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Part 51: Celebrity Skin

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Before we get to free time, I need to cover something I missed way back at the start of this chapter.

Meeting me halfway, huh?

Once you understand, I'll come teach you! Bye-onara!

First of all, you don't actually have to leave the treasure chest for last. There's a minor variation in dialogue with Angie if you don't, which I'm showing you.

Wait, inspect it? How!?

And you get text for the empty chest if you don't leave it for last.

Once you hit everything you need to, Angie will catch up with you the next time you load in an area.

I didn't know you were here! I've been lookin' for you everywhere!

Ah, Angie! Did you find out anything about the flashlight?

It seems like Atua wants us to gather in the gym for an explanation.

You don't have time to relax now. Bye-onara!

But in any case... I should go to the gym.

Last time, I didn't notice that Tenko hadn't beaten Shuichi to the gym yet. That's why I'm here now.

What's wrong, Tenko? Angie said we should meet at the gym...

Yeah, I know... But I can't stop thinking about the pool...

*sigh* I wish I could swim... Especially when the pool of my dreams is right in front of me!

Huuuh? What's this degenerate male even talking about?

I don't think it's such a bad idea... See, you take a parasol, and...

If you put it up by the pool and relax in the shade, you'll feel glamorous for sure.

W-W-W-Wow! That's a great idea! That didn't even cross my mind!

What does cross your mind?


You look incredibly enthused for somebody saying "alright...fine."

Yes! Degenerate males should definitely know their place!

Or somebody talking to Tenko in general.

Okay then, see you later!

Things proceed as normal from here, until right before we'd normally start free time.

I feel like she's gonna throw me if I don't get it ready...

You do this to yourself, Shuichi, and that's what really hurts.

A beach chair and a table? Were these in the warehouse? With a parasol, this would definitely look like a celebrity's private pool...

But who prepared all this? Did Tenko do it herself...?


Did you bring the parasol?

Ah, I did, but... Wait, how do you know about that, Kirumi?

So I made some preparations.

Ah, I see...

If you start to feel cold, I have prepared warm meals which I can reheat over the stove. On the poolside, I have prepared oil massages.

In the changing room, I have prepared a variety of swimsuits to choose from...

Ah, th-thanks...

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Nyeeeh, thanks for doing everything.

Thank you, Kirumi.

I am grateful for your care, Kirumi.

I'm sorry... I just wanted Himiko to feel like a celebrity, too!

Can I join? Atua says He wants to feel like a celebrity too!

If Atua wants to be a celebrity, then we might as well invite him too.

This is before Himiko's conversion, remember.

S-Sure... If that's what you want, Himiko.

...Would a god want to be a celebrity?

Then I shall begin preparing for everyone else. Will that include you, as well?

Huh? Me too?

...What about Keebo?

Keebo's a robot, so he's neither male nor female! He barely passes!

Well at the very least, you're better off than I am...


In your case, would you prefer oil over tropical juice?

Keebo, Tenko requested I help her feel like a celebrity. And she has included you as one of her guests...

So please tell me what food or beverages I can prepare so you feel like a celebrity.

Such pride and dedication... Kirumi's prowess as a maid is showing!

Um...I do not require food. And I would not be able to taste it in the first place...

Y-You don't have to tell me! I'm not gonna peep...

Shut the fuck up. I was already in a bad mood when I realized I missed this scene, and when I had to rerecord it because I accidentally fast-forwarded through some stuff, and yet again now that my laptop is having new performance issues while I transcribe you. Your bullshit is not helping.


AUDIO: Faux Celebrity

Miss Tenko, how is the oil massage?

Aaahhhh... My whole body feels like it's melting away...

Kirumi! More tropical punch please!

Understood. I will also provide a fruit platter.

Aaahhh, I'm so happy, Kirumi! You're making me feel like a pampered celebrity! My life-long dream has finally come true! Thank you so much!

There is no need to thank me. Your happiness is the reason I serve.

*sigh*... What a pain...

You're relaxing right now, what exactly is a pain?

Out of curiosity, do you really need that parasol even though we're indoors?

Of course! If you wanna feel like a celebrity, you absolutely need a parasol! A robot like you wouldn't understand what it means to feel like a celebrity, huh Keebo?

Fuck you, Tenko. You suck.

Ghhhh... Th-This is a difficult feeling to understand!

It's called disgust. Get used to it.

Final verdict: not worth it. On to the more pleasant matter of begging a supervillain for Shuichi's life.

A magic show... It seems unconnected to the killing game, so I do not foresee any issues with it...


I don't care who it is, I'm not letting anyone through. Now, goodbye.

Maki's been here this whole time... She must really not want anyone to enter.

Your face looks more dependable...

To not focus on the a place like this... I don't get it...

Th-There's no way I'd ever be excited to see a magic show! Watching that little runt perform on stage will for sure bore the shit outta me!

She still looks kind of excited, though...

Oh, it's you... Uggghhh... How could I have eaten so much? It was pathetic of me...

Atua, huh... Well, I guess I could use a god... But I don't want to live here forever. There's no way this place could be paradise.

Preparations for the magic show have been going well... Angie, myself, and others have been helping Himiko.

Arghhhhh! Himiko...Himiko...Himiko...Himiko...Himiko...Himiko...Himiko...Himiko...Himiko...

Should I hang out with Tenko for a while? ...Even though she's staring at the gym intensely. NO

There are small talismans posted on the door that leads to the gym. That's right, they did say that the magic show would be in the gym... I guess no one is allowed to enter while they're setting up.

We can't hang out with Himiko or Angie right now, so good thing neither of them won the poll.

Faith taken to such an extreme as this... has brought tragedies the world over. I hope that no such tragedies befall us.

Hey, Shuichi. Others gather at dining hall, right? Gonta think about going...but Kokichi say he wanna have strategy meeting with Gonta...

Nee-heehee... I make sure to never miss a morning greeting. Greetings are an important part of any relationship, even for an evil organization.

Yeah, sure. Welp, change of plans, Gonta. See ya later!

Huh...? But what about strategy meeting?

Oh, don't worry! I already thought of a plan to get everyone to show their motives to each other!

But I'll need your cooperation, Gonta, so I'm counting on you.

O-Okay! Leave it to Gonta!

What could those two be planning...? I have a bad feeling about this...

Kokichi would never go back to the carpet store.

It feels good to know that you thought long and hard about what tribute to give me.

I see Kokichi is just as chipper as usual. I don't know when he's being serious and when he's toying with me... Which is it?

Now, it's time for the final game! It's this... Ta-daaaa!

Nee-heehee...don't get so antsy. Don't worry—it's only for the game. You know what the knife game is, right?

The knife game?

We start hearing the sound of the knife hitting the table, all while Becoming Friends continues playing in the background.

This will be today's challenge. This is fitting for the final game, isn't it?

But, this is...really dangerous... What if we get hurt?

Hm, what are you talking about? Shuichi, if you lose...

Kokichi's demeanor has changed... he seems far more serious now.

I'll make the first move, okay?

Kokichi spread his fingers on the table, then lifted the knife...


Is this what an Ultimate Supreme Leader looks like...?


There's that sound again, but faster.

He's so fast! If he can do that...


You hear this sound, too.


Blood oozed from Kokichi's hand. I sprung into action and grabbed his wrist.

You don't have to keep going, stop! Just stay still, I'll get it...

And all the while, Kokichi was...

Laughing. Laughing as if he were having the time of his life.

Okay, I think that's good. What do you think?

Yeah. It wasn't a deep cut, so that'll do. Thanks for treating my injury, Shuichi. But...

But I didn't do it yet... I'm still the winner?

Well, I messed up. So yeah. You win by default.


To kill you, Shuichi!

...But I'm alive.

That's a Macduff-tier loophole right there.


After I said I'd kill you, I was on your mind the whooole time, right? You thought about whether or not I was serious, or why I would say something confusing... Ha, even now! You're concerned about me from the bottom of your heart!

AUDIO: Kokichi Free Time #2

I stole your heart, so now I'm satisfied! I don't need to steal your life anymore!

What does that even mean!? Why did you say that?

Because that was a lie. I never wanted your life to begin with.


I have nothing to say... Toying with me would be putting it lightly. I don't think there will ever come a day when I truly understand Kokichi. I reach out to him... But he doesn't take my hand.

You've learned a new skill, Kind Lie.

It couldn't hurt to have this on when you're hunting for Back Routes. The Influence drain isn't that bad without it, though.

Kokichi's Undergarments posted:

Kokichi's favorite trendy underwear. Being a tease where it can't be seen is what true fashion is all about.


Huh? I guess that's Kaito, but... is he here to train already? Weren't we supposed to train at night? It's a little early...

Next time, we'll see why Kaito dares interrupt the sanctity of Free Time.

Rhythmical Pink Theme
Kaede Akamatsu's theme.
Enjoy the harmony.

Okay, is the game trying to tell me that Kaede's colorblind?