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Part 59: Give Me One Reason

MUSIC: Despair Searching

Before we go to Ryoma's dorm room, there's something else we gotta check out.

We all agreed to investigate with at least one other person present, yes? you're staying with Maki.

That's good thinking! Hey, once we're done with the trial, can I get a massage?

But, of course... Since you are here, Shuichi, may I ask you a question? The time of death was not provided, so I am questioning everyone in order to determine it.

Right before I was kidnapped by Gonta yesterday...around six in the evening.

The last time I saw him was way before then. I didn't see him at all yesterday, actually.

Then you are fine, Kaito. What's important is the last time someone witnessed him alive.

The last time someone witnessed Ryoma alive...

Ryoma managed to avoid being captured by him by using his Shukuchi Method.

So Ryoma was still running around after I got captured...

Furthermore, 30 minutes earlier, Miu saw Ryoma as she was fleeing from Gonta.

In that case, Gonta's testimony is highly credible.

... said that you weren't going to help us investigate. Were you serious about that?

You'll be fine, even if I don't help, right?

Th-That's completely different, this is—


Yup! Shuichi's my sidekick now!

Shouldn't it be...the other way around? The dumb one should be the sidekick.

...Wouldn't being a scientist be helpful for an investigation?

More importantly...why have you been here the whole time? Is there a reason?

Why do you care?

Because it's been bothering me...


Ah, no, that's not what I'm trying to do... I just want you to talk to me, Maki. If this has nothing to do with the case, please, tell me so.


But you should at least cooperate with our investigation...

Even if I did cooperate, I wouldn't be any help. Mostly because...I've been in here for the last several days.

I've only gone back to my dorm at night to shower. Including last night.

Gonta was searching the grounds last night, trying to capture all of us.

How were you able to avoid being caught?

Gonta did stop by, but I managed to chase him off somehow. All I did was tell him...

So Gonta got scared off by that? Well, I guess he would hold back against a girl.

As I listened to Maki's testimony, a question grew in my mind... Why did Maki not want to leave so badly? What reason did she have for that?

Huh? You are?

Well, her alibi is a little shaky, but I don't think she killed Ryoma.


But if you remember anything, be sure to tell Shuichi, okay?

He's my sidekick, y'know? He's pretty good.


But no one else can verify that testimony. That might be a problem later...

At the other end of campus...

It doesn't feel right going in there without permission, but he can't really give it anymore.

I don't see it sitting out anywhere. Maybe he put it on his bookcase?

I we can't find it. That's alright...

Huh? What do you mean?

You see, if we suppose the motive for the crime was the video... There's a high possibility that Ryoma had the culprit's motive video.

If their motive video was left at the scene, they would be immediately suspicious.

That's true...

And the video is not in the room, which means...

Yes, that's the best explanation I can think of.

Alright! That's just what I'd expect from my top sidekick!

What's the matter, Shuichi?

Ah, nothing...

By the way, I was thinking...



MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

They showed the most important people to us, right?

KAITO: Without looking away from the truth...

And...if we were worried about watching them alone, we coulda just watched them together.

Yeah...we shoulda gathered together and watched all the videos. Share everybody's motives. Even if it's something you can't bear by yourself, it'd be possible with everyone.


Kokichi was trying to get us to participate in a motive video viewing party of sorts. That's why he forced us into the same room.

N-No...if that's what he wanted, he coulda just asked us.

That's what a normal person woulda done, but the thing is, he's *not* normal.

Maybe he did want us to cooperate, but there's no way to know for sure. He'd never tell us.

That's true... It's impossible to know what Kokichi is thinking.


AUDIO: Class Trial Announcement #2

Well, that's how it goes. Investigations aren't all that fun, you see. But it's a necessary step before we can move on to the main event... Kinda like searching the Internet for that perfect porno video! In fact, some people think the search is the best part. Weird, huh? Anyway... The class trial is starting soon! Please gather at the Shrine of Judgment in the courtyard! Puhuhuhuhu, see you later!

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates



MUSIC: Heartless Journey

Don't worry! You can do it. I believe in you.

Why? Why do you trust me, Kaito? There's a chance that I'm the cul—


Isn't that why you believed in Kaede? I mean, sure, I might get betrayed in the end, but...


Shuichi, we're still young... I can't die before I've had my first drink or gone to space!


Yeah, that's the expression I wanted to see. Heh, that's my sidekick.

He's right... I just have to do it. I have to believe in myself. I have to *believe* that I can do this. I'm going to survive.

Maybe I don't really understand it, maybe I don't have a reason—


I want to die with everyone else...

I want to live a long life! I don't want to die!

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

Not like we have choice, right?

Kehehe... You are quick to understand. It's as though Monokuma has you trained.

We got nothin' to worry about. Right, assholes? We'll figure out the culprit, won't we?

Of course we don't need to worry. The top suspect is super obvious this time.


How dare you bully Himiko, you degenerate! You want me to Aikido-chop your head off, huh!?

That's...not even Aikido anymore, is it?

Yeah, let's put an end to this at the class trial.'re right.

Himiko's so suspicious, she's gotta be a red herring, right? But I don't even know where to start unraveling the truth...

Aah... I should've played more point-and-click adventure games...

This case will be sooo easy. Especially with how obvious the top suspect is. ...Riiiight, Himiko?

I hear males pick on girls they like to get their attention! Which means Kokichi must like Himiko!

Huh!? How'd you know!?

Actually, why don't we focus on the class trial and save that conversation for later? Nee-heehee... This is turning out to be not so boring after all.

Gonta...not wanna suspect friends...

Nyahahaha! We have nothing to worry about!

Atua sees all. His divine deduction will solve this mystery right away!

Hey, Detective Dumbass! You've pinpointed a possible culprit, right!?

Shuichi...before we head over there, let me give you some advice, hero-to-sidekick. If you want to give up, wait until after you've done everything you possibly can!

You got it? it, Kaito.

He's right...I can't give up. I made a promise to Kaede.

This murder...was also triggered by Monokuma's motive, was it not? Which means...there is a reason the culprit was desperate to live, yes? And Ryoma, who became the victim... had no reason to live, correct?

What are you implying?

Which, I correct?

You're thinking too hard about it... Living things just gotta live. Anyway, no matter what happens to us, we gotta live!

Yeah... You don't really need a reason to live. That's just the icing on the cake.

...Sorry, but I don't know anything. If you think a child caregiver can help solve a murder case...then we're all in trouble.

This matter will be discussed in due time. We should save our arguments until then.

Nyeh... Nyeeeh...

More shaking.

Th-This whole thing is sh-shakin' like a big ol' vibrator!

H-Himiko's scared! Poor little thing!

Th-This v-v-vibration i-is p-perfect...!

Qu-Quit looking at Himiko like some kind of degenerate male!

"That's my job!"

I did not calculate that we would gather here under these circumstances again... What would Kaede say if she saw us right now...? NOT the culprit. No way, no how. I know Himiko better than anyone! I know all her secrets!

"I've watched her sleep several times!"

None of those are secrets...

VIDEO: Shrine of Judgment Elevator

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

After a pause...we all stepped toward the door.


Normally, I wouldn't mind the shaking... But I'm feeling especially sensitive to it now. Each of us felt that trembling through our entire bodies as we sank further still. Without sure footing, I'm positive I would have fallen as well. My breathing was becoming more ragged, my heart pounded harder and harder... Just when I thought I would pass out from the nerves—

But this wasn't the end, no. It was only just beginning.

Hm? Did you wanna come here again cuz of how wonderful it is? Isn't it wonderful? I put so much effort into building this place, it should be a monument.

But Father just took all the credit!


...You idiots are really committin' to this henchmen bit.

You put a lot of elaborate detail into this courtroom. Almost like it's for show.

For show, huh? That's an interesting way to put it.

Is this just for show? Are you showing this to the people outside and—

Get it? They're not with us. As in, they're no longer with us, y'know what I mean?

In other 13 are the only ones left in the world. Now, show me just how you intend to bargain for your lives!

MUSIC: New World Order V3

After falling from his former glory, he told us he had no reason to live... But even so...he said he wanted to fight beside us. To get out of here with us. For that, he was trying to find a reason to live. He might have been a little stern... but he wasn't a cold man at all. And the person who killed him...

I want to believe that's a lie. I don't want to believe it at all. But...

This is...the wish she entrusted to me.

I'm going to survive. I can't die here. In order to keep my promise to her...

I will fight for my life in this trial of truth and lies!

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