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by Solitair

Part 34: Backstreet's Back, Alright

Solitair posted:

Also, I've heard a rumor that there's a secret way to advance debates...
It's called a back route...
Let's just say that only those who lie well will be able to find it.

So let's examine how you get back routes. The first and most important hint comes for keen-eared people like me. Remember this part?

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

This track is an indicator of when a lie bullet will work, even if the plot doesn't require it. Listen for the indistinct vocal sample in a track that otherwise isn't that dramatic. "V3 Argument -HOPE VS DESPAIR-" also has that vocal sample, but that track has a different feel and a different title, so you can't lie during that one.

Our Lie Bullets for this debate are:
Immobile Bookcase
Single Book
Blocked Vent
Rantaro's Card Key
Clean Shot Put Ball

The statements we can pair them with are:
It started rollin' on its own (agree)
Hit his head on the bookcase (agree)
Corpse moved (agree)
Don't lose sight of the truth (argue)

Turns out you don't even lose a full heart testing out all the Lie Bullets, either. I bet a lot of you wish you knew that before you decided not to risk it. So, which combination works best? None of the agree points are served well by our arsenal, and the last one is pretty vague. Single Book could plausibly deny Kaede what she wants, but there's a better option than that.

VIDEO: Back Route #1

Sorry Kaede, but we're gonna take the coward's way out.

I can't make you the culprit!

W-Well, actually... Maybe the shot didn't pass through the vent...

Did you not just tell us that the shot traveled through the vent?

The vent...was closed?




I see...


I closed the vent grate while we were investigating, but it was open before.

Does this mean Shuichi's testimony was based on a misunderstanding?

It's not a lie. But depending on your deduction...


Shuichi, please, answer the question.

How did the shot reach Rantaro?

Why am I hesitating...? Am I really going to turn back now? At a time like this?

I need to answer. I need to grant her wish.

...It's just like Ryoma said.

But the future refused to change. So that's back routes. They add a bit of extra dialogue to trials if you can figure out how to make the most use of Lie Bullets. The feature doesn't add much to the game, but it doesn't take away anything in my estimation, either.

I forgot to take this screenshot myself, so I got it from justonegamr on Youtube. Once you get a back route, the bottom part of the screen always indicates where it is even if you don't get it on a replay. Oh, and if you're wondering why I didn't use a different groaningly obvious name for this update...

The game beat me to it.