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Part 58: Come to My Window

MUSIC: Despair Searching

So that window we investigated above the stage in the gym connects to here, right?

...You're not gonna do it yourself?

There are also some specifications written here... The pool is 82 feet in length and is 39 feet wide... The poolside is 13 feet on each end, and the left and right sides are 8 feet each... There's something bothering me about the pool rules. They say...

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

I mean, jumping itself is fine. If you wanna jump in front of a car or a train, that's on you.

But the pool is off-limits at nighttime. See? "No swimming at nighttime."

That would be a violation, right?

If anyone violates a school regulation, a campus-wide siren will blare...

Y-You'd go that far?

Well, so far the siren hasn't gone off. So no one's needed to be ripped apart...

...yet. Puhuhu.

Since that's the case...can we assume no one was in the gym or pool at nighttime?

Exit Monokuma.

MUSIC: Despair Searching

That's the window we investigated from on top of the stage in the gym. I's pretty high up. You wouldn't be able to reach it with just a ladder.

I agree... The ladder only barely reached the window, and it was on the stage.

Yeah, you might be right.

Nothing about it has changed.

I see... You could easily fill a large inner tube with this.

The pool is deep, but it isn't filled up all the way. Still, plenty of water to swim in. The water level hasn't changed... but I can see something floating in it.

Let me guess...some idiots didn't clean up after themselves.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

I don't like water. I prefer juice.

We get heavier when our cotton absorbs water. It makes losing weight a nightmare!


Y'know...Monodam might be on to something. I kinda wanna go in the pool now.

We're the Monokubs! The meanest, nastiest, cruelest mascots around!

Ahhhhh! Please doooon't!


Y-You sayin' that if we don't get along, I'll end up like Monokid...?


MUSIC: Despair Searching

Well, it doesn't matter. The inner tube probably isn't related to the case.

Isn't related to the case? If it were just for playing around, then...

That is intriguing...

It's just trash, right? Nothing to be worried about.

We're looking for the culprit! We don't have time to pick up trash!

Ah, yes, but...


We got all psyched up about it, but it doesn't seem like there were any clues here...

Well, that inner tube is still bothering me... I don't know what it tells us, but I feel like it's related to this case.

If it was related to the case, why didn't they clean it up?

Just leaving it sitting out like that... don't you think that's straight-up careless?

There's no pole or anything around here that you could use to get the inner tube.

Then why not just jump in and fish it out by hand?

Oh! That's right! They couldn't get in the water!

Couldn't get in the water... Yes, I suppose you could think of it that way.

There's no time to waste! Isn't that right, sidekick!?

Yeah, sure.

the handcuffs that were found in the tank came from here. And if the handcuffs came from here... that means the culprit was here as well. They may have left a trace of evidence...

What's the matter, Shuichi?

Ah, nothing... Anyway, let's figure out the handcuffs.

We should take care of that problem first...

Let's check it out.

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

It's a shower room, but it feels less like the Ultimate Tennis Pro's...

Do you think it was made that way on purpose? Did they remodel the shower just for that?

Yeah...I think they did.

Geez...Monokuma's got bad taste. Well, we already knew that.

Scratches on the stone... like something was scraped against it.

You're right... What made them?

These scratch marks are clearly not natural. They must've been made by some kind of metal. That *is* interesting...

Look, Kaito. Handcuffs hanging on the wall.

Oh, they look like the ones in the tank. Or wait, *are* they the same?

I think so... Here, look.

That means the culprit was definitely here...

Could it be...?

AUDIO: Looking Down...

Come on, NIS, don't validate the goons who disparaged you!

The window I could see from the pool area is Ryoma's lab window.

KAITO: The 3rd floor's high up, but if they aimed well, they could reach the pool...

KAITO: But Monokuma said you can't go in the pool at nighttime, right?

And then that person will be rrrrrripped apart by the Exisals!

Y-You'd go that far?

Well, so far the siren hasn't gone off. So no one's needed to be ripped apart...

...yet. Puhuhu.

...Well, at the very least, no one alive.

I believe he was hinting that a dead person wouldn't be considered to be "breaking the rules." Which means it is possible that a dead body was in the gym or the pool at nighttime...

So there's a chance Ryoma was carried to the gym after he was killed? But, y'know, there's no point carrying his body there if you can't even get in.


Yeah... It's as if something scraped against it.

These marks...are similar to the ones that were on the gym's window frame. I'm positive these marks aren't the result of opening and closing the window normally.

It looks like it would hold, even with a lot of weight on it.

Now you understand, right Shuichi?


How amazing I am to have noticed such a super, ultra important clue...

I mean, I found a pretty important clue, too... but I won't say that.



but we found even more important clues than I expected.

Together with the fact that this is Ryoma's own lab... There are too many points of concern to be mere coincidence. It must be important evidence.

MUSIC: Despair Searching

Alright! Then, on to the next place! There's no point staying here.


Going back to the first layer of lab...

As he came out of the shower room, Kaito tripped and fell to the ground.

Is this for the tennis net? Man, whoever left this here shoulda put it in the corner.

I see... So that's why this room felt odd.

I should investigate this in detail.

So, like, someone took the cable off? Why would they do that?

Kaito, can you help me? I want to measure how long this cable is.


Oh, I was in the tennis club till middle school, so I know how long the cable is.

You were in the tennis club?

Did you...know Ryoma from before?

I never met him, but I heard a lot about him.

I mean, these days, there's no one who's played tennis that hasn't heard of him. He's been a tennis legend since middle school. He was like a hero to every tennis kid.

That pissed me off so much, I ended up being too hard on him.

But regretting that now won't help. There's nothing I can do...


No, nothing specific... I was just checking.

Hmm, so detectives get bothered by small details, huh? Like an overbearing mother-in-law nitpicking a young wife!

What is *that* analogy?

There are still other places left to search.

Not that many, though. We'll get the rest next time.

Boys School Badge Collection Theme
Boys' school badges theme.

I don't like how they're all clustered in one corner like that. It's pretty hard to make them out, and I'm not sure all eight of them are even there.