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Part 46: Love the Way You Lie

Right up front, I have a correction to make:

Solitair posted:

MonoMono Slots How to Win at Slots
Insert as many coins as you'd like. Then, spin the slots!
You have a 100% chance of winning if you never stop! Spin spin spin forever!

It's just as bullshit as every other slots game where you can't stop individual reels. I won't be playing it again.

whitehelm posted:

Like the description implies, the odds are set so you're constantly winning coins over the long term, so as long as you have a good chunk to start you can just spam the max bet and never run out, which is good because there's an achievement tied to the slots. Also the 3 slot machines you can select have different reels and thus different odds of winning, the best being the farthest one with the blue/purple sign above it.

This poster is absolutely right. I spent several hours hitting the [TRIANGLE] button absentmindedly while browsing the internet and I managed to clean out the casino store with my winnings. I wasn't willing to experiment with this because I was either impatient to see how the story would play out or didn't want to risk wasting too much time when I could be updating. Now that I know what to expect, the gameplay isn't fun, but at least I can multitask while doing it, which I suspect is the point.

There's one thing in particular I got from the store that I want to highlight today.

Shuichi: Whaaa—!?

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

This takes place between Monokuma Theater and the morning announcement.

Nice face, Shuichi. You definitely look your best in the morning.

You could look better, though. I'm pretty picky about people's morning faces.

...What are you doing here?

Since you fell asleep still clutching the Love Key... I went out of my way to come wake you! I really wish you were more appreciative!

Love Key...? You mean this thing I won at the casino?

How to "use" it?

Puhuhu... That key opens the way to a very special place...

Oh, right. *That* building. I suppose it would have this kind of key...

Puhuhu! You look like you've figured it out!


That key you got there should help you clear out some of those carnal desires!

Oh, are you starting to get worked up? Are you ready to let it all hang out? Now then, please read the instructions.

This hasn't suddenly become a hentai game, but the framing of this whole mechanic, and some of the resulting scenes, are kinda skeevy, so if you don't wanna have to deal with that shit, skip this update and all further Key updates.

This is a key that is used to unlock the Love Suite.
When night falls, you and one other person will be invited to the Love Suite.
There, you will be part of that person's fantasy.
They will see you as their "ideal," and basicallyjust swoon all over you.
Think of it as a kind of dream that lets you escape this cruel, dark reality.
That's why it's so important to play the role that person wants you to.
If you do something that breaks character, the other person will wake up in anguish.
And what happens there, stays there. Memories are wiped when you exit.
It's like a one-night-stand within a dream. Probably best that you both forget it.
Well then, that's it! Stay safe! Enjoy!

Oh? You seem skeptical. Why don't you try it out for yourself, then? Go ahead, take that Love Key out for a spin...


Now then, let love take hold of you! It'll make you sweeter than a bear's honey pot!


I watched Monokuma bounce away, stunned. The key felt heavy in my hand.

Well... I couldn't hurt...

The thread asked for this. They have earned what is coming to them.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Our partner in this embarrassing exercise is selected at random. By sheer coincidence...


Every time I come here, I play the role of their "ideal." Like some shared fantasy.

He says this for every scene in here. I'll probably cut it out in the future.

Kokichi's fantasy... I can only imagine how insane this will get...

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

Trapping me in a place like this... That's very like you, Mister Detective.

So I'm still a detective in his fantasy. Am I supposed to be chasing him?

But I won't tell you where I hid the stolen gem! Torture won't work either, y'know!

I-I'm not going to torture you! What exactly do you think a detective *does*?

N-No, no, you've got it all wrong!

Eh? But isn't that what happens to a phantom thief when they're caught?

A phantom thief?

Morgana's clawing at the door, telling both of them they should get to bed already.

I said, you've got it wrong—

I'm in Kokichi's fantasy. I should calm down and play along. Alright... So, Kokichi is a phantom thief, is he...?

If you're tryin' to rile me up to give yourself a chance to escape... No dice, Kokichi.

Oh, figured it out already? Geeeez, I was willing to let you do whatever you want to me...since I love you, Shuichi...

But wow, you even researched my name! My identity is bare and naked, for your eyes only!

Yeah well, looking up your name was a piece of cake!

Ah, so I'm not a different person here. I'm me, and Kokichi is Kokichi... I know I'm supposed to be his ideal, but even when he tells me he loves me... I can't help but think he means the opposite.

Before my mind even had a chance to process it, Kokichi's grin was upon me.

Ah, hey!

I stepped back reflexively. I had no idea what he was capable of...

Ah, I'm simply being cautious. We aren't exactly friends, Kokichi...

...Are we? This whole situation is too strange for me to get my bearings. Having this kind of conversation only makes it harder to know why I'm here...

The stealing part doesn't excite me as much as being pursued by you, y'know?

Don't you feel the same, Shuichi? You weren't bored playing with me, were you?

Ah, well, I wouldn't say—

...Because you just do as you please, don't you, Kokichi?

Are you mad because I toyed with you? Don't worry. I'm always thinking about you! You're always trying your best to catch me. I really have to give it my all to win.

Cuz the game's not over yet.

Hey, Shuichi... What would you do if I told you that I *wanted* you to catch me?

There's a transmitter on my body, so my friends probably have this place surrounded already.

Nee-heehee...looks like you'll be the one getting all tied and roughed up, Shuichi!

Th-That's not...

...possible...right? It couldn't be.

Kokichi... Your lies don't work on me.

AUDIO: The Key to Kokichi's Heart're not shaken up at all. I thought you would be more excited. That's too bad... I really wanted your eyes to be on me...

I didn't care about how I felt...

...That was a lie. Y'know...since I'm a liar.

Sae Niijima: Obviously somebody had to teach you how to lie so well. Who was it, crimeboy!?

What do you mean...?

It can do whatever you want to me. And that's the truth.

Come... Play with me... Let's do a lot more together...


Kokichi, wait! Wait!



I tried to give chase, but my knees were weak as I tumbled off the bed. We are mortal enemies in this fantasy, but still, Kokichi couldn't be leaving... I caught myself wishing he would stay before I smothered the thought.

I'll think of a more exciting game for next time. So make sure you excite me too.



Not every handbook theme is available at the casino.

You've acquired a new theme, "Love Suite."

After the morning announcement...

Last night, with Kokichi... Was that a dream? ...I can't even figure him out in my dreams...

One down, fourteen to go.

Love Suite Theme

Surprisingly not the tackiest one of these we'll unlock.