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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 37: Men Without Hats

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

AUDIO: Talent Annihilation

I don't know who plays the bit parts that aren't part of the Ultimate Academy Killing Game, so don't expect detailed writeups of their careers.

This is a second voice talking. The first one was male, and this one is female.

First voice.

Damn you, vague nouns of the Japanese language!

MALE VOICE 2: I thought so.

FEMALE VOICE: Oh, no... Well, there's nothing we can do about that. I wanted them to live. For our sake, at least...

MALE VOICE 1: Geez...I wish they lived. No, they should have lived. They had to. For this world...


Come out... No more hiding... Come out now...

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie


Just when Gonta think he find some... They gone. ...Weird. Really weird.

Plenty trees, grass, water, sun... But no bugs. Why? Weird... So weird...

What that? Something on ground, in grass...

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates


Day 6.


Wh-Who is it!? Wait, I'm coming, I'm coming!

With the doorbell hurrying me along, I went to open the door...

MUSIC: Cool Morning


Hold your horses, spaceboy. We have a new room to investigate.

No matter how pointless that action is.

Maybe there's a camera in here, watching us... Maybe not.

They went through all this just for a killing game? What is their objective...?

Well, yeah! Food!

I was gonna eat breakfast with everyone in the dining hall, but you weren't there... That's why I came to get you.

You should be at the dining hall, anyway. I mean, where else are you gonna eat breakfast?

Ah, I don't usually eat breakfast, so...


Ah, whatever! Let's get going! The others are waiting!

Ah, wait, I'm not ready! Let me get my—

I don't need that anymore...

Okay, let's go.

I-I'm sorry about yesterday... Y'know, for...slugging you like that.

Huh? Ah, that... It's okay.

I-I see... Then let's go.

The others are waiting, so let's go to the dining hall.

As is traditional in Danganronpa, we can give some last thoughts to our fallen friends.

What did you learn, Rantaro? You wanted to end the game... What was your plan?

Kaede, I... will keep your wish.

There's nobody else to talk to outside, so I'm gonna use the shortcut for once.

Yeah! Like someone try to hide writing in grass! Weird, right!?

Hmmmm... Atua says it's just graffiti.

Atua? That's even more suspicious...

Oh? Are you saying Atua is suspicious? How sad.

That's none of your business.

Whatever...I brought Shuichi, so let's start breakfast already.

I quickly realized that everyone was staring at me.


As I expected, they were looking at me with surprise on their faces.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

AUDIO: Fresh Start!

TSUMUGI: Ah... Good morning...

GONTA: Oh, Shuichi... Um...

KOKICHI: You finally got rid of that emo hat! Is this cuz Kaede died or whatever?

TENKO: Quiet, you male! Learn some manners, why don't you!?

KAITO: Oh, huh, you're not wearing your hat. I didn't even notice.

TENKO: And you could stand to learn some manners too, you insensitive jerk!

N-No, I just...felt like it was getting in the way is all.

Commenters mentioned that the hat looked weird on Shuichi, and this is why.

You are right. My apologies.

Ah...thank you.

Keh, how nice for you. Unlike Plain Jane over here, who turns invisible as soon as her glasses come off.

Hmhmhm...didn't you know? Those who see my true form pay a terrible price.

Anyway, don't be late anymore, Shuichi. We already decided we're eating breakfast together.

...You decided that on your own.

Yes, yes. I prepared breakfast for everyone.

Indeed. It was no trouble at all. I have prepared an Italian omelet, buttermilk pancakes, smoked salmon galette... And for those who prefer Japanese cuisine, I have prepared rice balls and miso soup.

...What are you two even saying?

Look, look! When Himiko eats, she makes the cutest face! Awww! She's like a small animal!

Stop're making it hard for me to eat.

Mmm, it's so delicious, it makes me want to cut off my tongue.

Mm-hm... The rice balls aren't just ordinary ol' rice balls, either!

The outside is packed tightly so it won't fall apart, but the inside is nice and soft!

Hey, do you have some sort of god tongue or something?

By not crushing the rice, air is able to flow between each individual grain. The triangle shape itself is less important than maintaining a loose grip as you form the shape. You will find it much easier if you imagine yourself gripping it with your entire body.

...How have you survived this long?


Hm? What's wrong, Kee-boy? You're not eating—


Hey now, don't look so down. I'll bring you a broken TV later.

I don't want that... I'm not a waste receptacle.


We were having a normal conversation... as if nothing had happened. But we all knew it wasn't really normal. It was forced conversation.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

Everyone's forcing themselves... That's why...

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Ah, sorry. Hey, I was gonna eat that!

I pushed those unnecessary thoughts out of my head and shoveled food in my mouth.

By the way, that thing Gonta talked about earlier...are we going to go check it out?

Oh, Gonta find it this morning...

GONTA: Words "horse a" written there.

SHUICHI: Huh... What do you think it means?

KIYO: Well...its meaning is entirely shrouded in mystery.

Well, how about it, Shuichi? Let's hear the Ultimate Detective's opinion.

I...don't know? I don't know either.

Gonta, I'm surprised you were able to find that graffiti hidden in the grass.

Do you channel the divine, too?

Bugs...? I thought vermin were nowhere to be seen in this academy.

Yeah, Gonta think that before, but...

But...bug so tiny, even Gonta no could see it. And Gonta have 20/0.625 eyesight.

:stare: I guess he just wears glasses because he thinks they're gentlemanly.

So maybe Gonta just make mistake. But Gonta think...

No, maybe Gonta just see things...

Gah! Just make up your mind already, you degenerate!

...Yep! So you should work for me!


What? You're going to agree to it just like that?

Be careful, Gonta. That guy's a real liar.

Haha, no way.

Good. Then Gonta have no reason to worry.

Will you believe just anyone!?

Nee-heehee... Gonta, you're so gullible. Y'know, if you keep being this gullible...


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker


What's wrong, everyone? Is there a problem with Kokichi's advice?

Oh, Kokichi... You no should say thing like that, even as joke.

S-Sorry...I didn't know.

But that's not very reasonable, is it? Not when the killing game is still happening.

This is why I hate degenerate males! They're about as considerate as amoebas!

Don't complain if some scary guy yells "What color is your blood!?" at you!

Sadly not the reference I hoped it was.


Oh, did you hear that? Don't mind me—I was just talking to myself.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Monokuma flings himself across the room and veers down at an angle to hit the ground.

Yeah! They're having a jolly good time ganging up on me!

Isn't that your fault?

Personally, I think bullying is cuz of lousy parenting.

Why are you even here?

A prize...?

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

U-Um... The reward, right?

We...brought it, yep. So...I-I'll just give it to you,then...

Hmm? My kids seem a little under the weather. Well, even so, they're still freakin' adorable.


I knew it. I understand...from experience.

Is that why your heart is broken and you can't express real emotions anymore!?

I don't use my magic for stuff like that. And don't just make up my backstory.

Hm? Oh, yes...we do...

See? My children are good kids. They would never bully each other.

The bullying will never stop... because of people like you.

Cuz we're a team of scary badasses who are gonna drag you down to hell!

...Anyway, we're gonna hand out the rewards youse all have been waitin' for.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

AUDIO: Secret Items

A Dragon Gem, an Ocarina, an Ancient Passport, and a Hexagonal Crank from some zombie game! These prizes all come in a bundle!

Wow! What a bunch of random junk! Bravo, bravo!

Yayyyyy! I-I don't get why these are prizes, but aren't they lovely anyway!?


Honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe there's a way to use them without knowing what they're for?

How nice.

Don't get inspired by him, Gonta.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!


Wait, so the nape of your necks is your weak point?


MUSIC: Cool Morning

So...what should we do with this junk?

And what'll happen when we do?

Umm...I'm not sure.

Well, we'll know once we try. I'll take the junk, then.

No, let's leave this to Shuichi.

You're the Ultimate Detective, yeah? You should be good at weirdo puzzles like this.


Okay...I'll try.

Maaan... Whatevs, I guess that's fine.

Alright...let's get going.

Exeunt omnes. Next time, putting things in other things.