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by Solitair

Part 32: A Series of Sneaks

:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Accusation:siren:

Only the person who put the camera up could have turned on its flash function.

We saw her do it, remember?


I couldn't do it. I couldn't get to the mastermind.

I'm sorry...Rantaro.

You stayed silent this whole time because you realized it already, right?

It may be the end of me, but I want my wish to...



Kaede...did it?




Wait... Did she really—

Just kidding?

Huh? Did you guys really think I'm the culprit?

Psh, come on, guys! Like I could!

When Rantaro was murdered, I was in the classroom with Shuichi, remember?

After that, we went to the library and that's the first time I even saw his body.

Y-Yes... No way Kaede could be culprit...

Geez, of course not! Do you think I'm even strong enough to throw that shot?

My hands are only strong enough to play piano!

Then accusing you of being the culprit is...

Right, Shuichi? No matter how you look at it, I couldn't have killed Rantaro with that shot.


But the people who are willing to find the truth are the ones who can decide their fate. If you never know the lies from the truth, then you can't choose a path. You won't even know you're on a path. So...fight for the truth... Even if it is frightening. I know you can do this.


If you're scared, borrow the strength of others who will be there to help you. Think of everyone you're helping, and let that be your strength.

NEW MUSIC: Class Trial: Resurrection Edition

It seems as though Shuichi is serious after all.

Of course I am.


Yeah, how!? You and Kaede were together the whole time, weren't you!?

How Kaede killed Rantaro with the shot put ball...

Where she used the shot put ball?

Huhhhhh? What? I'm lost, you guys.


So...I can't back down.


:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Nonstop Debate #8:siren:

I have an alibi.

When Rantaro was killed...

I was in the classroom, standing watch with Shuichi.

Kaede never saw Rantaro...

then how she kill him!?

It's important to establish where the culprit used the shot...

That's the only explanation.

In which case, it's impossible for me to be the culprit.

She was in one specific place when Rantaro died, so following Shuichi's logic...


Hold up. How could she have hit Rantaro with a shot from a different floor?

...She rolled it.

I am skeptical that she could perform such a feat of accuracy...

So it was a magic shot put ball? Nyeh. That's not possible.

It is possible...

So it already knew about that...

I didn't want to figure it out... I didn't want to know...

But...I can't turn away from the truth...

The place she rolled the shot put ball to move it from the classroom to the library...

The objective is to select the letter orbs in the right order to create the keyword.
Press [X] to activate the flash spot to read the illuminated letter orbs.
While the letters are illuminated, you will not be able to actually select a letter orb...
So make sure you remember where they are and press [TRIANGLE] to get the letter orb!
But remember, you have to select them in the correct order...
Deduce the keywords from the letter orbs that you can see in the flash spot.
The flash spot uses focus energy, so use it wisely!
Waves of light will also occasionally cross the screen, so you can read the letter orbs then!
So take advantage of that as well!

NEW MUSIC: Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0

:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Hangman's Gambit:siren:

So here's yet another attempt to make this hangman thing stick, and probably the best one so far. Definitely leagues better than what we got last time. I'd say these beams of light cross the screen every five seconds or so.

Contrast with the spotlight, which has a limited area of screen and takes a second to expand to that area, but you can put it up anytime as long as you have focus.

We're starting off with an easy one. With four spaces and four letters, it shouldn't take long to find out what the answer is.

Oh hey, look what I found.

If you were to roll the shot in there, it would reach the library.

I see... That air duct connects the classroom to the library.

What kind of coincidence is that!?

Hmm...what a mystery.

It was no coincidence. The culprit set it up that way intentionally.

If I'm remembering correctly, there was something off about her then...

Damn it, how could I not realize it...?

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Nonstop Debate #9:siren:

The shot that fell from the vent...

Yeah! That's impossible!

and fell off the bookcase onto Rantaro's head.

Maybe the shot was on the floor...

Like, he was standin' under the vent when the shot hit his head...

then he walked a few steps before he finally dropped dead!


Hey, Shuichi...

Ony one of those suggestions is something that the culprit could control ahead of time.

It rolled...along the bookcase!?

I did say that...but would the shot have rolled that conveniently?

It has nothing to do with convenience. The shot rolled exactly how the culprit wanted.

The shot's path was directed by books? How would that even work?

Ah, it would be easier to explain with a floor plan of the library...

In fact...that might be concrete proof of my theory.

Heh, I've already developed the photos and drafted some sketches!

Then let's look at it! Maybe we all find clue!

Please, Miu.

SHUICHI: It's just as I thought...

RYOMA: Hm? What is?

KIRUMI: Indeed, they are stacked like stairs. I did not notice when I looked up from the floor.

ANGIE: I see, I see... The shot rolled on top of these books, eh?

SHUICHI: Yes...l'm sure of it.

...then I lifted my body and looked inside.

So how's it look? Could a person fit in there? would be pretty difficult, but you might be able to crawl through.


SHUICHI: At the same time, the books blocked the shot from view.

SHUICHI: ...rolled along the groove of the open books, and fell on top of his head.

So Kaede created this mechanism?

Well, it would be—

That's right! Wasn't Shuichi with Kaede in the classroom?

It had to have been at just the right time to kill Rantaro.

When the sensor went off, I ran out first, and then Kaede followed.

But just before she left...

Someone moved the bookcase! Hurry, Kaede!

Shuichi Sprinted out of the classroom with the determination of a true Ultimate Detective.

W-Wait for me!

Of course the Ultimate Detective would remember all that.

Your words and that smile... Is this your admission of guilt?

Nee-heehee...that's weeeeeird. Why do you sound so desperate?

There's nothing weird about it!



:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Nonstop Debate #10:siren:

I refuse to believe that Kaede is the culprit!

I still have my doubts!

What kinda doubts?

Rantaro woulda heard!

Eh, some noise ain't a big deal.

Of course, it's a big deal!

This one's tricky, because the weak points are all about similar things and thus you might think the correct truth bullet could apply to all of them. However, only one can be disproved.

Ohhhhhh... So that ghastly video drowned out the sound of the shot rolling.

Kaito, are you done now?


D-Damn it...! So it's...true then...?

So that means most of Kaede's sins were committed right before Shuichi's eyes.

That's correct. I was with her in the classroom...

And when she moved the vent grate aside...

And when she lined up the books on top of the bookcase.

The top of the bookcase is covered end to end with cluttered stacks of books.

This is nothing!

As I moved the ladder, I reorganized the books, bit by bit...

Geez...there are too many books... It might be too hard to set up a camera here...

Hm, I thought so...

Wait! I just gotta try a little harder!

...Kaede, I know you don't like to admit defeat, but really, it's alright...

I continued moving the ladder as I kept reorganizing the books...

And it was the same when you took the murder weapon, wasn't it?

You took the shot put ball when you got the cameras for Miu, right, Kaede?

Shuichi was already at the door of the warehouse, waiting for me.

...Oh, sorry!

I shoved the things I was holding into my backpack, and ran after him.

Where would she have even hidden it?

Where did Kaede keep it...? It could only be one place.

Despite its weight, it would have been easy to carry in a backpack.

That would prevent the cameras you were carrying from being damaged.


But we should not blame him for that. None of those actions warranted suspicion at the time, so he might not have noticed.


That can't be... It's gotta be mistake, right?


She kept preaching about working together... and then she goes and kills in cold blood!

No, something still doesn't fit.

Hm? What doesn't fit?


You mean she's not the type? But you were the one that said she did it, right?

Yes, I did say that. But murder in cold blood is just not in her character...

But...why? Why do you still believe in me, Shuichi? Why?

Not at all. My belief in you...

I'll show you your truth!

Next time, one last set of mechanics to close us off.