: Ummm... But how, though?

KIRUMI: In order for the murder to take place, the rear door of the library must be opened.

The A/V Room's sliding door doesn't open, so you can't get into the hallway.

If you cannot enter the hallway, how would you open the rear door to the library?

It would be possible if you used a particular item in the A/V Room.

Occasionally you'll be asked to pick an object in a screenshot. I don't remember anything as dumb as the octagon from the last game in this one. On the contrary, the cursor starts us on the first correct spot to select.

It would be possible to reach the library door with it.

KIRUMI: The screen itself is quite heavy, but...that would not have been a problem for Gonta.

GONTA: Yeah... No problem for Gonta.

TSUMUGI: Oh my... How honest.

KIYO: The shutter only went off once someone set foot into the room.

Gonta still couldn't have gotten from the A/V Room to the library.

Gonta did not enter the library. He killed Rantaro while he was still in the A/V Room.

Wait! Wait, I say! Why would anyone do something so crazy like throw a—

...Wait, that's actually not crazy at all! Throwing a shot put ball is totally normal!

Yes, the act of throwing a shot put ball could lead one to use it as a weapon.

Even if a person couldn't fit through the space, a shot put ball certainly would.

KIRUMI: As long as the rear door of the library was open, he would have been able to hit the victim.

RYOMA: That's quite the distance, though.

Yup! A walking, talking Roomba can't compare to a mighty beast like Gonta!

That Roomba probably not about me, as l have a variety of custodial functions.

Well, Gontal? Can you throw a shot put ball from that distance!?

Yes, probably...

You're too honest, Gonta.

Nyahahaha! You're so cool, Gonta. You could be the Ultimate Shot Putter.

Well...there you have it. What do you guys think?

I would like to believe him... but without evidence, we cannot.


I can't let that happen!


:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Nonstop Debate #4:siren:

Gonta not culprit! Honest!

A typical degenerate male excuse!

If one opened the back door of the library...

one could throw a shot and strike true.

No way the average person could make that shot.

Afterward, to close the back door to the library, he would've used...

Actually, the situation at the library was different than what everyone remembers... Everyone's on the wrong track. I need to guide them to the right answer.

You might have called this one from seeing the map during Kirumi's explanation.

Because there was an obstacle between Rantaro and Gonta!


The moving bookcase... When Rantaro was killed, it should've been open.

Yup, that's our evidence. The bookcase door was open when he was killed.

This one's a bit unclear if you don't have the question up.

KEEBO: These photos were taken moments before Rantaro was killed.

KAEDE: The bookcase door is completely open here, and then it closes automatically.

KAEDE: Even if Gonta did throw the shot, it would've hit the bookcase instead!

If that's true, then there's no possibility that Gonta is the culprit.

Whaaaaat? Why are you making this so complicated? Just be the culprit already!


I don't think you need to apologize.

I can think of several situations in which a man should apologize so easily, but do go off, Kaito.

I should be the one to apologize. I am sorry for accusing you, Gonta.

No, Gonta understand. Cuz...we gotta find culprit.

Well said! For a degenerate male, you're actually pretty reasonable!

Why's that? It's nice when everyone gets along like this.

Daddy is too evil to feel ashamed for being evil.

We could learn a lot from him.

Don't mind me, I'm not actually taking notes—I'm placing bets on race horses.

I-I'm jonesing for a leaf! I need a raccoon tail to chase my dragon!

We're out of suspects now. On top of that, we still don't even know how Rantaro died.

So we only know what the weapon is? How are we supposed to find the mastermind with that!?

We know the murder weapon is the shot put ball. But where did the culprit get it?

I think it was from the warehouse. I saw track and field equipment there.

Then anyone would have been able to obtain it. We need more information.

What's wrong, Shuichi?

Hm? A-Ah, it's nothing...

We don't even know if they're a guy or not, though, right?

Or if they're even human...

Are you referring to me?

Try to remember what happened! We can find more clues left by the mastermind!

Clues? What kinda clues?

Like...if Rantaro was deceived by the mastermind and went to the library...

Maybe somebody saw Rantaro having a suspicious conversation with someone?

It would be a good idea to figure out who knew about our trap.

Yes, yes. But...are you sure the culprit is also the mastermind?

Huh? Yeah, I think so... Why?

Huh? I didn't hear anything.

Ah, that's right. Only I can hear the voice of Atua.

Then I will speak on Atua's behalf, as His prophet.


Supah serious, bruddah.

Your Atua sounds like a shady weirdo!

Is that really possible?

Atua says...I should continue explaining on His behalf.

Next time, Kaede commits blasphemy.