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by Solitair

Part 35: The Bitter Suite

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

VIDEO: Kaede's Last Words

The segments between trial and execution are not fully voiced, but they have some unique voice clips, so I'll follow FPZero's lead and put them in full video.


Wh-What...? Good?

Not really, could've turned out a lot worse. So this is fine, too.

Yeah... How did it come to this?


Kaede, what would possess you to do something like this?

Gonta no can accept this... Not unless you explain...

Yeah... I won't be satisfied... Until I hear it straight from you...


Okay... Please allow me a few more moments of your time, then.

I wanted to kill the mastermind, and I thought doing that would end the killing game...

But why did you try to kill them? Maybe they could have been captured...

But the time limit meant that capturing the mastermind was less likely to work, y'know? Cuz the mastermind could've just played dumb to run out the clock and kill us all.

I...was worried about that happening.

I had made up my mind just before we set up the cameras in the library. I thought it was my last chance to save everyone... I couldn't let that chance pass me by. I had to save everyone, no matter what.

...That's right... I thought that killing the mastermind was our best shot at escaping this place together.


Oh, never dawned on you? As soon as that thought entered your head, Monokuma had you right where he wanted. Because what mattered most to Monokuma is that the killing game started.

You agreed to be part of this killing game when you allowed murder to fill your heart.

W-Wait. To put it like that...

But he's not wrong. She's the reason the killing game finally started.

Kaede save everyone... We no can blame her.

That's why I'm so...pissed off! Pissed off at myself for being useless!

...Whoops. That obvious, huh?

And I didn't even kill the mastermind. I killed one of our dear friends, instead... What I did was so terrible... So...unforgivable...

Kaede, please calm down!


I thought about ending this by confessing to you what I had done...

I see... If you'd confessed there and then, you would've been able to leave... But you decided you couldn't leave this place by yourself, so you kept quiet.

Yeah, that's right...

So the First Blood Perk worked against the blackened rather than for them. the same time, I thought...

Is that the reason for the trial? To reveal the mastermind?

I felt like if I didn't do this, then Rantaro's death would have been meaningless.

Ah, Kaede did mention that.

But before I did, I wanted to expose the mastermind first... Then the killing game would've ended, and everyone but me would be saved.


MUSIC: Moon on the Water

You were wrong...? But didn't you say the mastermind was one of us?

That's what I thought at first... But in the end, we have nothing. No one made any moves at the time limit, the trial was useless...

Still, they did not appear.

Yeesh, that seriously was a close one. If Kaede had just kept her mouth shut, we'd all be dead right now.

I wanted to protect Kaede, but I also wanted to unmask the mastermind. But even when the killer was about to be condemned, they remained hidden.

So Kaede had the wrong idea the whole time...

All her actions were taken under Shuichi's flawed logic.

All of this happened because my detective work was wrong. If I hadn't been so stupid... If I never said anything about a mastermind to Kaede...

I killed him. Not you.

...Right? Didn't I?


If your intent was to kill the mastermind, there was no reason for you to cover your tracks.

Isn't it obvious? It's because...she didn't want Shuichi to know.

Of course, but...I didn't want everyone else to know, either. Because...I said I wanted to escape this place with everyone.


Kaede...put a lot of thought into this.

God, you're such a dumbass...

I know, right? I'm such an idiot...


I be friends.

I'm so sorry...

And you hid that you killed him just to stay and help us...? How did things—

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates


Wh-What do you mean...? What do you mean...that's it?

You know how Pops gets... He can't stand this kinda tearjerker schlock.

Teeheehee... I see nothing gets past my adorable little cubs.

But we can't let this boring display grind the action to a halt, so...

Make things...interesting?

P-Punishment...? You mean...Kaede's execution!?


AUDIO: Fight the Exisals!

This is for people who didn't click the video link.

MONOTARO: Punishment Time is a sacred segment. You're not allowed to interfere.

MONOSUKE: And if ya even try to interfere, we'll just crush youse wit' these here Exisals!

MONOPHANIE: I-It's cruel,'s probably better if one person dies instead of everyone...

Kaede fought with her life on the line! And so will I!

Gonta will face you all! Times like this are why Gonta became strong! Gentlemen never back down, and neither will Gonta!

Th-This is the perfect chance to test out my Neo-Aikido skills on machines!

SHUICHI: Y-Yeah! I'll help! I can—

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

But Kaede...

...You' up?

But why...?

That's what you said, Kaede...

I know we can do something! Don't give up until the end!

...I'm not giving up. Because I have you.

Even after I'm wish will still be here.

I believe in you! I believe that you all will make it through this, somehow!

You guys better live! Don't go dying on me now! End this ridiculous killing game, survive, and get the hell out of this place!

Affirmative, Kaede...

I will do my utmost to fulfill your final request.

I won't give up! I'll get out of here, no matter what!

Gonta work hard and keep friends safe till very end!

Now then...let's get started.

Shuichi, you better not lose.


MUSIC: Moon on the Water

The moment it was over, I felt my legs give out under me. What I just saw... didn't feel real. As if all reality had vanished, and the only thing left was a fictional world.

Kaede Akamatsu... no longer existed in our world.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

M-Monodam? What...have you done...?

Ah, gross! She puked again!

But this tension ain't so bad, y'know? Finally feels like a proper killing game. If anything, we could stand to use a little more tension in our lives. Right, dad?

This is a nightmare... This is unacceptable... My precious cub is...

Phew! I'm glad you kids came in bulk.

...Huh? It's okay?

I-I'm shocked... Our existence...means that little,huh?

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

A-Are you...fuckin'...kiddin' me!? Talk about overkill...!

Atua... Please grant Kaede's soul eternal repose.

I...I can't believe this happened to Kaede... I liked her...s-so...m-m-muuuuuch...!

Puhuhu! All this adrenaline creates such an exquisite feeling of despair!

W-Why...are you doing such a terrible thing...?

You're the worst of the worst! Does human life have no value to you at all!?

Hey, I know human life is precious. I'm not a monster, y'know.

Kehehe... You've surpassed psychotic by a wide margin.

...I don't think I've ever felt quite this...irritated.

What is your objective, Monokuma?

...Do you hate us? If so, have we done something to make you hate us?

...Hate you?

That's your job to figure out. If you really wanna know what's going on, you're gonna have to work for it.


What do you mean? What was Rantaro's hunch?

Puhuhu... What, indeed?

Could that be at all related to this hunch you claim he had?

Puhuhu... I wonder...

Puhuhu... I wonder...

You're focusing on Kaede instead of her deadweight victim.

Well, it's not his fault he was useless. He died before his talent could be revealed. If he had lived long enough to reveal it, maybe he would've been more useful...

He...wasn't really the mastermind, was he?

Huh? Are you *still* pestering me with these annoying questionsl?

Aren't you guys focusing a little too much on whether or not there's a mastermind?



Maybe spend less time worrying about nonsense and more time watching your back, okay?

Ah, I can't wait! I wonder what kind of killing game we'll get to see next!

Why are you all psyched up...?

It's nice to see that at least one of you has some chutzpah around here. l have a feeling you're gonna live for a while.

Shut the hell up! We're...not gonna have another killing game! I, Kaito Momota, am not gonna let you have your way anymore!

Oh, really...? That seems unlikely.


Anyway, you guys have a lot to think about...

Work hard and do your best to graduate! Cuz the fun's only just begun!

I get that Monokid was obnoxious and rude, but that was way over the line...


Wh-Where are you going!?

He probably killed him as payback for all the bullying. What an interestin' turn of events...

I...I don't think I can take all this... I can't stand this anymore... I-I feel like...I'm going to go crazy...

Is there even hope to be had here? The room feels utterly drained of it.

Gh... Ergh... K-Kaede!

But, Tenko, you're crying too.

Now's not the time to point that out, Keebo. Just let it be.

H-How's anyone supposed to rest in peace after getting killed like *that*!?

What are we gonna do from now on...?

Y-Yeah, I'd like to know, too... I'm so over this already...


Kaito's voice boomed in the air, and the room went silent.

Every single one of you...and your meek little complaints...

But the one who's pissing me off the most...


MUSIC: Heartless Journey

AUDIO: Believe in Me, Who Punched You!

KEEBO: Kaito! You are supposed to say that *before* you hit him!

Didn't you hear what Kaede said!? She said...she believed in you! That she passed her wish on to you! But what the hell's wrong with you!? You didn't say a damn thing to Monokuma! You call yourself a man!?!?

...Enough, Kaito.

Sucker punching is pretty low...even for a lowlife degenerate male like you.

...Tch. Fine.

Shuichi...are you okay?

...I'm fine.

Gonta not sure it waste of time. But Gonta agree, fighting not good...

Kehehe... Well put. I agree wholeheartedly.


...Why? Is there a reason you wish to stay in a place like this?

I want to be alone for a while. Just for a little bit.

But we can't just leave you here by yours-

Oh...okay. I suppose...

Yep! Just hit the reset button on your feelings and you'll feel happy and cheerful in no time!

Being a tad insensitive is important for survival. It helps one avoid suicidal thoughts.

Gonta will go back, too... Let Gonta know if you need his help, okay?


Shuichi...I dunno how well you knew Kaede...

What do you mean?

Monokuma set the room up, so there's probably not a lot there to remember her by... But...there should at least be a bunch of little things she liked.

Understand? There's only one way to get through this awful feeling. No one's gonna be able to console you if you're just sitting here alone.

If anyone's gonna help you, it'll be your memories.


I just started walking, and I was headed toward... The Ultimate Pianist's Research Lab.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

It's not as if there would be any memories here... But these are the things she was really passionate about. And that's good enough for now.

I would have liked to hear her play it...if only just once.

Ah, that reminds me... The song that Kaede was talking about... ...Of course! It must be here somewhere!

It...should be here somewhere... Where is it...?




Soon, a soft melody had filled the classroom.

NEW MUSIC: Clair de Lune - Suite Bergamasque (K. Akamatsu)

AUDIO: Kaede's Wish

It was a strange feeling... the sound seeping into my body.


Before long, I began to close my eyes...

Hmm...a pretty song to play for you... Oh, like "Clair de Lune" by Debussy! It's a soothing song that calms your heart, like the moon's reflection on water...


You noticed, huh? Yeah... I'm shaking, too. But...I'd be a mess if you weren't here. I wouldn't have been able to do anything... I would've been so lost... I'm glad you're here with me, Shuichi. With you by my side, I feel like I can stand up to anything. You give me the courage I need to take on the mastermind.

...Yeah...I'll try. I don't know if I can do it, but... No...I'll do it! I have to believe in myself... I won't be afraid anymore. I will face the truth...for everyone. I won't give up... For your sake, Kaede... I promise. From the bottom of my heart, I promise you, Kaede.


Musical Note Hairpin posted:

Proof that you've cleared Chapter 1. A memento of Kaede. No matter the hardship, there was always a deep melody playing in her heart.

Next time, acceptance.