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Part 39: Swim Good

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Two objects left to use. As before, we should head to where other characters are already.

Where could it lead?

I wouldn't ever dare to ask why you decided to remove your hat! That's something that should be kept private between you and Kaede!

Thank you, Tenko...

No matter what, we'll get out of here! I won't give up! Shuichi, don't ever conduct yourself in such a shameful manner ever again!

Ah, yeah...I won't.

Can you try?

Shuichi can't turn into a wolf, but he does have the next best thing.

VIDEO: Ocarina

Ah! We can get in! We can go in from there, right!?

...You intend to go inside? That course of action seems dangerous.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!


Yeah, this is a pool. Schools and pools are inseparable.

24-hour convenience stores and blonde hooligans are also inseparable.

Huh? Th-Thank you.

Hmph... I dunno why bein' praised by the guy who killed our bro makes you so happy...


MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

But...if it is not dangerous, then maybe we should take a look. It is never bad to have too much information.

I wouldn't say never.

Yes, I suppose you're right...

It looks like there's a pool inside. We should take a closer look. It would be best to know the specifics.

Well then, Shuichi! Lead the way, you lousy degenerate! Shout if you find a trap! But I won't help you! Because you're a degenerate male!


There isn't that much water in it... Aren't pools usually filled up more?

Too bad I don't know how to swim.

...Then I suppose that dream is pretty far away.

If I tried to swim, I would just sink.

...And that one is even farther.

Keebo! I was wondering... If you fell off a boat and sank to the bottom...


No, I believe that before you'd get too deep, your body would be crushed by the pressure...

...If I ever get the chance to ride a boat, I will wear a state-of-the-art floatation device.

Huh? Are you positive?

Of course! There'd be no point having this pool here otherwise!

Well, I suppose that's true, but...

That's true, all the closets seem to contain is spare uniforms...

If there were any swimsuits... I suppose they'd be in the warehouse.

I...don't really think that's a problem...

Oh, I get it!

If that's the case, then the swimsuits in the warehouse are definitely safe!


I wonder if they are in the warehouse though. I should look for them later.

But, can't swim...

I peeked inside and discovered all manner of pool supplies in here. It is fully stocked with kickboards, water polo balls, and even sturdy rubber inner tubes.

Perhaps I can float in water if I inflate them and attach them all over my body.

Ah, I think you would look like that tire company's mascot...

I remember all of the windows being sealed off, but...

This window in particular looks like a normal window. What room does it belong to?

Peep? Who would do that?

I heard degenerate males get more turned on by girls in swimsuits than by girls who are naked!

And they go bonkers over the bloomers we wear over our privates!

Ah, I think you may be...overreacting a little...

Oh, Keebo! Are you a degenerate male or a girl!? Which is it!?

Really? How interesting...

I suppose I did just assume he was a...he. But Keebo is a robot, so...

I remember all of the windows being sealed off, but... This window in particular looks like a normal window. What room does it belong to?

You're thinking about peeping, aren't you!?

N-No! I would never do anything like that!

There isn't that much water in it...

This is also something you would find at a resort...

It's so clunky... I wonder if that's just what Monokuma likes.

I suppose that means the gym and the pool area are connected.

But I think the pool can be moved to a much larger area! There's plenty of land in the courtyard! What about there!?

I...don't know?

I suppose that means the gym and the pool area are connected.

There's so much unused land in the courtyard... Why did they build the pool here!? What's up with that!?

Uh, I...still don't know?

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

It'd be terrible if someone died due to an unfortunate nighttime swimming accident.

You can visit the pool at nighttime, but even touching the water is against the rules. Oh...I guess I'll add it to the existing regulations, just in case.

School regulations have been updated.

Ah, anyway, why is the pool's water level so low? It's barely enough to swim—

There's enough water to swim. It only looks shallow because the pool is so deep.

And someone would be more likely to drown if we filled it up all the way.

So that's that!

...They put a lot of thought into some strange things.

Did you forget that he killed Monokid! You should hate his guts!

Why'd that sound like praise near the end?

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

There are also some specifications written here... The pool is 82 feet in length and is 39 feet wide... The poolside is 13 feet on each end, and the left and right sides are 8 feet each... I suppose this is all for the pool area... I still have other places to investigate.

Now here's where the real party starts.


Up till yesterday, you were always walking around staring at your feet, right? Even when you had to look up, you used your hat to block out what you didn't want to see...

I can't deny that...

So be careful. Don't let your eyes deceive you...'re right. Thanks.

Hmph...sorry for the unsolicited advice.

What's wrong? Your job right now is to find out what that junk is for, right? You're way too busy to waste time talking to me.

Good point. We've got a lot of other people to talk to.

What do you mean?

I cannot fathom the reason he would give us those items and make us search the school...

"With minimal restrictions, you are free to explore the campus at your discretion"...

This rule is indirectly urging us to search the school.

Yes, I suppose that is true...

I shall closely observe each of them as well... Kehehe...


When Kaito struck you last night.

Ah, yeah, I'm fine. It didn't bruise or anything, see?

Though I cannot perform surgeries, I can make use of the medical supplies in the warehouse.

You have medical experience, too, Kirumi?

A true maid must be able to adapt to any situation. Besides...


It sounds like everyone has taken Kaede's final wish to heart. Even if Kaede is no longer with us... Kaede's wish will never vanish!

Ah, sorry, you were praying...

Cuz everyone's so sad over Kaede, they've forgotten about Rantaro. So I'm gonna keep praying for him.

It's okay. It's easier for me to earn points if I pray. It's a shortcut to a platinum membership!

Her religion...has a point system?

I didn't think you'd get over Kaede's death so quickly.

...We don't have time to be standing around.

That's not true, it's because of the wish Kaede gave me that I have to keep moving...

I made a promise...that I won't give up.


VIDEO: Dragon Gem

Both of them do it anyway.


...Kirumi, what's wrong?

Nothing, but I feel stagnant air drifting from this damaged wall...

Nobody's been here for a long time?

Exactly how long is a long time?

Next time, more uncharted territory. Quite a bit more.