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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 33: Ballroom Blitz

MUSIC: Our Class Trial

Your opponent is on the ropes, but they're in Argument Armament mode and won't listen to you.
You have to remove their armaments to refute what they are saying.
That's how Argument Armament works!

You match the rhythm to shoot down your opponent's statements to damage the armament.
The markers on top of your opponent's statements are called Rhythm Sites...
Right when the gauge makes one revolution, press the correct button to shoot the statement.
When damaged enough, their armament will break, and the music will change.
The tempo will also pick up, so match the timing!
Can't get on rhythm? Try pressing [R1] to activate Fever Time!
During Fever Time, you will be invincible! And you can press any button!
You can only activate it when your Focus Energy is full, so watch it carefully!
When your opponent's armament is destroyed, you can give your final argument.
Your argument will be diSplayed with four words, assigned, to [X], [TRIANGLE], [SQUARE], and [CIRCLE].
Press the buttons in the correct order to land the finishing blow!
Use split-second logic to refute your opponent's final argument!


:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Argument Armament:siren:

The Bullet Time Battle segments of previous titles have been replaced with a more traditional rhythm game.

Just press booton when it says and you'll be fine... mostly.

As you whittle down your opponent's health bar, their sprite loses accoutrements and the tempo increases


Here's something the tutorial doesn't explain. You might think, as I did during my first playthrough, that this flashing icon means you can mash any of these buttons. It actually wants you to mash all of them. It's for this reason that I recommend playing Argument Armament with your left hand over the buttons, since there are no commands you can do with the left side of the controller anyway.



This defeated screen is honestly a bit much, considering the circumstances.

Kill...the mastermind?

Kaede wasn't targeting Rantaro. She was targeting the mastermind. She was trying to end this killing game... She was trying to save us all.

...Isn't that right, Kaede?

I see! Otherwise, everyone would've died when the time limit expired...

So...she tried to end the killing game by killing the mastermind?

And that's why she set that trap.

Stop... That's not true...

Please, don't say it's your fault...

It'll be harder for me...

Everything's my fault!



Can you...end all of this?


And then...I want you to end this.

That' final wish.


I will now explain the Closing Argument—the final piece of detective work to end this trial.

You'll have to reproduce the order of events in the case in the form of a comic book.
But this recreation is just Shuichi's deduction, so there are gaps here and there.
Gaps are areas where a number of pieces are missing.
After selecting the panels with [D-PAD], press [L STICK] to move the cursor over the gaps...
and then fit the panel in the empty space with [TRIANGLE]. Only the correct panel will fit!
Compare the empty space hints with the stock panel hints to complete the comic.
There will be some panels that you cannot select at first.
Filling in some gaps correctly will unlock the other panels.
Press [L1] and [R1] to switch pages, and start filling in as many as you can.

NEW MUSIC: Closing Argument V3

:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #1, Closing Argument:siren:

The original closing argument got dinged for how ambiguous some of the panels were, so it got tweaked in DR2, and now it's been tweaked again. I like this version best.

I found out just now that you can zoom in on the panels here with [SQUARE], not that I ever found it necessary. I guess it's useful for people with impaired vision.

There's two ways you can do this: focus on panels and find places to put them, or focus on spaces and find panels to with which to fill them. You'll have to do some backtracking either way.

I went with the latter approach, even though I ran into situations like this where the panel I needed was still locked the first time through.

It feels easier for me if I flip less pages.

This feels like the right answer, but it isn't. There's no shame in leaving ambiguous questions like this for later.

This wrong answer was just me being a butterfingers.

NEW MUSIC: Climactic Re-Enactment V3

At the time, I never would have imagined they would become the culprit.

We deduced that the mastermind would return there, to let Monokuma out.

All we needed were disposable cameras and a security sensor.

the culprit and I collected the modified cameras from Miu and visited the library.

But even then, the culprit was preparing the murder.

It appeared innocuous enough, but it was actually a path for the murder weapon!

I was responsible for setting up the other cameras, but that one... I didn't even notice their trick.

We kept a lookout for the others and waited for the security sensor to go off.

Rantaro was with them... The first victim.

I was in such a hurry, I left the culprit behind. Looking back on it now...that was the last chance I had to stop the murder.

Unbeknownst to him, the trap had been sprung.

The camera flash lured Rantaro directly into the murder weapon's path!

Opening the vent grate and organizing the books was all to create a path. Under normal circumstances, the victim would have been alerted by the noise...

It was an attempt to save all our lives. That is the truth.

N-No... Kaede...did it?

Damn it!

It is a truth I do not wish to accept, but since Shuichi has brought everything to light...

The Kaede we've come to know...?

Even if she did commit a crime, what Kaede has said to us is not a lie.

If that was a lie too, it'd be the last straw for me. I'd have nothing left to believe in.

You guys are so nice... Even though I betrayed you all...


You were super reliable back there!

But you still have a long way to go. You need to be more assertive.

If you did that more often, you'd be a pretty cool guy.


Why are you still trying to get me to be brave?

If you had just been less selfless, you wouldn't have had to murder... Why...? Why do you do that?



Looks like the debate's finished, so that means it's Voting Time!

Alright, you bastards! Press the button in front of you to cast your vote!

And make sure y'all vote, cuz refusin' to vote is grounds for termination.

At last! The heart-racing excitement as the blackened and the spotless finally face off...

In this game, you actually get to cast a vote, not that it matters after you've sealed the deal so thoroughly.

Next time... let's just get this over with. :smith: