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Part 62: Faith in Strangers

MUSIC: Our Class Trial

Welp, you're exactly correct, buddy! But let me give you another tutorial first.

It's when one of your opponents shouts their opinion in a loud voice.
That blocks out everyone's arguments! Even if you see a weak spot, you can't refute it.
Oh no! What do I do then!? ...That's what you're thinking, right?
Luckily, it's just like White Noise. Shut 'em up with the [X] button's silencer!
After that, all of the arguments will be audible again.
Then you just shoot the Truth Bullet at the Weak Spot. You know the drill.

I dunno about you, but this mechanic annoys me and I'm using this to not deal with it:

Librarian's Glare (Panic Type, 4 slots)
Instantly silences loud voices. Effective during Mass Panic Debates.

:siren:VIDEO: Class Trial #2, Mass Panic Debate:siren:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PANIC-

I didn't notice during the last trial, but you get a god ray on whichever character your cursor indicates.

What is your alibi?
I tried hiding in the classroom...
five minutes.

What's Maki's Alibi?
Then, right before nighttime, I got tired and fell asleep.
That was five minutes before 9:00 p.m.

I didn't run into anyone.
In the girls bathroom!?
Did you really leave the gym at 9:00 p.m.?

Oh no you don't.

I need to calm down... Focus on one at a time...

We can't prove Kaito was where he said he was, but we know something about Kirumi's whereabouts.

That was right after I left Gonta's lab... so it was right around 9 pm. She started throwing questions at me left and right, asking if I was up to no good.

...A whole hour?

Well, only the first half hour was a lecture, then we played tag for the other half.

Gonta went to the gym to catch Himiko and Angie five minutes before 9 o'clock.

After I left Gonta's lab, I ran into Kirumi.

I'm pretty sure Kirumi stayed at the gym five minutes till 9 o'clock.

Sorry! I forgot! I definitely didn't keep it a secret to make the trial more interesting!

Forgot...? It seems far more plausible that you were telling another lie.

Unlike robots, we meatbags can't pull out our memories from our hard drive.

If I am the culprit, that would mean I killed Ryoma within five minutes...

...transported him to the gym, and hid him in the piranha tank. This seems highly unlikely.

If you called Ryoma out to the gym and killed him there, you wouldn't need to move him.

All you would have to do is hide him in the piranha tank.

Are you claiming I took advantage of that, and called Ryoma for a rendezvous at the gym?

Umm...that'd be pretty difficult. We should probably look at other possibilities.

Maybe someone snuck into the gym while Kirumi and I were busy talking.

Miu, Kaito, and Maki!

But there's actually one person we can rule out of the suspects list.

Right? There's one person who's totally not suspicious! Say who it is already!

One person can be eliminated as a suspect, according to Kokichi...

We need to pin down who that was. The key to that fact lies in Kokichi, Gonta, and Miu's statements. According to what we know, that figure Kokichi saw must be...

Yeah, you can take her off the list. She actually has an alibi.

Wait a sec! Since when does she have an alibi!?

If you compare everyone's statements, there's no other possibility.

...Something odd?

I saw a half-naked girl, wandering around the courtyard in her underwear. It was too dark for me to make out who it was, but I saw her walk around for a bit.

Who else could it be but the horny exhibitionist, Miu?

W-We can't just jump to conclusions like that... He just saw a shadow, right?

That'd be a whole different issue...

No, it's Miu. Without a doubt... Miu and Gonta's statements prove it.

Your face got hot? You mean you were hot on her trail, right?

No, um, she use her...what she call it? "Secret woman weapon"? And then—

I, uh...I had to secret woman weapon... A-And let's just leave it at that...

W-Well cuz, y'know... I'm pretty stacked, so...

I figured I'd take my clothes off so Gonta would be too flustered to touch me!

GONTA: Miu was in her underwear... and weird feeling... So...Gonta ran away...

MIU: Well, when you got the body of a goddess, it's only natural to wanna flaunt it! I show my panties to the boys all the time! And I mean, *all* the time!

I love it when we can see that a narrator is full of shit.

Most of that was unintelligible nonsense, but it would seem that Miu has an actual alibi.

Yup. It took a while, but at least we got everyone's alibis cleared up...

We should remember all of this, in case we need to recall these events again.

Alibis For Yesterday posted:

Shuichi, Keebo, Kiyo, Tsumugi, and Tenko were forced to gather in the Ultimate Entomologist's lab from 8 pm. to 11 pm. for the Insect Meet and Greet. At five minutes to 9 p.m., Himiko and Angie joined as well.

Kokichi was in the Ultimate Entomologist's lab until 9 pm. He was with Kirumi from 9 pm. to 10 pm. By 11 p.m., he returned to the lab.

Kirumi was in the gym until a little before 9 pm. with Himiko and Angie. From 9 pm. to 10 p.m., she was with Kokichi. She was in the gym alone for around five minutes.

Miu was seen multiple times last night wandering around the courtyard in her lingerie.

That leaves...Kaito and Maki as the only ones with no alibis.

Then one of them must be the culprit! But which one, I wonder?

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo! Catch the culprit by its—

...Two prime suspects... Kaito and Maki...

I want to believe Kaito... Until he's proven guilty, I will trust him.

Uh, maybe we should determine the sequence of events? The culprit wa—

Nope, we should do something more fun... and I have the perfect idea.


Since we don't have to randomly accuse each other, finding the truth just got much easier.

So, let's find the truth with a more effective method.

And what is this effective method?

Because if you know you're not the culprit, then you can just accuse the other person.

Yes, that is true.

Which means, there is one person among us who definitely knows who the culprit is!

Work harder?

E-Even if we did that, wouldn't they just pass the blame back and forth?


You guys talk about cooperation and teamwork, but you're all afraid. You're too scared to point your fingers at others, so you hide behind the word, "trust."

How do you expect to find the culprit when you're all worried about each other's feelings?

If you're planning to expose a liar, then you have to corner them psychologically...


If we want to find the liar, I suggest that he two suspects argue against each other.

Kokichi cycles through a bunch of faces on this line.

We'll scare the culprit until they screw up! That's how a true class trial works.

Right, Monokuma?

Puhuhu... A development like that would liven things up a bit.

Yup, I totes agree.

I'm on your side! I don't wanna die either, y'know!

...And how do you expect us to start this?

If you guys need some help getting started, I can give out the first topic.

KIRUMI: The Kubs Pad...?

Not just any Kubs Pad! But the one given to our latest victim, Ryoma! When we started investigating, I went straight to his room to borrow it.

And the reason why I brought it out just for this occasion is...

...because one of these two had Ryoma's motive video! Dun-dun-dun!



And for us to figure that out, we need to know who this motive video belongs to!

The motive video that Ryoma had... Was it Kaito's or Maki's...?

I...should know the answer...

It was...Maki's motive video, right?

Wow, how did you ever guess?

Process of elimination wins again! The obvious answer was Maki, right?

Is that true...Shuichi?'re right.

...And what about that?

Nee-heehee... Finally, you said something. This is how a debate should be.

I only brought up the motive video to make you talk.

...Excuse me?

Remember, if you're not the culprit, then that means the other one is. Got that?

W-Wait just a minute, what are you trying to—

I'm not the culprit! That's for sure...

Which means...

Kaito, wait! Maybe Kokichi is wrong! Maybe he—




Then what would be the point of this whole deba—

It's just a hunch I've got!

A...A hunch!?

Are you being serious? You do know all our lives are on the line here, right?

Hmph... You don't get it. This isn't just any hunch...


How illogical... This is even more difficult to comprehend than Kokichi's antics.

You're totally not serious! You can't be *that* stupid, right?

No, he might actually be that stupid.

You're the last person who gets to make that call.

Atua-damned idiot!

There's no doubt about it! I believe in Maki!

...You what?

You believe in her? But...based on what?

In the end, the only thing that matters is what I believe! Right!?

Whether I believe or not! Whether I *want* to believe or not! do not have any evidence.

Only baseless conjecture.

B-But...I totally get where he's coming from! Cuz I wanna believe in Himiko too!

Wanting to believe in someone is a beautiful act, yes...

However, it is a sentiment that has no place in a class trial.

He's an idiot, after all...

Is okay to be idiot! As long as you believe in people!'s true. That's not what a Class Trial is about. You're supposed to think logically, you can't let your feelings into it... ...It's absurdity, total absurdity.

I believe in you because I want to. Do I need a reason other than that?


I mean, sure, I might get betrayed in the end, but...

If I worry about that, I won't be able to believe in the people I wanna believe in!

Yeah... It'll work out in the end. So...

...I'll believe in Maki as well.


But there's no proof linking Maki or Kaito to this crime either.

I believe in innocent until proven guilty. For now, they are innocent.

Right on, Shuichi! I knew I picked a good sidekick!

I...told you that, didn't I? I'm just an apprentice, not a real detective.


How do you plan to get closer to the truth without suspecting either of them?

Unless you have evidence to the contrary, these two will remain suspe—


It's not like I owe that idiot a favor or anything just because he defended me... But that hopeless idiot may have encouraged me a bit.

What are you trying to say, Maki?

I didn't want to say anything, but I can't stay silent forever.

...So, I'll tell you.

Oh? Tell us what?


With nighttimel?

So Ryoma was still alive at nighttime!?

I thought the crime took place between 8 and 10 o'clock at night?

If that's true, then we have no basis for suspecting only Kaito and Maki...

Th-That's right. Everyone suspected them. Cuz they no have alibis for those times.

Quit fuckin' around! You think I'm dumb enough to swallow that line of crap!?

Yes, this seems too convenient.

But why did Maki wait until now to mention that?

Was that...a lie? Did Maki lie to us...?


But why would Maki say that now, of all the times...?

If I trust her innocence, I should believe her statement. But...should I?