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by Solitair

Part 47: Game Theory

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

We promised not to tell each other who has whose motive.

Ugh... F-For some reason, my stomach feels heavy... I guess eating tripe hot pot for breakfast was a bad idea...

I understand. Cuz Atua tells me what's necessary for this school.

Videos of the most important people in our lives, huh? No, it's nothing... Don't worry about it...

How in the world did he end up like that...?

Tripe hot pot is my favorite out of all the hot pot dishes! Tripe is the best! I can feel it turning into energy the moment I eat it!

...No matter how many times you show up, I'm not letting you in and I'm not coming out.

I-I see...

Everyone seemed to really enjoy that delicious-looking tripe hot pot... It's fine. You do not need to worry about me. *sigh*...

Since the motives were swapped, as long as we don't sort them out, no murders will happen... Or so Keebo said, but... Somebody might take action because they want to see the motive...

Somebody... Even you? Maybe I should stop him...

Nah, he'll be fine. Too late to change our vote, anyway.

...Did you have a request for me? I am scheduled to assist Miu with her invention. I can fulfill your request afterward, provided you do not mind waiting, of course.

The hell do you want!? Why the fuck would I hang out with a small fry like you!?

Since we've come here, my curiosity has been constantly stimulated... You have shown me beauty as well... Your suffering and determination...have been etched into my heart...

Oh! Shuichi! You here to help Gonta think of way to get everyone to trade motives?

Oh, are you switching to my side? You wanna see the motive videos too, right?

Oh, then...Gonta can have strategy meeting later.

Oh, really? Okay, I'll hang out with Shuichi then!

The Mk.2 version of this gun is a colossal piece of shit that doesn't work at all. Avoid it at all costs!

By the way, that's not a lie, 'kay? Don't worry, I'm actually happy.

No way Kokichi isn't criminally asymptomatic.

Hey, Shuichi! Let's have a tea party today!

Can we do it, pwetty pweeeease? Well, we're gonna do it so let's go to the dining hall!

W-Wait, Kokichi!


My organization requires everyone to have an afternoon break. It increases productivity.

Yup. The supreme leader, *ahem* me, is a pacifist. That's why I settle fights with games. By the way, everyone who lost to me should be working hard in Siberia right now.

Well, if they're even alive!

Don't worry, Shuichi. You'll be in heaven rather than Siberia.

...I would prefer not to be.

Mmm... Well...

How about you just join my organization? If you were a member, there'd be no problem.

I am going to have to decline...

Whaaaat? I thought you wanted to live, Shuichi!

I do! But I could never join some nefarious organization...

Ah-haha! I guess that's true! But that's sorta disappointing. If someone like you joined, I would never get bored.

What's your game, Kokichi?

What d'ya mean, "What's your game?" I just want you to be my sacrificial hitman.

A "sacrificial hitman"!?

The sole act of killing is a waste. Learning the value of wasting men is more important!

It's killing either way!

The organization is a lie, isn't it?

Hm, why do you think it's a lie? Are you thaaaat paranoid it's a trick?

No one likes being tricked, Kokichi.

Oh, really?

Trick the entire world, and it will become the truth. The real truth isn't that great anyway.

Trick the entire world?

The world could be tricking you right now, and you wouldn't even know it.

...But, I could also be lying about that.



By the way, are you sure it was okay to waste this event without playing a game?


Now there's one less chance for you to survive, y'know?

I already told you that you only have three events left. But you seem pretty relaxed.

So you're blaming me? Yeah sure, whatever!

Ah-haha! Right there, Shuichi! That's the face I wanted to see! I'm the supreme leader of evil! I crush people's hopes and dreams!

Now since I took my snack break, I should be able to work hard today! Nee-heeheehee!

I can't sit around and do nothing.

Oh, Shuichi. What's up? You wanna talk about something?

I'm not planning to stop your guys' cooperation like Kokichi is... So...I won't get in your way.

...I have nothing to say to you. Go away.

There's nothing I can do...

Gonta has my video... I know I shouldn't be worried about it, but I can't get it out of my head...

I also want to know what is contained in my motive video... But...if a killing were to happen because of that... It would mean that we've betrayed the very wish that Kaede entrusted to us.

Gahhh, I can't focus! And if I can't focus, I can't stay on top of my inventions! You get it!? My focus can shape the course of history!

I can't stop thinking about it... Who's in my motive video?

N-No, I can't! I would be falling right into Monokuma's trap!

Hmmm? What's up, Shuichi? I'm just havin' a chit-chat with Himiko.

Nyeh, what? You want to talk to me, too? Angie's been talking to me non-stop...

It seems Maki has been standing guard in front of her research lab this whole time. Does that mean I need to deliver dinner to her?

She just told you to do that this morning.

I cannot keep myself from going into Kirumi's lab... That room is just so splendid... I wish to show it to Sister...

Oh Shuichi... Kokichi say stuff that hard to understand... Make Gonta feel sleepy...

I can't stand this corruption!

If that what Shuichi wanna do... Then Gonta step aside like gentleman!

Okay! Let's take Gonta's offer then!

It helps if your face is so blocky and angular it can serve as a rock itself.

By the way, that's not a lie, 'kay? Don't worry, I'm actually happy.

So how about we play a game called the Burning Apology?

Yup! Beg me not to kill you, while kneeling on a burning hot metal plate! If you reeeeally wanna live, then I know you can do it!

Huh. So you figured it out.

Of course I figured that out!

Steel Beam Walk?

You walk across on a thin steel beam and make it to the end without falling! Then you win!

Ah...that sounds...alright.

Okay okay, I'll watch more Kaiji, I promise! (And so should all of you.)

And of course, you plan on crossing it as well?

Of course I'm gonna cross it! I'm pretty confident when it comes to balancing!

He's putting a lot of effort into messing with me...

Is there something else we can do? I want a game of Iife-or-death.

Yuppers! And?

Then why are we *both* risking our lives?

I'm the supreme leader of evil! I'm used to risking my life!

...But you don't do any steel beam walking.

Ah-haha, of course! What I said was a lie!


Soooo then, how about we just do a simple game of rock-paper-scissors?

Rock-paper-scissors? Isn't that all luck?

Nee-heehee... But that's why it's fun! Shuichi, good luck on surviving!

We both put out the same thing.

...The same again?

Nee-heeheehee! How long will you prolong your life, Shuichi?

Rock, paper, scissors!

The same again...

This is the bajillionth time we tied! Shuichi, please just finish it up!

There's not really... anything I can do...

Oh yeah, by the way...



Was that what Kokichi was doing just now? So that he wouldn't win?

But what would be the point of that?

You sure? That's not what the handbook says.

I hate lies and jokes. But I'm lying. You just have good luck, Shuichi.

Maybe your detective's intuition is getting more precise. Well, you are the Ultimate Detective.

Still...the next time we meet will be your last. Enjoy the little time you have left, Shuichi.


So, it will all be over after one more event. Somehow, I doubt it...

A reckoning is not to be postponed indefinitely, but it'll have to wait an update or two.