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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 43: Beginner's Luck

MUSIC: V3 Gallery Music

Time for a better look at the casino. Once you unlock it in story, you can get there from the Extras menu at any time.


First we'll get our chips.

Each Monocoin, or medal as they're called here, is worth ten casino coins. I somehow had exactly six hundred medals at this point, so I'm getting six thousand coins. The exchange is one-way, but the only other thing I can use Monocoins for is buying stuff in the Extras menu.

There are three kind of things you can get with casino coins, the first being presents. All of these are exclusive to the casino, and some aren't even available on your first visit.

While the present menu tells you how much of a thing you already have, it makes no distinction between a present you haven't added to your collection yet and one you used in Free Time and have none of any more, which makes me not want to use any of these in Free Time. Oops!

Then there are a bunch of trial skills, some of which are strictly better than ones you get with Friendship Fragments. The demo package gives us Machine Gun for free.

Finally, notebook themes. You may have noticed that our student handbook menu looks different now, and that's because we got a second default theme after switching to Shuichi. We can earn dozens more themes over the course of the game, including one for each student, though only Shuichi's, Kaito's, Miu's and Kaede's are available now.

I choose to buy this skill because I'm already sick of having to deal with a shaking reticle.

Talking to the five stooges here just reiterates what we already know.



Oh, and don't mind the guitar.

Just like at the Ultimate Academy, you can exchange coins and get some good shit here!

You can exchange your casino coins at the exchange booth upstairs.

The coins you gain here can be taken to story mode, too!

Each game is made specifically for the casino. Lots of points will get you lots of coins.

Huh? Did we always have a game like this here?

Maybe I'll try this one...

MonoMono Slots How to Win at Slots
Insert as many coins as you'd like. Then, spin the slots!
You have a 100% chance of winning if you never stop! Spin spin spin forever!

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

Let's give "Ding! And then you don't get any money" a shot.

It's just as bullshit as every other slots game where you can't stop individual reels. I won't be playing it again.

Maybe I'll try this one...

On this night, the salmon come left and right. Use your Monokuma Eye to find them.
Fish for the color Monokuma desires. Beware, mines hide beneath the current.


The rest of the games are skill-based, as evidenced by the difficulty selector. Your difficulty also determines the payout you get depending on performance. On Kind, the only option available now, you're guaranteed a profit even if you drop the controller in the garbage.

Difficulty also determines how much you can bet at once. 99 coins isn't that much.

Salmon Fishing is a variant on Hangman's Gambit V3. Fish come in three colors; pick the right one and keep your combo going to get a high score.

For best results, memorize one of each three fish. Two of each if you're capable. The first three fish Monokuma asks for will always be one of each color, in random order, then the next three, and so on.

Torpedoes will show up once enough time passes, or once your combo gets big enough. They'll break that combo if you pick it up. That's about it as far as mechanics go.

After a minute of filling this asshole's facehole, we get our score.

At best, we can make 198 coins per game. I dunno if you think that's worth your while, but I'm running on deadlines with this game and there will be faster options later.

TREASURE HUNTER! MONOLITH and OUTLAW RUN are based on minigames we haven't seen yet, so they're unavailable. That's all there is to the casino for now, but we'll be back later.