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Part 55: Court and Spark

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MUSIC: Becoming Friends you just have some tacky interest in murderers?

Hmph... I can't tell if you're bold or just dense... Well, whatever. I don't really have any big stories to tell, though...

I hope I can return the favor. But I'm not great at giving gifts.

That's quite the sigh. If you're tired, why not go back to your room instead of spending time with me?

Yes, you are. I can tell. In a situation like this, it'd be more surprising if you weren't, anyway. Well, don't worry about it.


Well, there are several bears.

They don't count.

Hmph, well they certainly aren't the kind of animal that'd make you feel at ease.


Hmph...I get that. Once you start petting one, you forget about all your worries...

So you like animals too, Ryoma?

Well, I don't dislike them...

You sure about that? You looked a lot more relaxed when I mentioned animals.

Oh? Did I get it right?

Tch, you tricked me... Well played.

I only said what's true. Your soft spot for animals is written all over your face. So what kind of animals do you like, Ryoma?

Really!? You have a cat?

Used to... When I went to prison, I had someone I know take care of it.

Oh, I see...

He was calm and smart. He'd know when I was tired and come over to let me pet him. He had a nice, fluffy coat... Watching him go wild over catnip calmed me down.

I want a cat, too! Once I get out of this place, I'll go look for a cute one.

Well...that's good. But, don't just get one on a whim. Taking care of a living thing is a big responsibility.

Hmph, but I guess that's not something a killer like me should be saying.

Fluffy cats are the best!

Yeah... Persians, Himalayans, Ragdolls, Siberians...

Wow! You know a lot of breeds. You must really like cats.

W-Well, yeah... B-But just don't get one on a whim. Taking care of their fur is a real pain.

I bet it's waiting for you to return.

I wonder about that... I heard that cats forget their gratitude after three days.

That's a myth. No way a cat would forget about the person who took care of it. Do you think it'll die from loneliness if you don't see it again? Like rabbits do?

Hmph, it seems that's a popular myth, too.

Huh? Really?

But yeah...the first thing I'm going to do once I get out of try and go get him.

Geez...don't go judging people by their appearance.

Hmph...I guess I don't even need to ask.

I don't really mind, but... Are you sure? You really want to waste your time talking to me...?

There aren't a whole lot of interesting presents that Ryoma likes, so I'll just give him classy things that anyone can enjoy for now.

Sorry I can't show how happy I am... I really am grateful for this gift.

Why...? Is that a problem? Oh, do you have other plans?

It's nothing like that...

Then, what do you mean?

"Don't bother with me"...?

It seems you've forgotten, so I'll remind you. I'm a murderer. I warned you about walking up to a killer like me.

...You've got a blank look on your face...

Well...I've never been in this situation before. Now if you had a contagious cold, I'd be more careful about avoiding you.

I trust you...and I don't think everyone in our group has killed before.

... that's the way you live, huh?

Do you just say that because you think it makes you sound cool?


Of course, your past is something you can never take back...

Yeah, I am...

I don't think a person like that should bear such a burden alone.


Are you gonna say something like, "My right arm trembles with the power of darkness"!?

Do I really look like that kind of guy...?

No, you don't.'ve been sulking this whole time, so I'm starting to see you that way.

Well, I didn't expect to hear that. Even though you judged me based on my appearance.

Well, that's... Yeah, you're right...

But...I'm sulking, huh? Maybe... You might not be wrong.

Ultimate Pianist, huh...?

AUDIO: Ryoma Free Time #1

Your words and voice...inspire people's hearts the melody of a piano.


Anyway, don't bother with me anymore. You got it?

But the way he said that... Did my words reach Ryoma?

Someone in the thread suggested comparing the way Kaede and Shuichi tend to handle free time segments with each character. The short answer, from what I can remember, is that Kaede tends to cut to the chase and is less willing to put up with other people's bullshit than Shuichi is. For instance, when I finally saw her call out Ryoma for "sulking", it was funny, but also kind of sad considering the direction Ryoma's been going in since the last chance she had to hang out with him. Was that really what he needed to hear?

*knock, knock...*



Hmph...did you come to lecture me about not having the will to live? I'll sit and listen if it'll make you feel better...

Sorry I can't show how happy I am... I really am grateful for this gift.

You probably just want to hear about how I took down that mafia, right?

Really? You've got a nosy-looking face... Are you worried about whether or not I still care about tennis? For some reason, that's another thing busybodies seem to care about.

Is that so?

So I was the only one who was worried. Hmph, I've still got a ways to go...

Well, to be honest...

Well, that is honest... Aren't you a detective? Such honesty might be seen as foolish, you know.

Ah, I suppose that's true, yes.

But...out of respect for that honesty...


That's what I said. Didn't you hear me?

Now then...what should I talk about, specifically...?

It seems as though Ryoma hasn't lost his passion for tennis.

He puts on an act like it's not a big deal, but clearly... ...He must really be struggling.

My friends...from tennis club...


The one who sticks out the most... is that one guy...


I do regret that I was... never able to break his zone...

His "zone"?

A skill where he can stay in a single spot and continually return the ball.

Hmph...not me. Our captain was the one who could do that. I was called an Ultimate, but compared to them, I've still got a ways to go...

He developed counter moves that only he could possibly pull off... He was always smiling but you could never quite tell what he was thinking.

He made us drink these weird drinks. They were so nasty, I thought I was gonna die...

He said they were made of vegetable juice, but...anyone could tell they weren't normal.

I-I see... Your school had some...unique players.

...'s a place that I've got nothing to do with anymore...


Sorry I wasted your time. See ya...

Ah, okay...

Oh, right.

That's alright, Ryoma. It doesn't bother me a bit.

Hmph, is that so...? Well, see ya.

What's their goal? Is it just making us kill each other?

If they wanted us for our Ultimate talents, then it's strange that they'd try to kill us... Maybe they hate us so much, they want to kill the very concept of Ultimates?

This seems like a better fit for him.

Sometimes, even I want to feel happy I'll accept this. Thanks.

No? Well...

I know that Ryoma hasn't lost his passion for tennis. After listening to the way he talks about his old tennis friends, I'm sure of it. Maybe I can help Ryoma accept his feelings!

Ah, I was just thinking about how fun your tennis stories are. I'd like to hear more.

You actually enjoyed those...? Hmph, what a strange guy. We talked about my tennis friends. What else did you want to hear?

Hmph, my rivals. I don't know if I'd call them that, but there were some people...

The guy who used that "zone" technique?

There was a guy who beat him.

Yeah... He used a technique called Insight to see his opponent's weaknesses. He made full use of this technique to beat his opponents down...


There were others with crazy nicknames like Child of God and Emperor...

Child of God? Emperor? There are tennis players like that...?

All five of my senses were stolen... In the end, I couldn't even stand.

Your senses were stolen!?

The Emperor's special technique was called Fu Rin Ka Zan. I faced it once...

You need all those secret techniques... for tennis?

We'd all give everything we had... Being defeated only made us stronger.

This is beyond the realm of tennis... How did you get your senses back!?'s foolish to assume your common sense applies everywhere... This is a good example, right? It's common sense to me, but not to you.

I suppose so...

It must have been a lot of fun!

Why do you think that...?

Well, looked like you were having a lot of fun telling that story...

...Hmph, you're right. I can't say it was boring...

But...that's an old story...

I'd love to watch a match someday.

You're telling me to play again? Impossible.

N-No, ah, well, I would love to watch you play, but I could watch other players too...

Then when we get out of here, I'll see if I can get you into a match. But just so you know, I won't come with you.

If I talk anymore, I'll start to remember things best forgotten...

What am I saying? Hmph, it's not like me to get so emotional.

Anyway, see ya...



Or so Keebo said, but... Somebody might take action because they want to see the motive...

Hmph, don't get it wrong... I haven't fallen so low that I'd do something like that. Even if a murderer said something like that, no one'd believe it...

Sorry I can't show how happy I am... I really am grateful for this gift.

Hmph, I know what you're up to. You just want me to play tennis again.

I thought so...

That's just the shell of who I used to be. I threw away my past.

...Did you really, Ryoma?

I don't think it's so easy to throw away the burdens we carry. It's hard to see what you're carrying on your own back. Even if you wanted to throw it all away, I'm sure some is still there, clinging to you. Something you can't quite get rid of, like a coffee stain on your shirt.

Ah, well... My uncle used to say that all the time... He taught me that detectives should always look for the "stain" on people. That's how you find the truth. That's how my uncle did it, anyway.

Well, I guess it works after all. I bet your uncle's a good detective.

There's something you're still carrying. Is it tenn—

But I gathered my resolve...and did it...

Resolve? What do you mean by that?

Nothing. We were talking about coffee stains on my back though, right? Sorry, but I've got nothing back there.


There was someone I promised my future to.

You a lover!?

Is it that surprising I had a lover? Hmph, I'm used to that reaction...

Yeah... I met her in America when I was studying tennis abroad. At the time, I didn't believe in love... I thought it was a joke... Honestly, I don't know how we fell in love, but...


Yeah. She died.

I'm sorry... How did she die?

But she was so important that you wanted a future together. So why...?

...She...would've been unhappy being with me. No, not just her. Anyone...


See ya...

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

So...I won't get in your way.

Fine... Do what you want...

Hint hint, Ryoma.

I hope I can return the favor. But I'm not great at giving gifts.

I could venture a guess. You don't want me talking to you.

Exactly. Like I said before, don't bother with me.

Hmph...true. I've got no right ordering you around. So what business do you have with a guy who'd throw away his own lover?

You must have had your reasons. Something to do with the mafia? So why did you do it, Ryoma?


I'd like to hear it from you.

Hmph... That face tells me you're not interested as a detective. If that's the case...I've got no reason not to answer.

You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

You say that...but it's written all over your face you want to hear it.

And it's written on *your* face that you're desperate to tell someone.

Hmph...well played. It seems like you've got some spine after all. In that case, I'll make you listen. If you regret it later, that's on you.

Is it dangerous to tell me?

Hmph, you scared? Don't stop halfway, detective. You'll never find the truth like that.

...No, I'm prepared for this. Don't back down now!

I want you to tell me, Ryoma.


It was to an underground tennis competition held on a mafia-owned luxury liner.

An underground tennis competition?

I didn't want to get involved with it, but they wouldn't let up. I thought I'd teach them a lesson by showing up and ruining things.

Gambling on tennis... There's a niche for everything.

I didn't like that, so I pretended to go along with their plan... And at the last second, I crushed the opponent I was meant to lose against.

Yeah. Mafiosos get really upset when their reputation is ruined. Back then, I was naive... Too naive...


My lover was safe, but I didn't know when they'd get to her. That's why I had her run somewhere far away...

I was the only one who escaped the mafia, and even then, just barely...

I don't believe it!

I shouldn't have let her go. I should've kept her by my side and protected her. If I'd done that least she wouldn't have been alone.

...You massacred them. For revenge.

And that's why I was thrown in prison.

This is more than I would have ever expected from Ryoma...

See? You shouldn't have asked. I'm just a helpless fool.

To not focus on the a place like this... I don't get it...

Yeah, maybe if I spend time you as you are now...

No...if I'm thinking that, I've still got a ways to go...

The ultimate in cool.

I don't have anything to give you, is that okay?'re strange.

You know full well you shouldn't bother with me... So why're you still here?

I've been told not to get involved countless times before. But...

I don't intend on throwing our relationship away, Ryoma. And I won't let you, either.


I don't want someone I respect to tell me that they have nothing. That's why I want to stay by your side... as your classmate, and your friend.



You're a bigger idiot than me.

But...I don't dislike that about you.


Shuichi, you got a minute? Let's go to my research lab.

A tennis ball and racquet?

I don't know if you've played tennis before, but you can hit the ball, right?

Ah, I think I can...

Aim for you?

Try hitting me with it. Right in the face, if you can.

I can't do that! It's dangerous!

You can't become that big of an idiot? Well too bad. Come on. Join me in my stupidity. This is the only way I can test your resolve.

...Alright, I suppose... If this is what you want, Ryoma...

I would be no match for you...

Huh? I'm not saying we should have a match. I want to see your resolve. This is a test of feelings, not skill.

I'll say it one more time. Shuichi, serve the ball right at me!


Alright, I'll do it.

I don't know what he's thinking, but if this is what he wants...

Hmph, good answer. I knew you were that kind of idiot. Now, let's get stupid.

Imitating the pros to the best of my ability, I threw the ball up and swung...


My racquet connected, and the ball flew toward Ryoma faster than I expected.


That was a good serve. I could feel how serious you are.



I stood frozen in fear. The ball grazed by my cheek so close I could feel the fibers.

W-Wait a minute! You're gonna hit it *back* at me!?

He's got his game face on! What am I supposed to do!?

Over the course of the match, I realized why Ryoma would test me like this. ...Because that's just Ryoma's way. Because during that game, we were both having fun, goofing off, messing around...

After every drop of our energy was spent, we both collapsed on the court, panting.

If I ever get out...I'm going to go and pick up everything I threw away. It's too late for a lot of things, but if I can still reach some...

AUDIO: Ryoma Free Time #2

Just like how I'm bearing you on my back right now.


I'm so glad that I could help him face that side of himself... That's what this was all about, right? I helped him find the fun of the game again, because of our bond as friends. As long as we have that bond, no opponent will ever beat us.

You have learned a new skill, Killer Smash.

With this we never have to worry about white noise again. There are still some silencer skills I want to show off, though.

Ryoma's Undergarments posted:

Ryoma's favorite briefs. At a certain national tennis competition, everyone was required to wear all white, down to their underwear.

I'm guessing these didn't Flash Step with the rest of him during the game.