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Part 48: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

The late-night special at the exclusive Monokub Kitchen inside the dining hall iiiiis...

AUDIO: Monokubs Meal

The last ingredient is "1 grain of rice."

Monotaro: It's easy to make! Just cook fried chicken and eggs with rice, top it with kimchi...

Monotaro: Oh! And don't forget the mayo...

This here's for Monokubs only! We ain't sharin' any wit' youse! Bam! How ya like my culinary chaos!?


I would.

Anyway...nighttime already, huh?

When it gets to be nighttime... I start thinking about things... Was there really no way to save Kaede? I ask myself questions like that... Because no matter how I think about it...what happened to her is my fault—

Huh? Is someone here? The doorbell's ringing...

MUSIC: Darkness Time

At least he doesn't prefer couches. You can fuck up your spine if you sleep on those wrong.

They went through all this just for a killing game? What is their objective...?

The video and sound are both overbearing. What a nuisance...

Oh, are you grinding out Free Time events too?

Huh? Now...?'s nighttime...

There's no rule about walking around at nighttime, right?

I'll be waiting at the courtyard.

But Kaito wasn't listening. He turned and quickly walked away.

The courtyard at this time of night? What does he want...?

Could it be about the motive video I have? But how does he know...?

...Wait. Should I even go at all? Something...might happen...

Perhaps we'll have a witness to keep us safe.

Ah, yeah...Kaito asked me to come meet him.

Ah, yes. I saw him near the wisterias. So it was you he was waiting for...

I don't know...maybe. He just asked me to meet him, I don't know why.

Kehehe...I was merely joking. However...

It would be understandable for one to come to that conclusion. Please keep that in mind.

In any event, good night...

Or not. Wait, what about her?

What am I doing...? I am returning to my room.

...Also, it would seem that the rooms of the deceased are now locked.

Huh? Really?

Yes... Monokuma must be responsible for this.

Perhaps there is something in his room that Monokuma does not wish for us to see.

Ah, well...

At any rate, we cannot do anything about what has already come to pass...

I shall return to my room. I bid you goodnight, Shuichi.

What are you doing up at this hour?

Nyeeeh... Well, just thinking.

But it's pretty late now. Hmm, I think I'll sleep well tonight.

Uh oh.

...Your brainwashing?

Well, good night...


Ah, well, I have...something to do... What are *you* doing?

Oh, I was just praying to Atua, annnnd...


Good night, Shuichi! See you tomorrow!

What's wrong, Kaito? Why did you call me out here all of a sudden?

See, since I was chosen as an astronaut trainee, I've trained every day, but... I haven't done any training here at all. At this rate, I'll get all weak, so...

What? Why me?

Wait, why—!?

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

AUDIO: Training Begins!

*pant* Hrgh... Hrgh... I...have to do this?

Now's not the time to use your head! Now's the time to move your body!

*pant* Hrgh... Arghhh...

What's the matter? Slowing down already? push-ups... *pant* My arms...are giving out...

Hey! Don't say that! The impossible is possible! All you gotta do is make it so!

What the...? That logic makes no sense!

Hrgh... Nghhhh!


Well, that's enough for now. We'll pick back up tomorrow.

...We're doing this again tomorrow?

Huh? Well, yeah. You gotta do daily training every day, right?


Because this training's for you...

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

When I look at you...I can't help but get frustrated. I ask myself... Is the one Kaede entrusted her wish to really this weak?


Do you think Kaede died because you made a wrong deduction? Do you think you killed her?

Yes. I do, Kaito... Because of my detective work, she set up that—

Her sins and her regrets are hers alone! You'll only make her worry about you if you try to bear all those by yourself!


...But...I can't help it, Kaito! I can't stop myself from thinking about what I could have done!


That's what I'm afraid of...


Well, you gotta deal with your worries yourself. I can't give you an answer for those, but...

At least you know you're weak. As long as you can admit that...

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Listen up! Training is the only way to overcome your weakness.

Ah, but, in my case, getting "stronger" is more of a mental concept...

Your head and body are connected, right? At the end of the day, they're the same!

Yeah he is. Regular exercise is good for mental health.

But maybe...that's exactly what I need right now...

Alright, Kaito. I'll try.

To get closer to defeating my enemy.

Well said, bro! But I'm strict, so you better prepare yourself!

"Bro," huh? That's the first time he's called me that...

You talk big for a guy that only did 20 push-ups...

Wha—! You were counting!?

Geez, you even noticed that. I guess you are the Ultimate Detective, after all.

Well that's not fair at all...

I don't really know why Kaito is so concerned about me... But I suppose I can trust someone again. Just this time. I decided to trust Kaito. I decided to trust Kaito and his craziness.

He and his ideas about "healthy living." Pffft.

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

I worked out for the first time in a long while... I'm completely exhausted.'s a good kind of exhausted.

Alright, for now...sleep.

I didn't have any intrusive thoughts that night. As soon as my head hit the pillow... I fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Just how horrific it can be to trust someone in this place...

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

What are you looking at? Who...are you guys? You're probably thinking, "This killing game is taking forever. Someone just die already." That is what you're thinking, right? Man, you guys are messed up. But I feel the same way, too. Geez, why won't someone just die? Watching people live and die is really the best entertainment. Some people say, "What do you think life is?" Honestly, life is worthless. When you die, you are quickly forgotten cuz there's tons of replacements out there. But if you die in a death game, everyone knows who you are. That itself is a form of happiness. Puhuhu... Who will find happiness next? My heart's pounding with excitement.

Day 8.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

Nyum, nyum... This is an official announcement from the Ultimate Academy...

Nom, nom... It is now 8 am. Time to wake up...nyum, nyum...

What are you eating!?


What's okay!?



My muscles were still sore from working out. But because of that...

I had a good night's sleep... for the first time in a while.

Perhaps even the first full night's sleep since I got here. So the soreness was nice, in a way.

...Alright. Breakfast.

Eating a good breakfast became part of my daily routine.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

We made a promise to not tell who has whose motive.

I didn't even have to click on Ryoma this time.

Ah, Ryoma. Are you headed to the dining hall?

Hmph...if I went there the way I am now, I'd just ruin the mood...


And I know that this is going to sound cliche, but...

Good things, huh?

Good things...are when your wishes, hopes, or dreams are fulfilled, right? What does that have to do with someone like me with no wishes, hopes, or dreams?



You haven't noticed? You look completely different from yesterday.

It's like your eyes have stopped focusing on the past... Hmph, your face looks more dependable.

Stopped focusing on the past...

...Why did she correct herself?

You ever hear about back items in casinos?

Back items? What are those?

Heeeeee... You wanna know more? You do, right?

...Where is this coming from?

Last time, when you and Kaede bowed to me, it felt so good that I had to put on dry panties! So do it again! C'mon, c'mon, hurry up! Make with the bowin' already!

Sorry, I'm not gonna do that. See you later.

Y-You don't need to bow! Just listen to what I gotta say...

She just wants my attention... Well, I do kind of want to know what she's talking about. I suppose I'll listen to her.

Alright, l'll hear you out. What is a "back item"?

It can be traded at a higher rate...and if you do well, you can earn quite the fortune...

A "back game"? I have a bad feeling about this...

Ah, wait a minute. Is that item...this medal? It commemorates the founding of the casino, after all.

You've made a discovery that even I, the gorgeous girl genius Miu Iruma, couldn't find...

...*You* came to *me*.

I knew comin' to you was a good idea, what with you bein' a detective and all... You managed to track down that medal/coin like I knew you would! Hah! I'm so awesome!

Let's bring that medal/coin to that casino!

I'm a bit worried about Monokuma...but I'm more worried about what will happen if we ignore it. I'll see what happens, just in case.

Hah-hahaha! Just as I predicted! Detectives get excited for casino games just like boys get excited for holes!

Ah, got it...

Hah hah hah! Welp, I guess I'll finish eating!

That's okay, right?

Good morning, Tsumugi. Are you headed to the dining hall?

Yeah...well, not because anyone told me to or anything. I just felt like it...

Oh, that reminds me...

I've never seen most of the games they have there.

Do you think Monokuma made them...? If so, I regret getting hooked on one of them...

You're hooked on one, huh?

Ah, sure... If we get the chance...

Oh, sorry. We should stop talking about stuff like this and go to the dining hall already. I'm gonna go on ahead.

Good morning. Um, have you seen Kokichi or Gonta?

Ah, I haven't seen them...

I see...

Given Kokichi's penchant for mischief, do you think he's planning to cause more trouble? Gonta is very earnest but also very naive... Kokichi could easily fool him.

That's true... That is a bit disconcerting.

True, Monokuma does interfere with our attempts to cooperate, but consider this... Perhaps what Monokuma fears more than our cooperation.

That is why I think that Kaede was not wrong.

That's right! If we all cooperate, I'm sure we will be able to escape this place! If we meet every morning for breakfast, we will slowly but surely become more united.


Well then, I will go to the dining hall now.

Good morning, Shuichi! Kirumi made us breakfast this morning, too!

You're right... It smells good.

Everything Kirumi cooks tastes delicious! I'm so excited!

Next time, we find out what Angie's got in store for us.