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Part 40: A Man Needs a Maid

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Last time, we did some property damage with lots of witnesses. Let's see what they have to say about it.

I thought that statue was strange... But who coulda guessed it'd do that?

Oh? It was a hidden passage...? My, how elaborate.

Did you bust your boy-cherry, virgin!? How's it feel to walk right now!?


...Do you have time to stop? Hurry up and find a use for all that junk.

Maki, I'm spent. I no longer have any junk inside that trunk.

We've got this doily door right around the bend.

Alright, let's go inside.

These decorations adorned the British Empire at the peak of Queen Victoria's reign.

This...must be my research lab. During the Victorian era, employing a maid was considered a status symbol.

...Ever the detective, I see.

Kehehe... I don't dislike Gothic styles such as this.

Ah, too.

This appears to be Kirumi's research lab. Being in here brings a tale to my mind...

The era is 19th century England... A gentleman who pledged his loyalty to the Queen and a modest, but beautiful maid... The story of a love that blooms between the light and darkness of social classes...

Is that so? Then, are you saying I am like some young, lovestruck girl? Kehehe... So that is how I am reflected in your eyes. Fascinating...

...I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.

This room is nice. I am quite fond of it. Sister would like it too...

They were known as the "downstairs people," as a stark reminder of their lower station.

This is my research lab... Then I presume these figures represent those I must serve.

Kirumi doesn't seem to have noticed that I've already guillotined these mannequins.

These appliances will prove most useful when I perform my cleaning.

Cleaning? You mean, the school? Kirumi, you don't have to do that...

...I do not mind. To serve others is a maid's duty.

I can cast aside my personal feelings for the sake of serving everyone.

I suppose that's what makes you the Ultimate Maid. Most people wouldn't do that.

I will do anything you ask.

Anything...? It's kind of intimidating if you say it like that...

Shuichi, we've been waiting for you! Hurry, hurry! We're all ready!

Hurry? Hurry for what?

Based on the design, could it be the Ultimate Entomologist's Lab?

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

Insect specimens lined the entire wall. It was a little—no, very—gross.

A-Amazing! This paradise!

I suppose I should keep my opinion to myself for now...

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Gonta so excited he get his own special room!

Who make this room anyway? Gonta need to say thank you.

Ah, um... I suppose it was Monokuma and the Monokubs. person who likes bug can be bad person. Gonta sad...

Pretty...! Bugs shine brighter than sparkly rocks!

Gonta understand... Person who made these samples must love bugs... Each sample made with love and care...

Putting love and care into bugs? Well, I suppose everyone's different...

Hm... Lots of larva and eggs. And they even sleeping in cool place...

They were refrigerated?

It's okay! Eggs probably hatch if Gonta take good care of them!

...Well, do your best, then.

Releasing all these bugs in a new world... It's like that Bible story.

If I remember correctly, the world was destroyed by a great flood, and humans and animals began— ...Perhaps that's a little too dramatic.

They're a little scary...but I'll try it.

Perhaps that's a little too dramatic.

Based on the design, this might be the Ultimate Tennis Pro's lab.

What would be in here? Probably rackets and training equipment.

The machine to the left continuously spins and hits balls back.

An interesting machine...? You mean the one swinging the racquet?

Coming from her, it *has* to be inappropriate. I have a bad feeling about this...

...I'm just gonna leave her alone.

Hmph, I don't care. I have nothing to do with tennis anymore.

Nothing to do with tennis?

Ryoma...are you really not going to play tennis anymore?


Ohhhh, that's right. I totally forgot. You're a tennis player, aren'tcha?

It's fine if you forget. That was a long time ago.

H-Hey! Come on, Miu...'s true. Thanks to that...even if I escape from here, I'll just go straight to a different prison. it'd be meaningless for someone like me to play tennis now...

...Then why are you staring at that tennis court with such sad eyes, Ryoma?


Wh-What's with the staredown? You're...scaring me...

A shower room! Why don't you boys go in and give each other a good scrubdown!? You're already the perfect height, Ryoma!

I-I was just kidding... I-I thought you'd laugh...

This looks like a shower room. ...I don't have to take a shower right now.

The new floor layout is kinda weird. There's definitely a difference in design between this academy and the one in the first game.

Ah, I see. It's just a painting of a door. It looks like a video game... I think this is called pixel art.

...I have no idea what kind, though. I should take a look inside...

As I reached my hand to the doorknob...

Ah! Maki? So this is the Ultimate Child Caregiver's lab. ...You wouldn't think so, judging by the door—

You're right. Goodbye.

W-Wait! Can I look inside for a bit?

What? But...there's no rule against people going into each other's labs...

I don't care about the rules. I'm not letting anyone inside.

Huh? What's going on...?

...See? Thanks to you, an annoying brat has showed up.


So, what's up? You don't want anyone to enter your lab, Maki?

Ah, okay... I understand.

Good, then stay away. If you try to go inside, it would be extremely painful...

Shuichi's sprite shakes from the force of Maki's words.

...What? Are you going to yell at me now?

Ah, no, not at all...

...Then go away.

It's not good to do stuff that'll make a girl upset, y'know?

But still, doesn't it bug you that she won't let us in? I wonder why...

Oh right, Angie still wants our attention.

Presumably because of this.