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Part 50: Get Lucky

MUSIC: Cool Morning

You can see that without doing any calculations...

Geez, what's everyone else doing?

I am not sure what she is doing in there, but she has no intention of leaving.

What does the Ultimate Child Caregiver gotta do in her research lab anyway?

Maybe she's hiding a bunch of kids in there that she's secretly taking care of!

What? She's not some stray dog on the streets raising pups...

A couple of virgins sneakin' around sounds like bad news to me!

Ah, I saw Ryoma on my way here, but he said he wasn't coming today...

I see... Well, we don't need that guy around here till he's got his head on straight.

Tch... How did the famous Ryoma Hoshi end up like that!?

Moving along... What...are those two doing? What is that?

I'll leave them be for now.

Ah, yeah! Really, thank you, Kaito. My muscles are still sore...

That's what I thought! You look refreshed!

It's no big deal! I'm just training Shuichi is all.

A bromance!? Gross! I guess virgins are just magnets for each other!

N-No... It's not like they're using a stand or anything.

So...what are Himiko and Angie doing? Are they praying?

As long as murder remains a possibility, we must not watch those videos.

I see you agree with us, Kirumi.

It's rare I hear you speak your opinion like that.

Her request was that we all live, and I believe this course of action will fulfill that request. There is no shame in choosing to retreat for the sake of one's survival.


Himiko is acting rather odd. I do not fully understand what she is doing...

Maki's just been holed up in her Ultimate Research Lab, hasn't she? Is it such a great lab that she just got absorbed in it?

But...I can't even imagine what sort of things would be in a lab for child caregivers... It can't be children, but...

Becoming a mom in her first year of high school...that's just unthinkable.

What are Kokichi and Gonta up to? Omigod! Did those virgins finally get so pent up that they turned on each other!?

What's Angie doing with Himiko...? What's going on...?

This is rather strange...Angie is the same as ever, but it seems Himiko is praying too. Whatever could be going on?

I don't think it matters which of the two we click on to proceed.


Ah, hey... What are you guys doing?

Praying to Atua, of course.

Praying to Atua. long as I pray like this, I don't need to waste my energy on useless stuff. No matter what happens or what trouble lies ahead, my heart will be calm...

No... She has merely abandoned reality to speak to Atua.

That *is* escapism.

Really!? I didn't know that!

Hm...I was brainwashed before, back when I didn't feel the presence of Atua...

Kehehe... It seems it's too late.

Himiko, please get a hold of yourself! You have to face reality!

I-I...remembered this nightmare reality I'm in... A-All my insecurities and loneliness... the pain th-that made me want to die...

Sheesh, Tenko. Don't interrupt Himiko while she's praying.

Then, smiling as always, Angie walked up to Himiko and...

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

AUDIO: Let's Build a Tower


I understand, Himiko... You're not actually scared. You're just sad, aren't you? You feel frustrated, anxious, and worried, but you have no one to confide in, do you? ...It's okay. You're not alone, Himiko. I know a handsome god who is keeping a watchful eye on you.

A...h-handsome god?

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Huh!? What handsome god!?


Wh-What are you talking about? It's nothing like that!

Huhhhh? What did I do?

I did something? I did? What did I do?

Where is this conversation going!?

Anyway... What was Atua's message? It concerns me a little...

Just gonna go through everyone's reactions again.

A divine message... I think it would be best to verify what her Atua has to say...

How did the conversation end up here? Geez, girls' conversations are always like this. They jump around so much, I can't keep up.

That's not really important right now, Kaito...

Did something to Himiko?

Hm? I just undid her brainwashing, that's all.

But...Himiko is clearly acting strange.

I guess Atua's words can't reach robots...

Wha—! You're being robophobic again!

It's okay! Atua has compassion for robots who look human!


Oh no... It's like she's fallen into a cult, Isn't it? To think that Himiko, who calls herself a mage, ended up like this...

Or wait... Do you need to have a patron deity to use magic?

Or is that just for divine spells? Himiko seems more like the black magic type. You'd need a demon for that. Well, if you believe in demons, you believe in gods too, right?

Oh, sorry. All of that is just plain unimportant. I was just curious...

So I don't need to be scared of anything...

D-Don't say that! That's a super huge death flag!

...Death flag?

This is bad! They're gonna get so addicted! A virgin is weakest during their first time! It doesn't take much to get 'em off!

U-Um, I mean, I'm not jealous or anything! My feelings for Himiko are totally clean and pure! Not like you degenerate males and your filthy, vulgar, impure feelings!

Kehehe... That is some impressive brainwashing, indeed. It seems being the Ultimate Artist is not Angie's only talent.

Atua says that this academy suffers from the same sins as the outside world. You're all unhappy cuz your greed is making you treat each other like adversaries.

Atua has spoken... Your desire to leave this place is only worsening your greed.


You... So you are saying we should live here for the rest of our lives?

No, noooo, that's wrong.

It's not enough to simply live here forever. Our lives must also be full of divine purpose. In other words...


In doing so...our desire to leave will vanish, and the killings will cease.

Are you...being serious right now?

This place provides us all with shelter, food, clothing, and wonderful friends!


MUSIC: Finding Peace Party



Himiko is a good girl and a fast learner.

Nyahahaha! The best plan ever to help us live lives of fulfillment here!

The best plan?

Tell them, Himiko.

Make them burst with happiness.

A magic show...?

Don't worry, admission is free. Er, actually, I guess admission will just be your smiles.


Now is the time to demonstrate my powers.

My magic is the only thing that can heal your twisted hearts.

Nyeeeh, don't disturb my concentration. You gotta learn to read the mood already.'s called a magic show cuz I do magic. Not tricks.

S-Screw your magic show. I don't get excited about that crap.

Nyeeeh, the show opens tomorrow morning. Come to the gym after the morning announcement. You guys better get excited and look forward to it with antisterbation!

Surely you mean "anticipation"? Or have I misunderstood the nature of this show...?

I'm counting on you guys to help. Nyahahaha, bye-onara!


H-Himiko... What happened to her...?

Kehehe... Faith as intense as this can be quite terrifying.

There may be no cause for concern. This does not appear to be related to our motive videos.

You're only worried about that?

But...everyone who isn't here could be showing each other their videos, right?

You mean Kokichi, Gonta, and Ryoma!?

Even with three people, there's a low probability of them having each other's motive videos. It seems unlikely that one of them would show a motive video without seeing their own in return. So I don't think a video exchange in a small group like that is likely.

I see... That is true.

Ah, y-yeah...

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. The same goes for Angie and Himiko.

For now, let us have some breakfast, shall we? I have prepared meals for everyone. Of course, I will deliver meals to those who are not currently present.

You don't gotta do that! I'll eat their portions!

Kaito! Don't push yourself too hard...


Huh? Kokichi? And...Kiyo and Ryoma?

Looks like this pubeless virgin was eavesdropping on us.

Nee-heehee... As an evil supreme leader, I can't pass up the chance to watch you win a jackpot!

This place is pretty suspicious... We'd better investigate it thoroughly.

Well, well? We can play some secret game with Shuichi's medal, can't we?

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

But it wasn't me.

Qu-Quit fuckin' around!

That's not very persuasive...

First of all, that medal is just a special knick-knack I made for the Monokubs. There's no reason for you guys to have it. Stick in a slot machine if you want.

And he leaves.

Well, it's fine if it was just fake info. It's not the reason I came here, anyway...

Ah, Kaito?

Why're you here, Kaito? I thought you swore off gambling forever.

H-Hold up! Why do you think I came here to gamble!?

Would one come here for some other reason?

I just don't understand why the instincts of Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars, were off!

So you're positive you'll win it this time?

Huuuh!? You take that back!

Nee-heehee... I accept your challenge.

He's so easily manipulated...

Kehehe... So simple. Like a moth to a flame.


The five of us each used our coins and competed at the slots.

I'd been roped into it before I even realized it... Ah, who cares?

You might rig the slot machines so it wouldn't be a fair match.

Wha—!? N-N-No fuckin' way I'd ever do that!

Hmph... It's written all over your face that you would.

Well then, let's start!

AUDIO: Kaito's Gambling Problem

Not even a black screen, just smash cut to Kaito eating shit. I love it.

Wh-What? Why? But I'm...Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!

Kaito lost in a landslide.

Whooooaaa! That was so awesome, Ryoma!

Winning at something like this isn't anything to brag about.

Against all odds, Ryoma won in a landslide.

Hey, do you have some sort of trick?

Nothing like that. I've just got a knack for it, I guess.

I cannot ignore that comment. Do not relegate luck to the realm of superstition.

Ooohh! My Kokich-ey senses are tingling! Kiyo's about to give an anthropology lecture!

This is deeply connected to the Japanese concept of "kotodama," the power of words.

Like saying "green" if you want me to go harder or "red" if you want me to stop!?

Wh-What...? I'm just tryin' to lighten up the mood...

Kotodama is a belief that words contain power that can influence reality itself. Speaking positive words leads to fortune, and negative words lead to misfortune.

Yeah, like when you rephrase a sentence so it doesn't sound as unlucky.

That feeling of misfortune may then affect their focus or motivation, yes?

I see... In that case, perhaps the belief in superstition is what affects them.

I don't let silly things like that affect me... I win simply because I'm confident in my skills. That's all it takes.

Words are powerful. Truth or lies may both be fired as powerfully as a bullet from a gun.

I-I see... I guess you can't underestimate luck.

Hey, Ryoma... Didn't you have any pre-game rituals or something?

When I was playing a match, if I entered the court with my right foot, it'd go well. So I did the same thing with this slot machine here...

Hmph, but that's it.

Hehehe! I bet your racket bends to the right, too!

S-Stop glaring at me... It was just a joke...

Alright! Then I'll give it a try!

Nee-heehee... You're so gullible, Kaito.

AUDIO: Kaito's Gambling Problem, Part 2


Ryoma wins agaaaiin! Too baaad!

Bwah-hahaha! Serves you right! Why don'tcha give it a tug with your other hand!?

Luck alone doesn't produce results as consistent as these, Ryoma.

Well, of course. If I was just lucky, I wouldn't be undefeated on the court.

Y'know, Kaito... You don't have any skills when it comes to gambling!

Sh-Shut up! My skills are suited for the universe! That's why they don't work on gambling! I can't waste them on that! That's why I don't gamble anymore!

Yeah, I think that's for the best...

Angie and Himiko... And...Ryoma. And Maki, too. Everyone's all over the place... But I shouldn't just leave them be. There has to be something I can do... Yes, I'm going to do something about this!

Next time, the duel of the century.