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Part 54: The Show Must Go On

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

...You pray, right? While you're working, living, and gambling. But miracles happen every day. For example, do you know what the odds of the earth existing are? The same as a tornado blowing through a junkyard and assembling a working car. That's a miracle! That's why us being alive on earth is a miracle! All kinds of miracles happen every day. Life is made up of little miracles. But whenever a miracle does happen, it just gets chalked up as fate or destiny or whatever. Be grateful for the miracles that have already happened instead of hoping for new ones. If you do that, you should be able to enjoy miracles, right?

Day 9.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

He's been cranky lately, so it's making him impatient. I...don't like impatient men!


It'll be 10 p.m. later!


But the insect fiasco yesterday, and now this? Do we really have time to be doing this stuff?

Welp, I suppose I shouldn't think about it so much. I'll just go to the gym for now.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Good morning...

Are you okay...? You look a bit sick...

Even after I went to bed, I just kept hearing I didn't get that much sleep...

Ah, that must have been rough.

Gonta would be sad to hear it, but... I like bugs even less now.

Or wait...are there?

Well, Gonta did say that he thought he saw a really tiny bug once...

Oh yeah, he did say that!

So...isn't it possible he was just plain mistaken?

No, actually...I really hope he was mistaken...


The show's in the gym, right? I'm gonna go on ahead.

Good morning, Shuichi. How are you feeling today? Are you still sore from the events of last night?

Ah, I'm fine. Are *you* alright?

Even so...

I'm very happy that I was finally able to use my functions to help everyone!

Keebo's recording function... It's not exactly revolutionary technology, but it did help a lot.

Oh, it was nothing, really. If you ever need my help for anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

Ahaha... Yeah, I sure will.

So...the magic show is starting soon, yes? Everyone has probably gathered in the gym already. We should get going as well.

Good morning. Everyone has already gathered for the show.

Ah, is that right? I suppose everyone's looking forward to it.

Miu seems particularly excited... Her eyes were lit up like a child's.

She's that excited, huh? Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited too.

Yeah, Kokichi tricked Gonta into going along with his motive video screening plan. But, thanks to Keebo, we put a stop to it. It's okay.

I Kokichi truly does intend to oppose us.

...No matter, let's go inside. Everyone is waiting.

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Yeah, it is... I didn't think you would have a real stage set up. Did you and Himiko do all this?

No, no. This would've been impossible with just two people. I got others to help us. Kaito and Keebo helped carry equipment from Himiko's research lab... I designed the stage but Kirumi sewed the curtains.

Ah...shouldn't everyone who worked on it get the credit?

Oh, well, I didn't ask you to help because I didn't know what you'd be useful for.

...Did you really have to say that?

Done preparing? You're not ready yet?

The star of the show needs to settle her nerves...

The star of the show requires mental preparations?

She's shaking like a leaf!

There's that 60 FPS jittering again.

Does that mean this magic trick will have a time limit?

It looks like there's fish inside. Is this part of the trick too?

Gonta too forceful... Still have long way before Gonta call himself true gentleman.

I-It's not your fault... It's Kokichi's fault for tricking you.

Your gullible mind will eventually lead you down the wrong path in life!

...Gonta be more careful next time.

After Insect Meet and Greet, Kokichi's mouth start to bubble, then he pass out...

Ah, I see... He might not make it to the show, then.

Gonta so sorry about yesterday! Gonta reflect on what happen!

This is way bigger than I thought. I imagined a plain, everyday stage.

I guess all the thoughts in my plain old head are just plain...plain.

Let's test her imagination. Beef... stew. Yeah, it's busted.

Wh-What is this device...!? I've never seen somethin' like this before...!

Her sound bites are "so excited!" and "this is a first for me!" respectively.

I've told you many times that Atua loves all His creations.

What do you mean, all his creations!? That's way too much love! What about Monokuma, huh? Does Atua love him, too?

Robots can't feel love! They can't feel any emotions at all!

And yet...I felt a strange pain in my chest after you just said that...

Tenko: so dumb she can't pass a Turing Test.

Y'know, lately I've been havin' weird pains in my joints in my lower body.

Isn't that...a symptom of gout?

Oh shit, she's Dornish! Kill her before she ruins the story!

This is quite a professional-looking set.

However, considering how unsettled Himiko is... We might not get to witness for ourselves the skill of the Ultimate Magician. How unfortunate.

Hmmm, what?

U-Um... When you're alone with Himiko, what do you guys talk about?

Oh, just normal things...

Food, sweets, our nails, and how to get Atua's bath water at a discounted rate.

Turns out some gamers will pay through the nose for Atua's used bath water. I guess there's no accounting for taste.

Angie...can be quite the handful. I wonder if Himiko can handle her...

You helped out too, Kirumi? Did you do the sewing? You complete every task you're given, don't you? No wonder you're the Ultimate Maid... But right now, you're just an audience member like everyone else. So let's enjoy the show.

Yes...I shall do just that.

Today, I will be a member of the audience and enjoy this performance.

Those fish in the tank above... Are those truly...? Is it alright to use something so dangerous?

J-J-J-Just a little bit!

Certainly doesn't look like just a little bit.

C-Cuz...the magic I'll be performing today is the Extreme Water Magic, Underwater Escape Act. I-I've never successfully cast it before... It's pretty difficult, so I'm a little nervous. order to raise the stakes...

If I don't escape from the tank within the time limit, piranhas will be dropped in...

This is looking a little dangerous...

Those are all piranhas, huh? They don't look like normal piranhas...

So she'll be the blackened if things go wrong?

Ah, Tenko...

Don't compare yourself to Garfield. I served with Garfield. I knew Garfield. Garfield was a friend of mine, and you, miss, are no Garfield.

N-No need to worry. I'll instantly kill all the piranhas...with my magic.

You're going to kill them? I thought this was an escape trick...

Himiko...are you serious?



I can do it... I'm a skilled young girl... Cuz...I'm a mage...


If I found out that the best way for me to motivate people was to make them do things just to spite me, I'd have that face too.

O-Of course...I believe in your magic... You' precious friend...


MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

Nyeeeh... I said my prayers and went pee.

It's starting already? But not everyone is here yet... Maki, Kokichi, Ryoma...and Kaito aren't here... What happened to Kaito? I thought he'd be here for sure... I wonder if something happened...

AUDIO: Magic Show Opening!

TENKO: Boo! Booooooo!!! You're supposed to thank us first!

Nyahaha! I present to you the mysterious, the miraculous, The Amazing Himiko!

N...Nyeh... Th-The magic I will perform today is the Extreme Water Magic... U-U-Underwater...Escape Act...

If you would please turn your attention to the water tank in front of you!

After 60 seconds have passed on the timer...

After the piranhas have fallen, and the curtain is opened... If, by some miracle, Himiko has been gobbled up, please give a big round of applause!

Juuuust kidding! It's a joke!

THAT'S your takeaway?

Gonta worry... Gonta have bad feeling...

Ughhh...Atua...! Please protect Himi—

Well, I guess you could pray to some other god.

How 'bout Lolth? That would suit Tenko fine.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

AUDIO: Magic Show Opening! Part 2!

Okay! I'm closing the curtain!

We stared silently, waiting. I clenched my fists nervously, my palms damp with sweat...

KIYO: She went in mere moments ago.

TENKO: W-Well, do you think she's alright?

GONTA: Uhh... Gonta starting to worry. Should we do something?

GONTA: G-Gonta can't take it anymore!

Gonta cried out, leaped out of his seat, and...

KIRUMI: Wait...Gonta!?

ran up onto the stage!


B-But...if Gonta do nothing, Himiko get eaten by piranhas—

The voice actor phrases this sentence differently. Oops!


TSUMUGI: I don't care if it ruins the trick, just come out! This stress is bad for my heart!

TENKO: Himikooooooooo!!!


And then...

fell straight into the water tank Himiko was swimming in!

Huh? Huhhh?

KEEBO: Look! The piranhas!

ANGIE: Got it. I'm opening it now!

When Angie pulled apart the curtains... we witnessed an unbelievable sight.

:siren:VIDEO: The Second Body Discovery:siren:


But then again, perhaps we weren't trying to process it. Perhaps we didn't want to acknowledge it.

*ding dong, dong ding*

AUDIO: Body Discovery Announcement #2

Everyone, please gather in the gym!

Then, when Himiko turned to look back at the water tank...

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

HIMIKO: ...Nyeh?

True Blue Theme
Shuichi Saihara's theme.
For those who pursue the truth!

Now this is much better. I might keep this one for a while.