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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 44: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

The more space opens up here, the less people there are to inhabit it, and the more spread out they get. It's like that camera trick from Jaws.

It's...back to normal?

Did Monokuma...clean everything up?

No will to live, hm? Human beings cling to life... That is the source of their beauty...

...Shuichi, if you have free time, would you like to spend it with me? There's something I want to ask you.

Thinking about the Ultimate Hunt is a pain... Why don't we get all our memories back at once...? Monokuma's kind of a jerk...

What the fuck is up with that Flashback Light? You can't just mess with someone's memory using light...

I wonder what Monokuma plans to do next.

Not even trying to survive... That even possible? Cuz everybody got someone who would feel sad to lose you...

That flashlight was a Flashback Light.

A light that restores memory is simply divine! I bet Atua had a hand in its creation!

...Don't come here again.

Ah, s-sorry...

Hmmmmmm... Ughhhhhh... It's useless! I can't remember a thing! What the heck's the Ultimate Hunt!?

Oh, hey Shuichi! You seen Kokichi anywhere?

I saw him a while ago and tried to tell him something, but he got away again.

Ultimate Hunt... The more I say those words, the less real they seem... Well, I guess this whole situation is pretty unreal...

What's up? Your face says you got something to say to me.


Is Kaito still looking for me? Let's run away from him together, okay, Shuichi?

Okay, I lied. I did get a couple of presents at the casino. How could I resist?

It feels good to know that you thought long and hard about what tribute to give me.

I thought he'd appreciate the joke.

I'm the Ultimate Supreme Leader, y'know? Nee-heehee...

So you say. But does that really mean anything? And what is this organization you run?

Huuuuh, didn't I tell you? I'm the supreme leader of a secret evil organization!

Yes, you've said that, but...

You've said that as well. But I can't think of any organization that fits that description...

Huuuuh, didn't I tell you? I'm also a liar too, y'know.

...Yes. You've mentioned it.

...I get dizzy talking to Kokichi... I feel like I forget how words work...

All the world's mafia syndicates are under my command.

They'll get into turf wars if I don't control them. And that's just trouble for everyone. It's a pain, especially since peace is the best thing for the world.

I don't think I can believe the words of the leader of an "evil organization"...

I control politicians with blackmail... I manipulate the stock market on a whim... I have subordinates all over the world. The White House, Kremlin, Beijing... Wall Street, London... And even the Tokyo Stock Exchange!

I make one phone call and the world changes. Let me know if you get bored with the world.

That has to be a lie...

You shouldn't think like that, Shuichi.


"That has to be a lie..."


Ah-haha! I knew it! Wow, I can actually read minds! ...Just kidding! It was pretty obvious what you were thinking.'re gonna die from stress if you keep thinking like that, Shuichi.

How did you rise to the top?

Nee-heehee, well... I killed my parents and inherited the organization.

What!? Y-You killed...

Don't worry, I'm lying.

Ah, I-I see...

I only killed my older brother!


Ah-haha! I'm lying about that too! How I rose in power is top secret! I'd have competition if you copied me.

Are your subordinates coming for you?

Who knoooows? I'm a pretty dickish dictator. They're probably happy with their boss gone.

Ah, I see...

Aww, are you disappointed? Sowwy. Evil organizations don't really need a leader.

They can function by themselves. Do you see the kind of hardship I go through now? Hmph!

Oh, yeah! Oopsie poopsie, I'm such a ditz! Then I'll let you live for now, since I messed up. But I'll kill you eventually.

Yeah, for realsies! I hate lies and jokes! ...Just kidding! I lied again!

Why am I so tired just from talking...?

Because the thread keeps picking the most emotionally exhausting people to deal with!

He said he would kill me... He's just lying, right?

If this killing game is the Ultimate Hunt's doing... What's their goal? Is it just making us kill each other?

Huh? What? Whaddaya want? I'm fuckin' busy! If you want me to be your playmate, do some dog tricks or somethin'!

Oh, it's you, Shuichi. Did you want something from me?

If you truly wish to speak with Rantaro, I shall prepare a seance at once. There are a few that would suit our needs. Hmm...which, I wonder, would be best...

What's up, Shuichi? Do you need something?

Kirumi's food is super yummy! Yummy meals do body good... Gonta need to remember to thank Kirumi.

Normally I wouldn't highlight the transitions into specific rooms, because it's hard to show them off in screenshots and not worth having an entire video for them, but Kirumi's lab unfolds from this hoity-toity envelope and I thought that's a neat touch.

Damn it, Ryoma... The famous Ultimate Tennis Pro...

...Looking to get hurt?

Ah, no, I...

Then don't come here again.

I'm not feeling so good... I think that Flashback Light was a bad influence on my magic...

There's an area in this school that is closed off. It seems there are other hidden rooms as well.

I just remembered... The phone game I was playing is having a collab with an anime I like...and I'm missing it...

At least you're not paying any microtransactions while you're in here! :v:

You know, Shuichi... The best detectives in the world were alive during the Victorian era...

Have you read many novels about the detectives of that era?

I only act like a bad guy so you guys don't get too soft, y'know?

Shuichi, you understand me! *sniff* I'm so happy, I'm crying!

This flag costs 777 coins, and the other one costs 13.

Well, not as good as mine. I'll surprise you with a gift one of these days, Shuichi!

Ah...are you serious about killing me?

Yup, of course. Since I'm the Ultimate Supreme Leader, duh. I swore on my own title that I would protect my organization. That's why, you must die.


Weeeell, do it already! Get on the ground and beg like a dog! Ooooh, I wanna see you slit your stomach too! C'mon! Do it, pwetty pweeeeasel?

Psh, guess I couldn't trick you. Boooooooring.

A game?

I accept.

...Ooh, that was a quick decision. I didn't see that one coming.

Veeery intriguing, Shuichi! Keep it interesting for me, kay?

What kind of game?

Russian Roulette, but with a bullet in every chamber! You go first!

What!? I would die for sure!

Well, you never knooow! The bullet could get jammed.

...Revolvers don't jam.

Aw, I guess you knew that already!

I am not playing Russian Roulette!

Fine, fine! Geez, you're being pretty picky for someone who's about to be killed here.

Killing me was just a joke, right?

I hate lies and jokes.

...You're going to tell me you're lying again, aren't you?

Yup, I'm lying!

Kokichi... Can we talk seriously for once?

Rude! I *am* being serious, y'know? I'm definitely planning to kill you! And if you don't want that to happen...


A...duel? Shadow Game...?

Hmhmhm... Yes, the loser's soul will get sent to the Shadow Realm...

Where did you get the cards from!?

It's my turn! I draw a card!

I drew the number 7! It is neither high nor low! The possibility of you winning drops to 50%!

Kokichi's in an odd mood... I wonder what's going on.

Draw your card, and unleash your attack!

Ah, okay...

Ah. A 7.

Nee-heeheehee... You truly are an amazing duelist, Shuichi.

You aimed for a tie instead... You intrigue me.

I wouldn't say I did that intentionally...

You only have three events left in your life, so you better entertain me until then!

Oh shit, can he see us!?


Three events? What three events?

Kokichi...are you just toying with me...?

And just like when Yu-gi-oh first aired, you'll have to wait an unreasonably long time to find out how this five-part duel will end.